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Where to find and how to farm for Concrete and Cement in Fallout 76: Cranberry Bog

Updated: Feb 15

With thanks to Eli - The Thing, McLovin, Reasonable Madness, Cassi, Mette, Sanne, Jamie MachinegunGOGO, and Katie.

Dedicated to the camp builders, both new and long-term. Keep creating magic.


Fixed spawns

There are 260 Cement Bag spawns in Appalachia, not including internal (load screens) and Instanced locations.

I have used a mod on Custom World to make the concrete bags glow orange so they are easier to see in the pictures.

Here is an example of what the bags of cement look like in the photos.

Bags of Cement are a pick-up history, per server, fixed spawn.

If you don't know what any of that means, then you might want to read over this guide here first.


Cranberry Bog

33x Bags of Cement

The General's Steakhouse

3x Bags of Cement

From the spawn in location, turn NW and run forward, over to the steakhouse building. Turn West into the carpark and then North and walk through the front door. Walk to the wall at the end and turn West. Walk into the main dining hall in front of you and turn South. Walk up the stairs and at the top, walk over and open the red door in front of you. Walk outside and on the table to your right are the three bags of cement.

Abandoned Bog Town (Pylon V-13)

18x Bags of Cement

1x Bag of Cement

From the spawn in location, face North and run over to the Pylon Map Marker. On the left side of the Pylon is a pile of dirt and debris. The bag of cement is laying in the middle of the pile. Refer to photo.

1x Bag of Cement

From the Pylon, face West and run over to the workshop. Clear out the Super Mutants and then stand on top of the red claim the workshop machine. Turn SW and walk forward, between the gap of the two huts and stop in the middle of the Gravel Pit. Turn South and walk forward until you see the Tinkers bench against the far wall. There is a table to the right of the Tinkers bench and the bag of cement is on the ground in front of the table.

6x Bags of Cement

From the Tinkers bench, turn and face North. Use the stairs on the ruined building in front of you to enter the large building. Enter the building through the hole in the wall, and the six bags of cement are on the ground, on your right.

4x Bags of Cement

Face North and walk forward until you hit the wall that has a table and a small red toolbox next to it. Turn East and walk over to the elevator that has the "out of order" sign on it. The four bags of cement are leaning against the wall on the right-hand side of the elevator door.

3x Bags of Cement

Turn around and face West. Walk forward and you will see the three bags of cement in front of you. One on the floor to the right. One on the bench and the other on top of the scaffolding.

2x Bags of Cement

Turn North and walk out of the building using the hole in the wall. Walk up the wooden stairs and then take the second set of stairs up so you are standing on top of the tin and wood hut. Walk around the roof of the hut until you see a large hole. Drop down into the hut through the hole in the roof. Turn around and walk toward the white door. A bookcase, orange crate, ammo box, and air duct will be on your right. Behind the orange crate and metal drum is one bag of cement.

The second bag of Cement is unobtainable as it is stuck between the floor of the hut and the roof of the building. If you throw a grenade then it just falls inside the building and is still unobtainable.

2x pieces of Concrete Scrap

Turn around, unlock the chains on the white door, and walk out of the hut. Jump up on top of the roof of the hut and face West. There will be the main road in front of you from left to right and then a small road heading West. Jump down off the building, cross the main road, and follow the small road to the T junction. Turn left and follow the road South, past the rusty metal walls on your right. Just past the walls is a shed with a ute/pickup out the front of it. Turn right and walk into the shed. In the wheelbarrow, on the right-hand side of the shed, are the two pieces of Concrete Scrap.

1x Bag of Cement

Face West and walk out the back door of the shed. Keep walking West until you see a two-story shed on your right. Walk over to the shed and stop at the large white doors. Turn North and follow the building around so it is on your left-hand side. Leaning against the wall of the shed, near a small metal table is the last bag of Cement.

Watoga Shopping Plaza

3x Bags of Cement

From the fast travel point, veer slightly left and walk towards the green trash can. Turn right and enter the BOS Trading Post & Supplies shop. Face North and walk forward until you hit the wall. Turn right and the three bags of cement are on the other side of the wooden crate, at your feet.

Big Bend Tunnel East

3x Bags of Cement

2x Bags of Cement

From the spawn-in location, follow the path West until you get to the end of the tall wall. Turn North and walk over to the Power Armour stations. On the right of the Power Armour station, leaning against the green defense barrier are the two bags of cement.

1x Bag of Cement

Go up the stairs that are next to the bags of cement above. At the top turn left, follow the platform to the end, and go down the stairs. Head towards the tent in the NW corner. At the tent, turn East and walk forward until you hit the platform. The bag of cement is on your left, under the platform.

Glassed Cavern - Internal

6x Bags of Cement

There are seven pitcher plants spread around the edges, at the bottom of the quarry and a potential rare baseball bat spawn just inside the Cavern.

From the spawn-in point, walk forward and drop down into the quarry. It can be a bit chaotic when you first spawn in so you can either take the time to clear the area or you can just tank any damage and run down to the Cavern entrance. The cavern entrance can be found at the Western end of the quarry.

2x Bags of Cement

Enter the Cavern and follow the train tracks down (West) until the tunnel opens into a small room. Turn left and walk South until you hit the wall. Turn West and walk straight into the small hut with the yellow Protectron laying at the end. Inside the hit, on your left are two wooden barrels and an orange crate. The two Bags of Cement are behind the orange crate.

1x Bag of Cement

Turn around and go back to the train tracks. Face North and walk over to the small yellow digger. Turn West and walk towards the two metal drums against the wall. The Bag of Cement is on top of the first metal drum.

3x Bags of Cement

Turn around and go back to the train tracks. Face West and follow the train tracks down until you reach the end of the tunnel. You should see a skeleton caught on some wire in front of you. Turn left and follow the tunnel to the end.

Walk over to the train tracks and then turn NW. Walk forward and keep walking for a long time. There is only one route that you can take so don't worry about getting lost.

When you get to the metal double doors, open them using the button on the wall on your left. Walk to the train tracks and turn North.

Follow the train tracks until you see a dead Scorchbeast, on the rocks, on your left. Walk over to the Scorchbeast and stand on the train tracks. Follow the tracks SE, past the small yellow digger, and stop at the two green potter-potties.

Two Bags of Cement are near the makeshift table and the other bag of cement is near the potter-potty on the right.


Cement Farming guides in this series


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