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Where to find and how to farm for Concrete and Cement in Fallout 76: Ash Heap

Updated: Feb 15

With thanks to Eli - The Thing, McLovin, Reasonable Madness, Cassi, Mette, Sanne, Jamie MachinegunGOGO, and Katie.

Dedicated to the camp builders, both new and long-term. Keep creating magic.


Fixed spawns

There are 260 Cement Bag spawns in Appalachia, not including internal (load screens) and Instanced locations.

I have used a mod on Custom World to make the concrete bags glow orange so they are easier to see in the pictures.

Here is an example of what the bags of cement look like in the photos.

Bags of Cement are a pick-up history, per server, fixed spawn.

If you don't know what any of that means, then you might want to read over this guide here first.


Ash Heap

55x Bags of Cement

Abandoned Mine Site Kittery

3x Bags of Cement

From the spawn in location, turn South and run up the hill. At the top of the hill, turn left and follow the road. Go past the red dump truck and keep following the road. Just past the red dump truck, the road will split directions. At that intersection, face South and go up the hill. At the top of the hill turn right, the three bags of cement are in the second dump truck, in the mining cart.

Mount Blair Trainyard

2x Bags of Cement

From the fast travel point, face West and follow the road. Walk past a truck, truck trailer, and some small shipping containers and keep following the road West. At the end of the road, you will see 2 small shipping containers and behind them, a shed. Veer right and run over to the shed. Enter the shed and you will find one bag of cement on a single metal cabinet and the other bag of cement on the ground in front of the cabinet.

1x Bag of Cement

Stand on top of the shed and face West. Run forward and drop down the cliff until you get to the bottom. At the bottom of the cliff, turn and face South. You should be looking at a circular building with a sign saying "Coffee". Walk over to the building (follow the metal path) and the bag of cement is leaning against the bench closest to the cat picture. Give a love heart emote to Murgle the Cat and move into the next location.

The Sludge Works

2x Bags of Cement

From the spawn in location, face East and run forward, through the main entrance. Turn left and then turn right and you should be facing the "Sludge Bar". Enter the Sludge Bar and head to the window on your right. Face East and the two bags of cement are by your feet, at the top of the stairs.

Vault 63

2x Bags of Cement

From the fast travel point, turn SE and run over to the house with the red star on the front. Stand at the white front door and turn left. Follow the porch around to the back of the house and the two bags of cement are at the end of the porch.

Hornwright Estate

3x Bags of Cement

From the spawn in location, turn and face South. Run forward until you get to a road. Turn East and walk forward until you see a house on your right. Turn and walk over to the house. Look around until you see the Greenhouse. The three bags of cement are inside the greenhouse on the left-hand side, near the door.

Garrahan Mining HQ - Internal

5x Bags of Cement

From the fast travel point, turn West and walk straight until you get to the wall of the underground carpark. Turn left and follow the wall along until you get to the blue metal door just before the stairs. Turn and walk through the door. Turn right and follow the ramp down to the underground carpark. After the load screen, turn the corner and walk into the middle of the area. Drop down the hole in the floor and turn East. Follow the monorail track to the very end. The five bags of cement are on the pallet near the out-of-order elevator.

Monongah Power Substation MZ-03

6x Bags of Cement

From the spawn in location, run straight towards the Substation and jump the fence. Turn around and face South. The six bags of cement are on pallets, in the corner, behind the gate.

Tunnel of Love (Nuka World on Tour) - Internal

2x Bags of Cement

From the fast travel location, turn right and enter the Tunnel of Love. Once inside, follow the cart tracks North until you get to the first room (where the wedding takes place). In the first room head over to the South corner where the workbenches are located. The two bags of cement are leaning against the wooden crate next to the armour bench.

Van Lowe Taxidermy (Lewisburg) - Internal

3x Bags of Cement

1x Bag of Cement

From the spawn in location, follow the road East and then take your first turn left. Follow the road North and Van Lowe Taxidermy is the first whole building on your right.

Enter the building and take the door on your right. Follow the stairs all the way to the bottom and the first bag of cement is on the metal shelf at the bottom of the stairs.

2x Bags of Cement

You will have needed to complete the Lying Lowe questline to access the next two bags.

Open the secret door and walk through. Straight in front of you, in the red wheelbarrow, are the two bags of cement.

Big Bend Tunnel West

3x Bags of Cement

From the fast travel point, follow the train tracks East. Open the gate and enter the Blue Ridge Caravan Co. depot. Turn North and walk up the stairs to the first hut in front of you. At the top of the stairs, in front of you will be two bags of cement leaning against a metal table. Keep walking North and the third bag of cement is just before the wooden steps, on your left.

Big Bend Tunnel - Internal

6x Bags of Cement

1x Bag of Cement

Enter the tunnel and follow the path until you get to the first room. There will be a train flatbed on your left, loaded with wooden and plastic barrels. Walk to the end of the train flatbed and the first bag of cement will be in the wheelbarrow on your right.

1x Bag of Cement

From the wheelbarrow above, keep following the path and count each doorway arches in the wall on your left. At the second arch, turn NW and you will see the next bag of cement against the far wall, near some Cinder blocks and a yellow cart.

2x Bags of Cement

Go back to the path and keep following it NE. As you are walking along, keep looking to your right. The two bags of cement are next to a small red toolbox and an air duct.

2x Bags of Cement

Keep following the path East and walk through the red shipping container gate. On your right, you will see some metal and wood plank walls. Walk straight while looking at the walls on your right. There will be a gap between a small metal shipping container and the platform with the workbenches. Turn South and walk through the gap. The two bags of cement are behind the sheet of wood and the ramp-up.

You will need to use a grenade or explosive weapon to bring the second bag of cement to the surface.


Cement Farming guides in this series


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