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Concrete and Cement Farming Guide for Fallout 76


Used for:

  • Camp Building - Prefabs

  • Camp Building - Decorations

  • Camp Building - Defense Barriers, Fences, and Guard Posts

  • Camp Building - Floor Decor

  • Camp Building - Resources and Utilities

  • Bulk Cement

  • Razorgrain Flour (to craft S'mores and Yao Guai Pastry)

  • Weapon - Lead Pipe

  • Weapon Mod - Sharp Heavy Sledgehammer Mod

  • Weapon Mod - Heavy Rocket Sledgehammer Mod

  • Weapon Mod - Heavy Sharp Rocket Sledgehammer Mod

  • Weapon Mod - Searing Heavy Sharp Rocket Sledgehammer Mod

  • Weapon Mod - Spiked Rocket Heavy Sledgehammer Mod

  • Weapon Mod - Spiked Heavy Sledgehammer Mod

  • Weapon Mod - Heavy Sledgehammer Mod

  • Weapon Mod - Heavy Lead Pipe Mod

  • Weapon Mod - Heavy Sheepsquatch Club

  • Weapon Mod - Heavy Sheepsquatch Staff

  • Weapon Mod - Puncturing Power Fist Mod

  • Score Challenge Weekly - Scrap junk to produce concrete

  • Score Challenge Daily - Scrap junk to produce concrete


Farming Tips and Tricks

Junk items containing concrete and cement are a per server, pick-up history list item.

You can find the guide here if you don't know what any of that means.

No perk cards or magazines affect the yield of concrete and cement. It is unfortunately a one-for-one farm.

Avoid using explosive weapons as the junk items can move. If the junk items move and you can't find them, fast travel out of the cell, the next map icon over is fine and then come back. The cell should have reset and the junk items will return to their spawn locations.

Alternatively, if a junk item is glitched and you can't get close enough to interact with it, use grenades and explosive weapons to move it.

Super Duper does not work when turning junk scraps into bulk.

Use the tag for search option to help find junk that has concrete and cement in it.

Open your pip boy and scroll across to Item and then Junk.

Press RB (right button for Xbox)

Press R3 (right click joystick for PlayStation)

C for PC

This will bring up the component view.

Scroll down and find the junk component you are farming for and then press A to set up the tag for search.

If the junk component that you are looking for is not on the component list in your pip-boy, then you will need to collect a piece of junk that has the component in it and then repeat the above steps.


Junk items

When scrapped, yields Concrete scrap.

Bag of cement

Gives 7 concrete scrap.

See below for all spawn locations.

Blue garden gnome

Gives 3 concrete scrap.

A map of all spawn locations can be found here.

Broken garden gnome

Gives 3 concrete scrap.

A map of all spawn locations can be found here.

Bulk concrete

Gives 15 concrete scrap.

A list of vendors that sell Bulk concrete can be found below.

Red garden gnome

Gives 3 concrete scrap.

A map of all spawn locations can be found here.



Bulk Concrete

Carver Blue Ridge Caravan Vendor - 33.33%

Sunny (General) Foundation Robot Vendor - 7.69%

Raf The Crater NPC Vendor - 7.69%

Whitesprings Train Station Bot Vendor - 7.69%

Watoga Train Station Bot Vendor - 7.69%

Berkeley Springs Station Bot Vendor - 7.69%

BOS Watoga Bot Vendor - 7.69%

Camp Encounter Vendor - 33.33%

Grahm - 7.69%

Xerxo Camp Ally - 7.69%

Camp Merchant - 7.69%

Whitesprings Mall Vendor Bots

  • Friedrich Whitesprings Mall Robot Vendor - 7.69%

  • BOS Robot Vendor - 7.69%

  • Raiders - 100%

  • Responders - 7.69%

  • Free States - 7.69%

Responder Bot Vendors - 7.69%

  • Morgantown Station

  • Grafton Station

  • Lewisburg Station

  • Welch Station

  • Charleston Station

  • Charleston Fire Department

  • Camden Park

  • Flatwoods

Raider Bot Vendors Train Stations - 100%

  • R&G Station

  • Pleasant Valley Station

  • Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

  • Sunnytop Station

  • Sutton Station



Breach and Clear

Can be looted from Motherlode and her containers.

Concrete Scrap - 57.57% chance

Bag of Cement - 1.85% chance


Concrete Extractor and Veins

A map of concrete veins can be found here.



Bag of Cement

Junk Piles - 0.37%

Metal Box - 0.94%

Footlocker - 1.39%

Locker - 0.19%

Trunk - 1.27%

Dumpster - 0.09%

Radtoad - 0.15%

Gulper - 0.15%

Concrete Scrap

BOS Collectron - 5.66%

Gold Scavenger Collectron - 5.00%

Silver Scavenger Collectron - 5.00%

Scavenger Collectron - 5.69%

Cement Collector

How to request items from the atom shop guide.


Fixed Spawn Locations

All fixed spawn location guides can be found here:


Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

I believe that all knowledge and information should be free, which is why my guides will never be locked behind a paywall. However, running a website and photo and video editing software does not come cheaply.


So, If you found my guides helpful, please consider buying me a ko-fi (coffee) using the link below.


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