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Where to find and how to farm for Pumpkin Pie in Fallout 76

Updated: Apr 21


Used for

Score Challenge - Weekly - Sell Pumpkin Pies to a Vendor

Food Buff


Farming Tips and Tricks


Vendors and Camp Allies

Joey Bello Camp Ally - 21.53%

Yasmin Camp Ally - 12.29%

Whitespring Restaurant - 36%



Pumpkin Pies can be crafted once you learn the plan.

Pumpkin Pie Plan

Pumpkin House - Next to the sink - Fixed Spawn

Yasmin - 21.12% chance

Has a low chance of dropping from Forest Events and Pip-Boy Dailys


Boiled Water x2

Wood x1


Fixed Spawn Locations

Pumpkin Pies have a 50% chance to spawn at the below locations.

There are 19 external spawn locations for pumpkin pie with an additional 8 internal spawn locations.

External - No load screen to enter

Internal - Load screen needed to enter

Toxic Valley

Toxic Dried Lakebed


1x pumpkin pie

Inside Lakeside Grill (diner), on the bench with the register and the teddy bears.

Clarksburg Shooting Club


1x pumpkin pie

Face South and run up the mountain in front of you. Climb to the very top and under the large metal power pylon is a tent. Inside the tent on a portable burner is the pie.


The Forest

Vault 51


6x pumpkin pies

Aaronholt Homestead


1x pumpkin pie

In the middle house, in the kitchen on the left, inside the oven.

Overseer's Home


1x pumpkin pie

Inside the Overseer's home. On the bench, in the kitchen.

Bolton Green


1x pumpkin pie

On the road South of Bolton Greens, in the mobile home/trailer, in the oven.



1x pumpkin pie

In the diner, at the far end of the town, closest to New Gad lake. In the kitchen, on the bench.

Lakeside Cabins workshop


1x pumpkin pie

Check up the road for the rare baseball bat spawn 

In the main/large two-story cabin, closest to the red workshop workbench. In the downstairs kitchen, in the fridge.

Lewis & Sons (Putnam Residence)


1x pumpkin pie

Inside the shed (Instanced), in the kitchen, on the corner of the bench.

Ash Heap

Sal's Grinders


2x pumpkin pies

First pie, in the diner kitchen, downstairs, in the oven.

The second pie, is in the kitchen, on the bench, near the door.



1x pumpkin pie

House behind the Post Office, downstairs, on the kitchen table.

Hornwright Estate


1x pumpkin pie

Take the elevator up and select "Top Floor". Exit the elevator and take the stairs up on your right. At the top, turn left and walk to the end. Enter the room on your right and the pie will be on the coffee table.

Savage Divide

Overlook Cabin


2x pumpkin pies

Downstairs, in the kitchen. One is in the oven and the other is on the bench next to the oven.

Whitesprings Golf Club


1x pumpkin pie

Check for the three rare baseball bat spawns 

From the front door, stay on the top floor and turn left. Enter the dining area and head towards the kitchen. In the kitchen, in the oven.

Middle Mountain Pitstop


1x pumpkin pie

In the cabin on the far right. On the kitchen table.

Pleasant Valley Cabins


1x pumpkin pie

From the spawn point, you will see a two-story diner on your left. Inside the diner, in the bain marie, on the left-hand side of the room.

Pumpkin House


2x pumpkin pies

Both pies can be found in the downstairs kitchen. One on the kitchen table, and the other is on the bench, in the corner.

The Mire

Harpers Ferry


1x pumpkin pie

Check for the rare baseball bat spawn 

From The Burrows North map marker, follow the road down NE. Enter/jump over the first red shipping container gate on your right. A few steps in is a pile of tires on your left. Jump over the fence at the tires.

Turn right and look up. You will see a hole in the wall on the second floor. Jump up and into the hole and the pie is on the bench, in the kitchen.

Cranberry Bog

Sunrise Field


1x pumpkin pie

Inside the house, downstairs, in the kitchen, inside the fridge.

Atlantic City

Tax Evasion/Casino Quarter

The Neapolitan Casino

Load into the Casino and face East.

Run forward and jump down to the ground. Keep running forward until you get to the bar in the middle of the room.

Turn South and run towards the stage.

The Pumpkin Pie will spawn on one of the tables in front of the stage, on the left.

Skyline Valley

Rapidan Camp

Enter the main building via the front door. Walk over to the red door under the stairs and the Pumpkin Pie is on the coffee table near the couch.


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