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Where to find and how to farm for Mirelurk Eggs in Fallout 76

Updated: Jun 20

There are two types of Mirelurk Eggs in game. One is Mirelurk Egg Hatching, and the other is Mirelurk Egg Harvestable.

Mirelurk Egg Hatching are the eggs that baby Mirelurks pop out of when you interact with them, while Mirelurk Egg Harvestable are the eggs that can be harvested and used in the below-mentioned dishes.

There are 45 harvestable eggs per server.


Used For:


Farming Tips and Tricks

The following perk cards, magazines, and/or backpack mods will increase your yields.

Mirelurk Eggs will spoil after 1.3 hours or 2.4 hours with max rank Good with Salt perk card equipped.

Mirelurk eggs are a per-server world object spawn and are a part of your pickup history list. If you aren't sure what any of that means, please refer to this guide here.


Fixed spawn locations:

DO NOT shoot at or near the harvestable eggs when collecting them, as you can break them and you won't be able to loot them. If you break some by accident, then you will need to server-hop and collect them again.

The quickest way to farm for these eggs (excluding Grafton Dam), would be to run closely past each nest, allowing the babies to hatch and leaving behind the lootable eggs. Lead the hatchlings away from the nests, kill them, and then come back and loot.

Kanawha County Cemetery (Ohio River Adventures)


13x Mirelurk Eggs

Check the rare baseball bat spawn at the Kanawha County Cemetery. The location guide can be found here.

From the spawn in location, turn and face West. Run straight until you hit the edge of the river. Face South and follow the river bank along as you head towards Ohio River Adventures. There will be 2 egg nests as you walk along.

Keep following the river bank around, past the dock and the boats at Ohio River Adventures. Keep walking along the riverbank and you will see another egg next on your right, between some rocks and the last dock.

Continue to follow the riverbank around, past Jangles the Moon Monkey playing golf, and you will find 4 more egg nests with three Mirelurks guarding them.

Grafton Dam


3x Mirelurk Eggs

From the fast travel point, walk forward and stop at the rusty van on your right, near the dam. Jump on top of the van and face North. You will see two pipes sticking out from the side of the dam. Jump, run, or jetpack over to the two pipes.

Jump down onto the pipe on your left and follow the pipe inside the dam. At the end of the pipe, face South and walk forward, go around the large upright pipe so it's on your right. Stop when you get to the pipe on the other side and open the hatch.

Enter the pipe and turn left. You will see the egg nest at the end of the pipe.

Highland Marsh


18x Mirelurk Eggs

From the spawn in location, face North and run forward towards the water. It is recommended to clear all the Mirelurks and Mirelurk Queen before trying to farm for the Mirelurk Eggs.

There are 5 egg nests here. Three can be found along the rock face, next to the skeleton, dead body, and duffle bag.

Stand on the skeletons and turn West. The next egg nest will be in front of you.

Go back and stand on the skeletons and face North. Walk forward and the last egg nest is behind the tree in front of you.

Mire's Eye


11x Mirelurk Eggs

Interact with the red door to enter the Mire's Eye.

The eggs are fairly easy to find, just walk around the edge of the water. There are two more Mirelurk Eggs in the orange carts in the back room.

Not all the eggs are lootable and you need to crouch down and really get in to interact with them.

Skyline Valley

Hemlock Springs Dump


14x Mirelurk Eggs

Watch your Rads while exploring this location.

Abandoned Convoy


3x Mirelurk Eggs

On the middle island, next to two meat bags.



Swarm of Suitors

Toxic Valley Public Event

Rewards 1 to 3 Mirelurk Eggs based on event success.


Robot vendors, camp allies, and NPCs:

If you do decide to server hop the vendors to farm for Mirelurk Eggs, start at the Wayward, fast travel over to the Whitesprings Train Station, then run across the road and check Marie's inventory.

  • Marie - La Grand Gourmet - 15.65%

  • Whitesprings Train Station - 9.86%

  • Duchess - The Wayward - 5.99%

  • Beckett - Camp Ally - 4.08%

  • Sunny - Kitchen Foundation - 4.08%

  • Molly - Crater - 4.08%

  • Camp Travelling Merchant NPC - 4.08%

  • Random Spawn NPC Scavenger Trader (food) - 4.08%

  • Faction Train Stations - Raider - 4.08%

  • Faction Train Stations - Responder - 4.08%

  • Faction Train Stations - Neutral - 4.08%

  • Grahm - 4.08%



  • Blue Cooler - 1.41%

  • Raider Cooler - 1.41%

  • Refrigerator - 0.29%


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