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Once in a Blue Moon: Overview, New Encounters and Vendors

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Image credit: SugarBombs.RADS


With thanks to Garust, Vicyorus, SugarBombs.Rads, Coffee888, and GamerMOM.


Once in a Blue Mood drops in June 2023, and with it comes two new cryptids, Public Events, Side Quests, Rewards, a new Daily Ops Mutation, and themed rewards.

This guide covers:

  • Daily and Weekly challenges

  • Daily Ops

  • Expos - The Pitt

  • Random Encounters

  • Vendors

  • All Rewards

If you are looking for more detailed guides, please see below for the list of links:

Random Encounters


New Daily and Weekly Challenges

Daily and Weekly

  • Kill a Mole Rat

  • Deal a Critical Hit to an Enemy

  • Cripple a Blood Eagle's Arm

  • Cripple a Blood Eagle's Leg

  • Cripple a Scorched's Arm

  • Cripple a Scorched's Leg

  • Kill a Mutant Hound

  • Kill a Human Enemy

  • Kill a Yao Guai

  • Kill an Angler

  • Collect RadAway or Rad-X

  • Collect a Burnt Book

  • Collect a Lighter, Cigarette or Cigar

  • Eat your Veggies (Eat a Vegetable)

  • Collect Ballistic Ammo

  • Collect Energy Ammo

  • Eat a Pumpkin

  • Craft Bulk Steel

  • Craft Bulk Aluminum

  • Craft Bulk Wood

  • Craft any Chems

  • Craft Ballistic Ammo

  • Craft Energy Ammo

  • Consume any Chems

  • Take a Camera Picture of a Cat

  • Mod an Energy Weapon

  • Collect a Teapot

  • Collect a Teddy Bear

  • Collect a Guitar or Toaster


  • Kill Floaters with Automatic Weapons

  • Kill an Insect with a Bladed or Thrown Weapons

  • Repair a Ranged Weapon

  • Repair a Melee Weapon

  • Scrap junk to produce Crystal

  • Repair an Energy Weapon

  • Build Anything in a Workshop or CAMP

  • Kill a Canine (dog) with a Melee Weapon

  • Kill a Deathclaw with a Pistol

  • Sell an Assaultron Head to an NPC or Robot Vendor


  • Complete the Event: Beasts of Burden

  • Complete the Event: Safe & Sound



S.C.O.R.E Booster

Grants 25% bonus Score for 24 hours when consumed. This bonus is applied to all characters on the same account.

Does not stack on itself but can be stacked on top of the FOF score booster and double-score weekends.

The booster will be available to purchase from the atom shop as well as a reward on the scoreboard.


Daily Ops Mutations

New mutation

Danger Cloud

A small radius around the enemy that removes 30 of your AP per second and deals 70 damage per second.

Avoid getting up close and personal when this mutation is active (ie avoid using melee) and you will be fine. Alternatively, you can equip the Legendary Perk Card Funky Duds.

New rewards

These are being added to the Uncommon Rewards loot pool with the following drop rates.

Elder - 50% chance

Individual drop chance - 1.67%

Paladin - 5% chance

Individual drop chance - 0.17%

Initiate - 2.5% chance

Individual drop chance - 0.08%

Plan: Brahmin Couch


Will keep dropping once learned

Plan: Cowboy Chaps


Will keep dropping once learned

Plan: Cowboy Duster


Will keep dropping once learned

Plan: Cowboy Hat


Will keep dropping once learned

Plan: Ghoul Chair


Will keep dropping once learned

Plan: Gorilla Chair


Will keep dropping once learned

Plan: Kids Truck Bed


Will keep dropping once learned

Plan: Umbrella Hat


Will keep dropping once learned

Images credit: SugarBombs.RADS


Trading Cards

Rewards from the Safe and Sound and Beasts of Burden events.

A display case for them will be rewarded at rank 14 from the Season 13 scoreboard and later available for gold bullion.


Expos - The Pitt

You no longer need to complete the daily's at the Whitesprings Refuge to charge the Ultracite battery.

The stamp cost of plans has been reduced and plans for the Auto-Axe and Cold Shoulder have been added.

Downloadable copy here.

Ashes to Fire now rewards more stamps and legendary items.

Downloadable copy here.


Random Encounters

Because of the size of the Blue Devil and the Ogua, they will only spawn at certain Assault and Scene spawn points that have room for them to move around. They will not spawn in the Forest Region.

Assault Encounters

Assault Random Encounter location guide here.

Scene Encounters

Scene Random Encounter location guide here.



Both new vendors can be found at Middle Mountain Pitstop.


General Store



There are too many to list but Vera will have pretty much every single common outfit, headwear, eyeglasses, etc in her inventory.


  • Brahmin Milk

  • Cream

  • Nuka Cola

  • Nuka Cola Cherry

  • Meat

  • Fruit

  • Vegetables


  • Stimpak: Diluted

  • Stimpak

  • Rad-X

  • RadAway

  • Bloodpack


  • Bobby Pins

  • Keycard Circuit Board

  • Holiday Gift Wrap (while the event is active)

  • Mole Miner Pails (while the event is active)

  • Mystery Candy (while the event is active)


  • Nuka-Cola Bottle

  • Bulk Ammo Scrap

  • Bulk Junk


  • Ballistic ammo

  • Energy ammo

  • Explosive ammo

  • Fusion Cores


The Boozin Brahmin



  • Nuka Cola Quantum

  • Nuka Cola

  • Nuka Cola Cherry

  • Cream

  • Wine

  • Bourbon

  • Beer

  • Vodka

  • Whiskey

  • Cranberry Moonshine

  • Mountain Honey

  • Blackwater Brew

  • New River Red Ale

  • Oak Holler Lager

  • Old Possum

  • Pickaxe Pilsner


  • Wine Bottle

  • Bourbon Bottle

  • Vodka Bottle

  • Whiskey Bottle

  • Beer Bottle

  • Moonshine Jug


Camp Ally

Image Credit: DSJ

Joey Bello is coming with the Season 13 Shoot for the Stars scoreboard.

Once the season is completed, his stage plan will be available to purchase from Samuel or Mortimer for Gold Bullion.

Joey's inventory and buffs can be found here.



There are 8 new weapons coming with the Once in a Blue Moon update. These weapons can be re-roll but their unique effects will stay on the weapon and can not be changed.

Blue Ridge Branding Iron

  • Shishkebab

  • Instigating

  • +40% Weapon Swing Speed

  • +1 Strength

  • Targets burn for 24 damage over 3 seconds

Cryptid Jawbone Knife

  • Combat Knife

  • Vampire's

  • +40% Weapon Swing Speed

  • Weapons break 50% slower

  • +50% damage to Cryptids

Cultist Piercer

  • Pickaxe

  • Bloodied

  • +40% Faster Swing Speed

  • +1 Strength

  • Cursed - Improves damage, and attack rate. Low durability.

Elder's Mark

  • Submachine Gun

  • Furious

  • +25% Faster Fire Rate

  • +15% Faster Reload

  • Cursed - Improves damage, and attack rate. Low durability.

Holy Fire

  • Flamer

  • Vampire's

  • +25% Faster Fire Rate

  • Weapons break 50% slower

  • Cursed - Improves damage, and attack rate. Low durability.

Luca's Switchblade

  • Switchblade

  • Assassin's

  • Replenish 15 Action Points with each kill

  • +1 Agility

  • +10 Action Points

The Kabloom (Renamed to Tillberg's Tornado)

  • Pump Action Shotgun

  • Instigating

  • Explosive

  • +250 Damage Resistance While Reloading

  • Target takes 50 poison damage over 10 seconds

Ogua Gauntlet

  • Bear Arm

  • Juggernaut's

  • +40% Faster Swing Speed

  • +1 Endurance

  • +20% more damage


Rewards Checklist

Downloadable version here.

For reward images, please visit the respective guides.


Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

I believe that all knowledge and information should be free which is why my guides will never be locked behind a paywall. However, running a website and photo and video editing software does not come cheaply.

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