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Where to find and how to farm for Deathclaws and Deathclaw meat in Fallout 76

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Image credit @FalloutInspired on Twitter

While not as terrifying as their Fallout 3 counterparts, Deathclaws in Fallout 76 are definitely more useful plus they can be tamed as pets.

Used for:

  • Daily Score challenge - Cripple a Deathclaw.

  • Daily Score challenge - Kill a Deathclaw.

  • Tadpole: Herpetologist badge - Take a camera picture of a Deathclaw

  • Possum: Leatherworker badge - Scrap 5 Deathclaw hides

  • Plan: Deathclaw Gauntlet (1x Deathclaw Hand)

Deathclaw meat is used in the following recipes:

Deathclaws can drop the following items:


% Drop Chance

Deathclaw Meat


Deathclaw Hand


Deathclaw Hide



% Drop Chance

Non-Legendary Armour

0.83% to 1.66%

Non-Legendary Weapons


Fragmentation Mine


Molotov Cocktail


Baseballl Grenade


Fragmentation Grenade





% Drop Chance

Black Titanium Scrap


Loose Gears


Waste Acid


Excess Adhesive


Aluminum Scrap


Copper Scrap


Glass Shards


Loose Screws


Loose Spring


Fiberglass Spool



% Drop Chance

Plan: Cryo Grenade


Plan: Pulse Grenade


Plan: Cryo Mine


Plan: Nuke Mine


Plan: Pulse Mine


Plan: Nuka-Cola Grenade


Plan: Nuka Quantum Grenade


Plan: MIRV Frag Grenade


If you are looking for Deathclaw Eggs, please refer to my Deathclaw Egg farming guide.


Farming Tips and Tricks

The following perk cards, magazines, and/or backpack mods will increase your yields.


Fixed Spawn locations

Deathclaw Island

1x Deathclaw

Transmission Station 1AT-U03

1x Deathclaw

Room C 01

You will need to have completed the original Enclave questline to be able to enter this location. Hacker and Lock Pick perk cards or Master Infiltrator will help a lot here as well.

The Deathclaw in here is a PITA to find, however, if you need a photo of a Scorched Deathclaw then it can be worth the trip.

From the main lobby, face NE and use either the terminal or lock pick to unlock the white door on the left. Follow the corridor around until you get to a room with a green poisonous cloud. You can either jump into Power Armour, a Chinese Stealth Suit or just YOLO it through the cloud. Keep following the path around until you get to a room with a Scorched Mothman in it.

Kill the Mothman and then follow the catwalk around on your right. Keep following the platform around until you see a door marked "Exit". Walk through that door and follow the path around until you get to another lab.

Kill the creatures that spawn, then enter the room marked "A 05" on the ground floor. Follow it through to the next room and take the second door on your right. Follow the path around and the Scorched Deathclaw will spawn from room C 01.

White Powder Winter Sports

1x Deathclaw

Use the photo above to place a map marker on the location.

It's worth looting the White Powder restaurant downstairs for salt, pepper, sugar, and spices.

Face East and run and run and run until you hit a rock face. Turn left and follow the rock face NE until you see a path going up on your right. Keep following the path up the hill until you hit another rock face. Jump up the rock face and face South and the Deathclaw will find you.

Bailey Family Cabin

1x Deathclaw

Place a map marker at the top of the rocket on the red rocket icon.

From the spawn-in point, turn around and line up with the Red Rocket workshop icon (South). Keep in line with the icon and run straight. At the top of the hill, you will see a half cave formed by a rock face and a fossil in the wall.

You will need to walk over the top of the Deathclaw nest for the Deathclaw to spawn here.

Hopewell Cave

1x Deathclaw

Abandoned Waste Dump

2x Deathclaws

West Tek

1x Deathclaw

From the fast travel point, turn West and follow the road until you see a road on your right. Turn right and follow the road up until you see a crashed bus on your left. Jump on top of the bus and line yourself up between South and the West Tek Research Center icon. Run forward until you get to a rock face. Jump on top of the rock face and follow the cliff edge South until you see Rosalynn Jeffries Shrine on the edge of the cliff in front of you. The Deathclaw will be pacing in front of it.

Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02

1x Deathclaw


Chance to spawn

1/4 chance to spawn in the Whitesprings Resort carpark near the Sulphur Water Fountain and gazebo.

If someone has started the questline "An Organic Solution" and is up to the "Collect Bone Meal" step, then a deathclaw will spawn in one of the two below-listed locations.

Thunder Mountain Power Plant

1x Deathclaw and Deathclaw nest

From the fast travel point, follow the road South until you get to the end of the limo. Turn left, go past the tank, and enter the workshop yard. Follow the road straight until you get to the green shipping containers near the water's edge. Jump over the railing, keep the concrete wall to your right shoulder and continue following it. At the end of the wall, line up between South and the Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies map icon and walk forward, following the river bank. The river bank will start to curve and look for the Deathclaw nest on your right.

Ella Ames' Bunker

1x Deathclaw and Deathclaw nest

Stand at the door of Ella Ames's Bunker and look for the blue ute/truck in the water in front of you. Behind the blue ute/truck are 4 trees in a semi-circle. From your left, head towards the third tree. Stand behind the third tree and you will see a tree stump and a light-coloured tree with red leaves in front of you. Run over to the red tree, turn South and walk to the river edge. Turn left, walk forward, and follow the river edge around. You will see the Deathclaw nest on your right, just past the curve in the bank.


Random Encounter Spawn Locations

There is a chance to find these encounters at specific random encounter locations.

The below encounters will spawn 1 to 2 Deathclaws and or a Deathclaw nest. Sometimes there can be a Deathclaw egg laying nearby.

Image credit: Mette and Susanne.

Assault Encounters

Assault Random Encounter location guide here.

Deathclaw vs Raiders

Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, and Cranberry Bog regions.

Deathclaw vs Ants

All Regions

Deathclaw vs Super Mutants

All Regions

Object Encounters

Object Random Encounter location guide here.

Deathclaw Nest vs Super Mutants

All Regions

Deathclaw vs Merchant Caravan

All Regions

Scene Encounters

Scene Random Encounter location guide here.

Glowing Deathclaw vs Sentry Bot

All Regions but only after a nuke in that region.


All Regions but only after a nuke in that region.

Travel Encounters

Travel Random Encounter location guide here.

Wandering Deathclaw Boss

All Regions



Tunnel of Love

2x Deathclaws

Spin the Wheel

Chance to spawn during the boss wave.

Scorched Earth

Radiation Rumble

If you reach tier 2 or higher then multiple Deathclaws will spawn.

Primal Cuts (Meat Week)

Forest Region


Vendors/Camp Allies/NPCs

  • Marie - Whitesprings Resort La Grand Gourmet (25% chance)

  • Maul - Camp Ally (25% chance)

  • Grahm - random spawn locations (25% chance)


Love food buffs?

Join us at Buffs n Brew, a group dedicated to food buffs and food buff farming.


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I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76 and Starfield.

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