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Where to find and how to farm for Opossum and Opossum meat in Fallout 76

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

“I’m sorry, sir, you’re not on the list.”


Used For:

  • Birthday Challenge - Collect 5x Opossum Meat while wearing the Birthday Suit

  • Lifetime Challenge: Kill Critters

  • Lifetime Challenge: Kill an Opossum

  • Tadpole Badge: Mammalogist - Take a Camera Picture of an Opossum

  • Awesome Opossum Bacon - Luck Buff

Opossum's drop the following items


% Drop Chance

Opossum Meat





Farming Tips and Tricks

The following perk cards, magazines, and/or backpack mods will increase your yields.


Fixed Spawn Locations


Green Country Lodge (Flatwoods Motel)

1x Opossum

From the spawn in location, turn right and run towards the pink car in the parking lot. Stand on top of the car and look SW. The Opossum should be in front of you, in the corner, near the stairs.

Flatwoods (Flatwoods Tavern)

2x Opossum's

Fast travel or run down the road to Flatwoods. Keep following the road down until you reach the Church on your right. The Flatwoods Tavern will be on your left and a few steps forward. Do not enter the building, keep following the road, past the blue car, and veer left into the carpark with the cooking station.

One Opossum can be found walking around the cooking stations.

The second Opossum can be found behind the Tavern, between the tent and the stairs.

White Powder Winter Sports

4x Opossum's

This is the same location as the Daily: Someone to Talk to - Shoot Target with a Vox Dart: Opossum

From the spawn-in location, turn NE and follow the road down until you reach the Yellow School Bus. Stand on top of the bus and face East.

Run forward until you reach a cliff face. Run around or jetpack up to the top of the cliff face. At the top of the cliff, turn SE and walk forward until you get to the clearing. The Opossum should be in front of you.

Savage Divide

East Mountain Lookout Tower

2x Oposssum's

This is the same location that you are sent to, to look for the BOS weapons, during the Wastelander's questline.

A Feral Ghoul Officer also spawns here and can kill the Opossum's before you finish loading in.


Chance to Spawn Locations

Critter A and Critter B spawn locations

There are 775 Critter A and B spawn locations in game.

Opossum's are classed as a critter and are part of the Critter A and Critter B spawn pools.

These spawn locations are shared with:









Map of spawn locations for Critter A and Critter B.

Note: If the server is old or under strain, the critters will not spawn at these locations.


Events and Pip-Boy Dailys

Grahm's Meat Cook (Meat Week)

Opossum's will spawn during this event.

Kill the critters and deposit the Critter Chunks into the Snack Cart.

Image Credit: IceEmpress66

Opossum's will spawn during this event.

Kill the critters and collect the intestines for the Butcher.


Vendors/Camp Allies/NPC's/Containers



Random Encounter Spawn Locations

There is a chance to find these encounters at specific random encounter locations.


Assault Random Encounter location guide here.

Old Man vs. Critters

Image Credit: Mette Goatoverlord


Scene Random Encounter location guide here.

Critter Tracking

Image Credit: Mette Goatoverlord

Rachel will ask you to track a critter using a Recon Scope. There is a chance that she will ask you to track an Opossum.

Animal Taming

Some Opossum's that spawn at a Scene Random Encounter location, can be tamed and sent to your camp as a pet.

Pet taming guide here.


Travel Random Encounter location guide here.

Chasing Dinner

Image Credit: Mette Goatoverlord


Love food buffs?

Join us at Buffs n Brew, a group dedicated to food buffs and food buff farming.


Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76 and Starfield.

I believe that all knowledge and information should be free, which is why my guides will never be locked behind a paywall. However, running a website and photo and video editing software does not come cheaply.

So, If you found my guides helpful, please consider buying me a ko-fi (coffee) using the link below.

All monies go towards the tools for writing my guides and maybe for an actual cup of coffee or 3 ;)

Alternatively, share my guides with your fellow vault and space dwellers and help them to survive the spaceland.

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Mick Frank
Mick Frank
Nov 12, 2023

Fallout 76 is my favorite game. It motivates me before studying. By the way, some of the scenes of the game are edited compatible with pot of gold This is a really cool and new format for displaying creativity in the game

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