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How to find and tame a pet in Fallout 76

Updated: Mar 19

Co-written by Kat Pender from Atomic Adoption Agency and Garust from the Data Mining Discord.


What is a pet?

An animal that you can find, tame, and have at your camp. While the pet itself provides no buffs or bonuses, they can be used for companionship, decoration, and defense.


What do you need to tame a pet?


Animal Friend Perk card under Charisma.

You must equip this perk card before you enter the region that you are going pet hunting in.

If you do not have this card equipped when entering the region you wish to tame in, the game will not add tameable animals to the encounter spawn pool.

The rank depends on what animal you want to tame. Refer to what animals are tameable section for more information.


A melee or ranged weapon equipped.

To tame an animal, you do not need any weapon equipped.

To pacify an animal, you need a ranged weapon with an iron sight or reflex sight.

Berry mentats.

This will highlight any living creature in a pink glow. This can be useful as sometimes creatures can spawn halfway into the ground or hide in bushes.

While perk cards like Chem Fiend and the torso BioCommMesh mod will extend the length of the berry mentats, the highlight is not extended and will only last for 5 minutes.

Travel Agent perk card under Charisma.

Depending on the route you take, this might not be needed, as you may end up just running to each location.

Private server

It's highly recommended to hunt for pets on private servers.

Other players may interfere with the hunting and taming process and could accidentally spawn and lead enemies to your pet.

Once tamed, it can be safer for your pet to travel home while on a private server, as there are no other players in the area to activate enemy spawns, which can attack and harm your pet.

Stealth armour or Chinese Stealth Suit.

Sometimes a random creature will agro on you and in turn agro on any potential pets in the area. Use sneak and or stealth to avoid this from happening.


Where to find a pet?

Animals that can be tamed, will only spawn at "Scene" encounter locations.

You can run between locations but slow down to a walk when you are approximately 100m from the spawn location. The server can be laggy when it comes to spawning encounter locations and walking to the location gives the cell a chance to spawn something.

When picking a route or location to look for pets, keep in mind the distance to your camp. The shorter the distance, the better the chance of your new pet making the trip.

Tameable creatures will not spawn in nuke zones.

If you are only finding mannequins, government supply boxes, empty spawn spots and robots while doing your rounds, consider server hopping to a new server.

If you are running the Cranberry Bog route, then equip the green thumb perk card under Perception. There are quite a few pitcher plants along the same route and it’s easy to hit them while running past.

If you place a tent or camp down and plan to use the server hop method, do not place either too close to the spawn location, as they can block an encounter and potential pet from spawning.


Pet hunting routes and maps

Detailed scene encounter location map.

Kat Pender’s pet hunting route

Garust's pet hunting map

All scene encounter locations


What pets and subspecies can and can not be tamed?

Scorched versions - can only be found in The Mire and Cranberry Bog spawn locations.

Grafton Monster, Flatwoods Monster, Mothman, and Sheepsquatch can not be tamed.

Creatures with titles such as Glowing, Alpha, Poisoned, Matriarch, Albino, etc, can not be tamed.

Tameable Radstags and Beavers will not spawn if there are too many other enemies spawned on the server.

Region recommendations

Toxic Valley

There are two places, close together, that you can place your tent near and run between, while server hopping. However, the Toxic Valley is not recommended for running a pet hunting route as there are only a few spawn locations in that region.

The Forest

It is not recommended to hunt for pets in the Forest region. Several “Scene” encounters only spawn in the Forest. When you add these extra encounters into the “Scene” encounter loot pool, it becomes very diluted and reduces your chance of finding a pet.

Ash Heap

If you are using the fixed location server hop method to find a pet, then Ash Heap isn’t too bad. The Ash Heap is not recommended for a route pet hunt as the spawn locations are too far away from each other and require lots of running or fast traveling.

Savage Divide

This region can be a good place to hunt for pets if your camp is in the Toxic Valley, Forest, or Ash Heap region as it is less distance for the pet to travel. Keep in mind that none of the scene encounter locations are close together so a bit of fast travelling may be required.

The Mire

One of the recommended regions to hunt for pets in, and one of only two regions where you will be able to find a scorched pet. There are a few scene encounter locations that you can run between but also be prepared to fast travel.

Cranberry Bog

One of the recommended regions to hunt for pets in, and one of only two regions where you will be able to find a scorched pet. It’s also the only region that you can run to every scene encounter location.

How to use the below tables:

  • Tamable Version - You can only tame this version of the animal. For example, you can not tame a Hulking Megasloth.

  • Normal - Most common pet type to be found and tamed.

  • Legendary - You can find and tame a Legendary version of this animal.

  • Scorched - You can find and tame a Scorched version of this animal.

  • Diseased - You can find and tame a Diseased version of this animal.

Rank 1 Animal Friend

Toxic Valley, Forest, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, and the Cranberry Bog.

Rank 2 Animal Friend

Toxic Valley, Ash Heap, Savage Divide, The Mire, and the Cranberry Bog only.

Rank 3 Animal Friend

Savage Divide, The Mire, and the Cranberry Bog only.


Is the animal that I have found actually tameable?

The easiest way to check is to walk up to the animal and see if you get the option to tame it.

However, if you are doing a speed run, then knowing the below information can be helpful.

A tameable pet will always spawn by itself. If there are other creatures in the immediate area then it will not be a tameable creature.

A tameable pet, even if their bar is red, will not attack you nor run away from you.

It is important to note that if you do not have the Animal Friend perk card equipped, if an animal spawns, it will not be a tameable pet.

If the animal that you have found ticks the above three boxes AND is on the tameable list, but you are not getting the "tame" option, then walk up closer to them. Be standing almost inside of them and try to tame them again. If the option still does not appear then the animal that you have found is not tameable.


How to get your new pet home safely

Do not follow your pet.

When your character walks through a cell, it will activate any enemy spawns and these can agro onto your pet. A pet will not activate any enemy spawns if it runs through cells while soloing.

Do not switch camps until your pet has made it home.

You will just confuse the little one, more so if your camps are in different regions.

Depending on where you found them, it can take your pet 10 to 15 minutes (in real time) to arrive at your camp. If your pet has not appeared after 30 minutes, then assume the worst, move to a different server, and resume the pet-taming process.

Once you have tamed your pet, leave the region and just keep playing the game like you normally would, but avoid going back to your camp for as long as possible.

Go and do some scoreboard challenges or daily ops or jump to a new server. Your pet will show up if or when they are able to.


Is your camp pet safe?

Avoid using the wooden foundations as pets can get caught under them. Try and use the concrete foundations at all times.

Pets will pace around your camp module. Try and keep a clear path around the camp module and their pacing path. If your pet gets caught up in something like a generator or a water filter, then there is a high chance that they will die.

Your pet always spawns before your camp. Avoid building on or over cliffs and water, as your pet could drown or fall to their death before your camp finishes loading in.

When selecting a new camp location, use your camp module to check the area. If your camp module sinks into the ground, then find another area. Pets can get stuck in “soft ground”, fall through the nav mash, and die.

If you have a smaller or more fragile pet, you can build a large cage or room for them to keep them safe. Once you have constructed the room or cage, move your camp module into the middle of the room or cage and they will follow the camp module inside.

Identify enemy spawn points at your camp and build the appropriate defenses on that side of your camp to deal with them.

If you regularly engage in PVP then be cautious about having a pet. Your pet will become hostile to the other player and the other player can then kill it.

If you have a floating camp, an underground camp, a camp over water, or a camp over the edge of a cliff, there is a higher chance that enemies will spawn directly from your camp module. Either move your camp or build appropriate defenses near your module to keep your pet safe.

Do not place your camp module on a second floor or up high. If your pet has to drop to reach the ground, then there is a chance that it will take damage and or die.


Scorched Pets

Scorched pets do require a little extra TLC, however, they are more resilient and are more likely to live a little longer than their non-scorched cousins.

Scorched pets are incredibly fussy when it comes to camp items and will let their distaste be known.

Scorched Pets can attack and or destroy the following items:

  • Collectrons

  • Popcorn Machine

  • Vault-Tech Prototype Generator and Water Purifier

  • Alien Power Generator

  • Communist Generator

  • Watermill

  • Water Purifiers

  • Generators (except solar generator)

  • Enclave and standard mineral extractors

  • Chicken Coop

  • Beehive

  • Tesla Arc

  • Flamethrower trap

  • Radiation Emitter

  • Spike Board Traps

  • Turbo-Fert Fertiliser Collector

  • ArmCo Ammunition Construction Appliance and Container

  • Vintage Water Cooler

  • Crops - Carrot, Corn, Mutfruit & Tatos

  • Super Reactor

  • Turrets

It is recommended that you use solar generators to power your camp, and move your collectrons and crops either underground or up high and out of reach.

If your camp is close to a fissure site, then your scorched pet may pop over to the fissure site for a visit and to hang out with their scorched family. Generally, they will return to your camp after dinner.

Apart from storing or scrapping everything that offends and insults your scorched pet, there is one other way to stop your scorched pet from attacking your camp, however, it's not always guaranteed to work.

This method also comes with a warning, if you pacify your pet once they are home, they can not defend themselves nor will they attack any enemies.

Equip perk card Wasteland Whisperer (any rank) under Charisma and then equip a ranged weapon with iron sights or reflex sights mod.

Aim your weapon at your pet and click "pacify", then immediately leave the server. Load into a new server or go back to the same server and your scorched pet should now be behaving themselves.

Note that only some animals can be pacified with the Wasteland Whisperer card. If there is no "pacify" option when you equip the perk card and aim the weapon, then switch over to Animal Friend and try again.

If your pet gets crop dusted by a Scorchbeast while already at your camp or on the way home to your camp, it will turn into a scorched version.

If your original pet is crop-dusted, then this change will be permanent. If your pet copy is crop dusted, then they will turn back to a "normal" pet after a server hop.

Note, that this version will still attack and destroy your camp.

You can turn your pet scorched by:

Leading a Scorchbeast over to your camp.

Moving your camp module closer to an active fissure site, waiting until your pet turns scorched, and then moving your camp module away again.

Or finding a tameable animal that is near a fissure site, luring a Scorchbeast over, and once that animal has turned scorched, then tame it and send it home.

There is a risk that the Scorchbeast can harm or kill your pet while doing this, so once your pet has turned, get rid of the Scorchbeast quickly.


Multiple camp slots and multiple pets

It is possible to have different pets at different camp slots. There are, however, a few steps that you need to follow first to ensure that the right pet is assigned to the right camp slot.

Example 1

You have two or more camp slots and one pet. You had camp slot #1 active when you tamed your pet.

  • If you switch camp slots, while staying on the same server, your pet will not move nor leave that camp slot. They will disappear inside the camp module, of the camp slot that you assigned them to. They can not take damage while they are inside the camp module.

  • You have camp slot 2 or 3 etc active, with no pet assigned to it, and you switch servers. The game will make a copy of your original pet, and that copy will spawn at camp slots 2, 3, etc while your original pet will remain safe and sound inside the camp module at camp slot 1.

Note that the game may not create an exact copy of your original pet. While the creature itself, ie a Mirelurk King, will remain the same. The level, colour, and version will change, depending on what region your camp slot is in, what level you are, what level players in the area are, and the type of pet you have.

The game will only make a copy of your original pet after you have changed servers and the camp slot that your original pet is assigned to, is not active.

If for some reason, your pet copy dies, your original pet will not be affected and will remain alive and well.

If your original pet dies, switch camp slots, leave the server, and load into another server immediately. The game will then create a copy of your pet.

There are a few rules that you will need to follow, to keep your pet copy.

The camp slot that had the original pet assigned to it, will always spawn the dead body of your pet whether you like it or not.

Do not leave the server while the camp slot that has your original pet assigned to it, is active. If you do leave the server or the game crashes while that slot is active, the dead pet will despawn, your pet copy will disappear and you will need to find and tame a new pet.

If your pet copy dies, a new copy can not be made. You will need to switch over to the camp slot that your original pet was assigned to and then leave the server. You will also need to start looking for a new pet.

If you already have multiple pets and multiple camp slots, then the pet copy trick, as mentioned above, will not work. Basically, the game doesn’t know which pet to copy, so it won’t do it.

Example 2

If you already have a pet and want to tame another pet for a different camp slot.

Make sure that you have no dead pet bodies active and pet copies alive.

Load into a server, with a camp slot that already has a pet assigned to it.

Hunt for pets like usual. When you find an animal that you want to tame, switch over to the camp slot that you want that pet to go to and then tame the animal.

Rinse and repeat to tame another animal for another camp slot.


Replacement Pets

There are two ways to replace your current pet.

The easiest way is to engage in PVP with a friend or lead some enemies over and have them kill the animal.

The other option is to make sure that you have the right camp slot equipped and then go out and start pet hunting.

Once you find a replacement pet, just follow the taming process like normal. When your replacement pet has made it home, you will have two animals roaming around your camp module, your old pet and your new one. Your old pet will be docile but can not be tamed again by either yourself or another player. This is only temporary, as once you leave that server, your old pet will disappear.



Do I need to keep Animal Friend equipped to keep my pet?

No. You only need to equip it for the actual taming. Once you find a pet and send them home, then you can unequip the perk card.

What level do I need to be to tame a pet?

There are no level restrictions on pets. A level 2 can tame a pet. However, the perk card Animal Friend is not unlocked until you reach level 30 so you will need a friend to share it until then.

Do pets take up camp budget?


What happens if I move my camp to a new location?

Your pet will remain at the existing camp location until you move and place your camp module. As soon as you have confirmed your new camp location, your pet will instantly appear.

What happens if I switch between camp slots?

Your pet will disappear into your camp module and remain safe there until you reactivate that camp slot.

Refer to the Multiple Camp Slots and Multiple Pets section for more information.

What happens to my pet if I load into a world and my camp is blocked and I choose to not activate a different camp slot?

Your pet will disappear into your camp module and remain safe in there until you can place down that camp again.

If I place my camp near a scene encounter location, is a pet more likely to spawn?

There is no data to support this so mostly likely it is a no.

Can I name my pet?

You can name your pet whatever you would like, unfortunately there is no way of changing their name above their health bar. We suggest popping a sign up to let people know your pet's name.

Will my pet die if someone nukes my camp?


Can I have a different pet for every camp slot I own?

Yes. Refer to the Multiple Camp Slots and Multiple Pets section for more information.

Can I heal my pet if it takes damage?

Yes. Equip the perk card Friendly Fire under charisma, along with the appropriate weapon, and give your pet a few love taps. Note only the pet owner can heal their pet, other players can not.

Can my pet take damage from radiation, fire, cryo, etc?

Yes but only if you are in PVP mode. If you are in pacifist mode, then your pet can not take damage from other players.

Can my pet be hurt or killed by explosive bait?

No. The only exception is if you are in PVP mode.


Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

I believe that all knowledge and information should be free, which is why my guides will never be locked behind a paywall. However, running a website and photo and video editing software does not come cheaply.


So, If you found my guides helpful, please consider buying me a ko-fi (coffee) using the link below.


All monies go towards the tools for writing my guides and maybe for an actual cup of coffee or 3 ;)

Alternatively, share my guides with your fellow vault dwellers and help them to survive the wasteland.

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