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Fallout 76 Seasonal Event Guide: Fasnacht Day Parade

Updated: 4 days ago

Image Credit: IceEmpress66


"Happy Fasnacht!" "Merry Fasnacht!"

Get those earplugs ready because the parade music is going to trigger an eye twitch by the end of the week.

The Fasnacht Day event starts on the hour, every hour in Helvetia in The Forest region.

The event has been temporarily added to the Public Event list and when it begins, a notification will appear in the top left-hand corner of your screen and in the World Activity tab in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.

Note: as of Patch 31, the Fasnacht robots can no longer be damaged by nukes or explosive bait.


If you are already familiar with Helvetia and the Fasnacht Day event itself, then follow this link to the Fasnacht Day: All Rewards Guide

If you are new to the event or looking for a refresh, then keep reading.

Helvetia is based on a real-world location and the Fasnacht event is based on an annual event held there.

If you want to learn more about real-world references, this link and this link provide more information.

If you are interested in more lore on the event and the location in the game, there are notes and a holotape scattered around in the buildings.


You do not "need" any particular items or equipment for this event, but the following suggestions may make the event a little bit easier:

  • Turn off all unrelated event and quest map markers in your Pip-Boy.

This will make the event map markers easier to find and follow.

  • Equip the Good with Salt perk card under Luck or the Refrigerated Backpack (available from Camp Adams vendor machines).

This will help to make the intestines and Radtoad eggs that you collect last longer.

  • Equip the Friendly Fire perk card under Charisma.

Use this perk card and a weapon that works with the Friendly Fire perk to heal the marchers if they take any damage.

The following weapons and mods work with the Friendly Fire perk card:

  • Woodchucker perk card under Luck.

This will allow you to collect more wood each time you interact with a wood pile or log.

Some daily and weekly score challenges will require the event to be completed successfully.

If you are the only one at the event or are running in a poor team, keep in mind that the event achieves "completed successfully" status as long as at least one 1 Protectron Marcher remains alive.


Fasnacht Day event walkthrough

Step 1)

Speak to the Master of Ceremonies the moment you spawn in.

There are a lot of tasks and prep work to do to complete this event within the time frame given, so don't wait for other players to show up before starting the event. Most players will rock up while you are still doing the prep work.

The Master of Ceremonies can be found on the bridge in the middle of Helvetia.

Fun little Easter egg: the Master of Ceremonies will give different responses depending on what Fasnacht Mask you are wearing.

Step 2)

Locate the Protectron Marchers

There are 8 Protectron marchers in total, but only 5 will be active at one time. The active marchers are completely random.

The marchers walk very slowly, so you want to find and activate the marchers that are the furthest away from the parade starting point first.

Once you find a marcher, just click A while your pointer is on them to "find" them.

Check for the marchers in the below-listed order:

1- Joyous Musician

Found on the bandstand opposite Freyja's Haus Restaurant

2- Jolly Baker

Found in Freyja's Haus Restaurant in the kitchen

3- Cheerful Beekeeper

Found inside the Honey Haus

4- Convivial Historian

Found inside the Museum, near the gazebo, towards the back of Helvetia.

5- Gleeful Butcher

Found inside the Hotel, on the ground floor, next to the stairs

6- Jubilant Decorator

Found inside the Town Hall

7- Merry Woodsman

Found near the Church and the bonfire, west of the town

8- Happy Candlemaker

Found inside the Post Office, behind the counter, in the room on your right as you first enter the building

Step 3)

Blow up the cars.

The car explosions can damage the marchers as they walk past them. Blow them up now, before they start marching, so they cannot be damaged by the explosions later.

The first car is near the Honey Haus and the Cheese Haus.

The second car is near the Town Hall.

The last car is in the Post Office car park.

Step 4)

Complete the marchers' tasks.

Pick one of the tasks and continue with that task for the week.

It is recommended that you choose any of the tasks except the Joyous Musician, Cheerful Beekeeper, and Jubilant Decorator tasks.

Those are the easiest tasks, and most players will immediately choose to do those, but the event will fail if the other tasks are not completed.

If the robot you have picked is not on rotation, use the time to collect the materials/ingredients for your robot for the next event or help other players with their tasks.

Joyous Musician

Play the musical instruments on the stage until the bar is full.

Jolly Baker

Collect 20 Radtoad eggs from the river that runs next to the Freyja's Haus Restaurant and hand them into the Jolly Baker.

Cheerful Beekeeper

Find and kill the honey beasts.

The honey beasts can bug out a bit. Sometimes they will spawn behind the building and not move. Other times they will spawn across the road or on the other side of the bridge.

Convivial Historian

Find 10 Porcelain Steins around the town and then destroy (pop) three balloons. The Porcelain Steins need to be handed to the Historian.

They can be found down the side of and inside the Town Hall, out in front of the Post Office and Freyja's Haus Restaurant, and on the music stage.

Gleeful Butcher

Collect and place 12 intestines in the cooler.

Collect the intestines from the small critters that spawn throughout the town during the event. The highest concentration of spawns is near the gazebo and behind the Town Hall.

If you run a carnivore build, equip Butcher's Bounty and farm the critters, then put the squirrel bits on a mule that you don't use often.

If the area is nuked, then few to no critters will spawn. Keep 12 intestines on you at all times so that the event can continue even if the area has been nuked.

Jubilant Decorator

Decorate the Town Hall interior for the Decorator.

There are 4 map markers inside the Town Hall. Interact with each and pick a decoration. There is no right or wrong decoration—pick whichever decoration you like.

Merry Woodsman

Donate 50 wood to the wood pile.

Most of the time there will be a Fallout First tent set up near the Woodsman so you can grab the wood directly from your Scrapbox.

Or you can equip the perk card Woodchucker (under Luck) and hit up the wood piles in the small shed behind the Freyja's Haus Restaurant.

Happy Candlemaker

Collect 10 honeycomb from inside the Honey Haus.

Turn them into the Candlemaker.

The honeycomb that spawns in the Honey Haus during the event is not the aid/cooking version. You can scrap it instead for acid. The honeycomb refreshes every time the event starts on the hour, so get farming.

Map of Protectron marchers & task locations

Tip: If you have the items for the marcher on your person when you "find" them during step 2, then their tasks will auto-complete when you interact with them and they will start moving towards the parade start line.

Step 5)

The first attack

If you did the above steps correctly, then all the marchers should now all be at the parade starting point.

Once the marchers are in place and have changed into their masks, the Master of Ceremonies will start the parade.

Follow the marchers down the street until you get to the front of the Freyja's Haus restaurant.

The first attack will be Radtoads.

Do not let the Radtoads get close to the marchers. Two hits from a Radtoad's tongue will destroy a bot.

The robots can get a little confused and think that the Radtoad eggs are attacking them. If the robots are under attack then they will not move on to the next part. Use vats to destroy any eggs that might be lying around.

Use Friendly Fire to heal the marchers if they take any damage.

Step 6)

The second attack

After surviving the Radtoad attack, the marchers will continue on.

They will walk over the bridge that is next to Freyja's Haus restaurant and walk past the Honey Haus, then follow the path around until they get to the gazebo. Note: Some of the marchers may start to bug out, stoppi near the Honey Haus instead of near the gazebo with the other bots. Make sure that someone is keeping an eye on any stray marchers, as enemies tend to spawn directly in front of the Honey Haus.

The next attack will be from Super Mutants and Mutant Hounds.

The Super Mutant Suiciders and the Mutant Hounds are the biggest threats to the marchers and will wipe out a bot pretty quickly. Use ranged weapons to take them down before they get too close to the bots.

Again, use Friendly Fire as needed to heal the marchers if they take any damage.

Step 7)

The third attack

After the marchers have survived the second attack, they will continue marching down the side of the Town Hall, back out onto the main road, and towards the church.

Note: Some of the marchers may start to bug out at this point and stop near the Town Hall instead of near the Bonfire and Church with the other bots. Ensure that someone is keeping an eye on any stray marchers, as enemies will find them and destroy them.

Once the marchers reach a certain point on the main road, a Legendary Enemy will spawn.

The Legendary Enemy will be one of the following:

  • Legendary Mega Sloth

  • Legendary Ogua

  • Legendary Blue Devil

  • Legendary Sheepsquatch

  • Legendary Grafton Monster

  • Legendary Super Mutant Behemoth

If people are occupying the usual spawn location, then the Legendary Enermy will change their spawn location. They may spawn anywhere from inside the Post Office to behind the workshop shed next to the Post Office.

When the Legendary Enemy spawns, ignore it and concentrate on the waves of Wolves and Stingwings that will attack the marchers instead.

The Legendary enemy always spawns as a 1* and will only drop a 1* item. The rewards you can receive from having the event complete successfully with all marchers still alive will be far better than any 1* legendary item that the Legendary enemy will drop.

Definitely use Friendly Fire here if it is needed, especially because you are so close to finishing the event.

Step 8)

Light the bonfire at the end of the parade.

After the third attack, the Master of Ceremonies will instruct you to light the bonfire. First, you must pray. You can use either the Mothman Dance or the Pray to the Mothman emote. Throwing trail fireworks at the bonfire is also an approved alternative.

After a few seconds, the option to light the bonfire will show. Hover over the bonfire and press A to light it.

The moment the event shows as completed, server hop and try to catch a second one.



Photos of the rewards can now be found here.

Downloadable and printable reward checklists can be found here.

Spreadsheet checkbox rewards list can be found here.

SugarBombsRADS reward checklist can be found here.

Gilpo's Spreadsheet rewards list can be found here.


Don't forget to unlock the side room inside The Honey Haus.

The key can be found at the back door of The Honey Haus. There is a barrel with an upside-down flower pot on top.

Pick up the flower pot and the key will be underneath, on top of the barrel.


Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

I believe that all knowledge and information should be free which is why my guides will never be locked behind a paywall. However, running a website and photo and video editing software does not come cheaply.


So, If you found my guides useful, please consider buying me a ko-fi (coffee) using the link below.


All monies go towards the tools for writing my guides and maybe for an actual cup of coffee or 3 ;)

Alternatively, share my guides with your fellow vault dwellers and help them to survive the wasteland.

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