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Where to find and how to farm for Deathclaw Eggs in Fallout 76

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Deathclaw Eggs have many spawn rules that, combined with limited spawn locations, can make them difficult to obtain in bulk.

Deathclaw eggs are used in the following recipes:

If you are only after small quantities of the above-mentioned dishes or want to try them before you farm the ingredients, the finished items can be purchased from the following vendors:

Deathclaw Egg Omelette

  • Whitesprings Dining Room - 26.14%

Deathclaw Wellington

  • Yasmin Camp Ally - 12.29%

  • Whitesprings Dining Room - 26.14%


When you first fast-travel to a Deathclaw Egg location, sometimes the eggs may not be there. If the eggs are not there then it means one of three things:

  • You have already grabbed the eggs and need to refresh your pick-up history list

  • Another player has already grabbed it from that server (world object) or

  • It hasn't spawned for you yet (player cell activation)

World Object:

A Deathclaw egg found in the open world is considered to be a “world object”. Only one will spawn in that exact spot and if another player takes it, then it will not appear on that server again until the server is reset.

It is recommended to use non-explosive weapons near world objects such as Deathclaw Eggs, as the explosions can move the eggs and you might not be able to find them.

If the Deathclaw egg goes flying, fast-travel out of the cell (to the next closest fast-travel location or to your camp is fine) and then come back. The cell should have reset and the Deathclaw egg should be back in its spawn location.

Pick-up History List:

As with all world objects, it is advisable to refresh your pick-up history list before going on a Deathclaw egg run.

The easiest way to refresh your pick-up history list is to pay a visit to the book house in Summersville. Pick up every single burnt book and textbook on all three floors, plus the piles of books on the back table.

You only need to pick up 250 books/items to refresh your pick-up history list. There should be a total of 289 books in the book house so don't worry too much if you miss a few.

There are other ways and places to collect 250 items but the book house is the easiest way because you don't need to keep track of how many items you have picked up.

Player Cell Activation:

When a player enters a cell with a world object in it, the server will roll a dice, and depending on the % that it lands on, depends if the world object will spawn for you or not. If the Deathclaw Egg does not spawn for you, fast-travel out of the cell (to the next closest fast-travel location or to your camp is fine) and then come back. Rinse and repeat until the eggs have spawned.


You can farm the Deathclaw egg spawn locations in one of two ways:

The first way is to collect all the eggs, hit the book house, server hop, collect the eggs, hit the book house, server hop, rinse and repeat.

The second way will net you more Deathclaw eggs but you are going to need two xbox's and or a friend. To make it easier to explain, you will be player #2 and your friend or second xbox is going to be player #1.

  • Player #1 needs to reset their pick up history list and then server hop to a new server.

  • Player #1 then needs to fast travel to the first Deathclaw egg location and stand next to it.

  • Player #2 needs to wait until player #1 is standing next to the Deathclaw egg before fast travelling to the first Deathclaw egg location (this is an important step).

  • Once player #2 arrives, player #2 can pick up the Deathclaw egg.

  • Player #1 then needs to fast travel to the second location and stand next to it.

  • Player #2 needs to wait until player #1 is standing next to the Deathclaw egg before fast travelling to the second Deathclaw egg location.

  • Once player #2 arrives, player #2 can pick up the Deathclaw egg.

  • Rinse and repeat for the next location

  • Server hop and do it all again

Player #1 must not touch the Deathclaw egg at all. If player #1 accidentally picks up the Deathclaw egg, then they will need to go and reset their pick-up history list, server hop and start the run again.



The FETCH Collectron station, which was a previous scoreboard reward, but can now be purchased from Samuel in Foundation for 4000 gold bullion, has a 0.10% chance of "collecting" Deathclaw Eggs.



There is an optional side quest when completing the main questline "Hunter for Hire", given by Duchess at the Wayward.

Liebowitz, who can be found on the roof tops at Tyler County Fairgrounds, asks the player to collect a Deathclaw egg from Deathclaw Island.

The player can choose to keep the egg instead of handing them over to Liebowitz by using special stat checks.

Note: This is not a repeatable quest.


Fixed and farmable spawn locations

External - a location that does not require a load screen to enter.

Internal - a location or instance that requires a load screen to enter.

Providing another player hasn’t already looted them and you have refreshed your pick-up history list, this list should net you 11+ Deathclaw eggs per server.

Farmable locations - There is a 3% to 6% chance of a Deathclaw egg spawning in a Deathclaw nest. This is affected by your pick-up history list.

Deathclaw Island


2+ Deathclaw eggs

Check the white suitcase on the side of the Deathclaw nest. Sometimes it can spawn additional Deathclaw eggs

The eggs can sometimes be hidden under the dirt when the Deathclaw pops out. I recommend leading the Deathclaw away from the nest before killing it, so you can loot the nest without the body getting in the way or covering the loot.

The nest can also spawn a magazine and a cap stash. Again it can sometimes be hidden by the dirt, so move your cursor over the nest a few times or use the related perk cards.

Arktos Pharma


1x Deathclaw egg

From the fast travel point, run straight through the doorway to the bottom of the stairs.

Turn left, go past the Nuka Cola and Medical Supplies machine and run up the stairs in front of you.

Follow the corridor around, past the Arktos Pharma sign and enter the doorway on your left.

Run straight and enter the second doorway on your left.

Head slightly right and walk through the gap in the wall, directly opposite you.

Jump down to the ground level and turn around.

Enter the doorway marked "Protein Sequencing".

Turn right and walk down the stairs. The Deathclaw egg will be on the metal shelves in front of you.

Tunnel of Love (Nuka World on Tour)


4x Deathclaw nests

These are accessible when the event is and isn't running.

Once you enter the Tunnel of Love, face North and follow the train tracks down until you get to the area with the pink heart lights.

Turn left, go past the orange forklift and stop at the second set of tracks.

Turn left again and walk forward into the small cave.

There are 3 nests in the pile on your right.

Turn around and follow the tracks to the end. Turn right and follow the road wall along until you get to some scaffolding and a wooden ramp heading up.

Follow the ramp all the way up to the top of the scaffolding.

At the top, turn left and follow the path around until you see a break in the fence and a small cave on your left.

Enter the cave and there will be one Deathclaw nest to check.

Monorail Elevator


1x Deathclaw egg

*Note: you will need to be running the Marsupial mutation to access this location.

From the fast travel point, follow the road until you get to the main pillar with the elevator at the bottom.

Enter the elevator and select floor "2". This is very important as it will send you to the wrong floor if you don't press the "2" button.

Exit the elevator and follow the path around to your left. Keep following the path around until you get to a building.

Jump on top of the building. Follow the roof around by sticking to the left (and away from the edge).

The Deathclaw egg is in the far corner, as part of a picnic "scene”.

Abandoned Waste Dump


1x Deathclaw egg

2x Deathclaw nests

From the fast travel point, walk forward and jump the gate.

Walk towards the back of the truck and keep the trailer to your left hand side. You will see a dead brahmin and a rad barrel on your right. Behind the brahmin is the first Deathclaw nest.

Keep following the trailer and stop when you get to the cab of the truck. In front of you is a dead Yao Guai. Behind the Yao Guai is a Deathclaw egg and another Deathclaw nest that you can check.

Abandoned Waste Dump


1x Deathclaw egg

3x Deathclaw nests

Once you enter the cavern, walk past the rad barrels and stop at the bottom of the ramp. Turn left and keep the wall to your left-hand side the whole time you are in the cavern.

It will lead you to the three Deathclaw nests in turn.

Deathclaw nest #1

Deathclaw nest #2

Deathclaw nest #3

The last Deathclaw nest has a fixed spawn Deathclaw egg next to it.

Thunder Mountain Power Plant

1x Deathclaw nest

From the fast travel point, follow the road South until you get to the end of the limo. Turn left, go past the tank, and enter the workshop yard. Follow the road straight until you get to the green shipping containers near the water's edge. Jump over the railing, keep the concrete wall to your right shoulder and continue following it. At the end of the wall, line up between South and the Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies map icon and walk forward, following the river bank. The river bank will start to curve and look for the Deathclaw nest on your right.

Ella Ames' Bunker

1x Deathclaw nest

Stand at the door of Ella Ames's Bunker and look for the blue ute/truck in the water in front of you. Behind the blue ute/truck are 4 trees in a semi-circle. From your left, head towards the third tree. Stand behind the third tree and you will see a tree stump and a light-coloured tree with red leaves in front of you. Run over to the red tree, turn South and walk to the river edge. Turn left, walk forward, and follow the river edge around. You will see the Deathclaw nest on your right, just past the curve in the bank.

Hopewell Cave


1x Deathclaw nest

3x Deathclaw eggs

There is salt, pepper, a potential bobblehead, a magazine and irradiated sugar bomb spawn location in the cave.

From the fast travel point, run straight across the road (remember to look both ways before you cross the road) and into the cave.

The nest is on the left-hand side of the room, just past the pond of water near the entrance.

A Deathclaw Egg can spawn on top of the above-mentioned nest

From the Deathclaw Nest, turn and face East. Walk forward until you get to the back of the cave and a rock face. Turn left and the Deathclaw egg can spawn behind the Firecracker Berry Bush.

Turn and face West and follow the edge of the water/pond. Keep following it around until you see a small campfire and a sleeping bag. Behind the sleeping bag, against the rock face, and to the left of a Firecracker Berry Bush, you will see the final Deathclaw Egg spawn for this area.

Thanks to Dan and Anita for pointing out the new spawn locations above.

Random spawn encounter (object)

There is a chance to find these encounters at any "object" random encounter location.

The below encounters will spawn 1 to 2 Deathclaws and a Deathclaw nest. Sometimes there can be a Deathclaw egg laying nearby.

Deathclaw nest vs Super Mutants

Deathclaw vs Merchant Caravan


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