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Where to find and how to farm for: Bone

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Dedicated to Jeremy "Grim Reaper". Thank you for all you and your team do for the community.


This guide is broken into the following sections:

  • Tips and Tricks

  • Vendors

  • Creatures

  • Collectrons and Camp Ally's

  • Containers

  • Seasonal and Themed Events

  • Events

  • Other

  • Extractors, Deposits and Veins

  • Farming Locations


We are going to start off with the boring bits first. It can make farming a lot easier and less time consuming once you know and can identify what junk gives what scrap and what junk item yields the most scrap.

5 bone shards per item

  • Brahmin Skull

  • Jawless Brahmin Skull

  • Rib Cage

  • Sheepsquatch Skull

  • Spine

4 bone shards per item

  • None

3 bone shards per item

  • Large Left Antler

  • Large Right Antler

  • Left Arm Bones

  • Left Leg Bones

  • Pelvis Bones

  • Rib Cage and Pelvis

  • Rib Cage and Spine

  • Right Arm Bones

  • Right Leg Bones

  • Skull

2 bone shards per item

  • Acidic Gulper Hand

  • Beaver Teeth

  • Broken Femur

  • Broken Tibia

  • Deathclaw Hand

  • Femur

  • Human Jaw

  • Jarred Scorched Head

  • Large Sheepsquatch Horn

  • Left Foot Bones

  • Megasloth Claw

  • Mysterious Quill

  • Right Foot Bones

  • Scorchbeast Bones

  • Skull Cap Bone

  • Skull Eye Socket

  • Skull Faceplate

  • Skull Fragment

  • Small Left Antler

  • Small Right Antler

  • Tibia

1 bone shard per item

  • Autopsy Board Game

  • Capless Skull

  • Cracked Deathclaw Egg

  • Jarred Scorched Foot

  • Jarred Scorched Hand

  • Left Hand Bones

  • Mole Rat Teeth

  • Right Hand Bones

  • Upper Skull

Use the tag for search option to help find junk that has bone in it.

Open your pip boy and scroll across to Item and then Junk.

Press RB (right button for Xbox)

Press R3 (right click joystick for PlayStation)

C for PC

This will bring up the component view.

Scroll down and find the junk component you are farming for and then press A to set up the tag for search.

If the junk component that you are looking for is not on the list, then you will need to collect a piece of junk that has the component in it and then repeat the above steps.

Random Fact: Super Duper does not work when turning junk scraps into bulk.



Bone can be purchased in the form of Bulk Bone Shards, from the following vendors.

Note that while the % is low, if bulk bone shards do spawn, then the vendor can have up to 10 bulk in their inventory.

Cap'n Kidd (Whitesprings Resort) - 37.57%

Autopsy Board Game



Super Mutants - 1.74%

Human Bones.

West Tek on average yields 40 bone shards after killing and looting the Super Mutants

Mongrel and Attack Dogs - 0.80%

Human Bones.

**Mole Rat - 15%

**Mole Rat Broodmother - 100%

Drop Mole Rat Teeth. When scrapped, Mole rat teeth give 1x bone shard.

**Beavers - 100%

Beaver teeth give 2x bone shards when scrapped.

**Mole Miners - 40%

Drop Mole Miner Gauntlets. When scrapped, these give 2 mole rat teeth.

**Deathclaws - 25%

Drops Deathclaw Hands. When scrapped, this gives 2 bone shards.


Human Bones - 0.15% to 0.61%

Deathclaw Hand - 0.08%

Brahmin Skull - 0.15%


Human Bones - 0.15% to 0.61%

Deathclaw Hand - 0.08%

Brahmin Skull - 0.15%

**Acidic Gulpers - 5%

Drops Acidic Gulper Hand. When scrapped, this gives 2 bone shards.

Only drops from Acidic Gulpers during the Moonshine Jamboree event.


Mysterious Quill (x5) - 100%

Sheepsquatch Skull - 100%

Large Sheepsquatch Horn - 75%

Sheepsquatch can be found during the event Free Range.

There is also a small chance that they can spawn at "Scene" random spawn locations in The Mire, Cranberry Bog and Savage Divide.


Scorchbeast Bones - 33.33%


Megasloth Claw - 30%

Good luck trying to find these handsome guys. They can spawn during Scorched Earth, daily Queen of the Hunt, location Treetops in The Mire, in the carpark out the front of Cranberry Glade and in the NAR repair yard.

**Does not directly drop bone. You will need to scrap something that drops from them, to get the bone shards.


Collectrons and Ally's

Fetch - 0.102%

Human Bones.

Unlocked from the Season 6 scoreboard or the plan for Fetch's dog house can be purchased from Samuel at Foundation.

Note: You will need to be at Ally reputation with the Settlers for this plan to show in Samuel's inventory.

Scavenger Collectron Station - 2.18%

Human and Animal Bones when set to collect junk.

Bone shards when set to collect scrap.

Atom shop purchase only.

If you wish to choose a different skinned collectron such as the raider or communist bot, simply use the terminal attached to the collectron base and select the "Scrap" or "Junk" option.

Note: If you are using the FETCH skin collectron, his loot pool is diluted with his default settings so he will always have circuitry as well as whatever collectron function you have chosen.

Daphne - 11.11%

Autopsy Board Game

Unlocked from the Season 6 scoreboard or the plan for Daphne's toy box can be purchased from Samuel at Foundation.

Note: You will need to be at Ally reputation with the Settlers for this plan to show in Samuel's inventory.



Deathclaw Nests

Human Bones - 3.55% to 7.07%

Cracked Deathclaw Egg - 20%

Deathclaw Hand - 0.01%

Brahmin Skull - 0.03%

Scorchbeast Nests - Nest locations

Human Bones - 11.52%

Scorchbeast Bones - 8.33%

Meat Bags

Human Bones - 0.57%

Human Skull - 17.04%

Mole Rat Teeth - 14.28%

Scorchbeast Guano Piles

Human Bones - 0.57%

Mole Rat Teeth - 14.28%


Deathclaw Hand - 0.83%

Human Bones - 0.12% to 1.50%

Brahmin Skull - 1.50%

Metal Box

Deathclaw Hand - 0.52%

Human Bones - 0.94%

Brahmin Skull - 0.94%


Deathclaw Hand - 0.52%

Human Bones - 0.12% to 1.50%

Brahmin Skull - 1.50%


Deathclaw Hand - 0.70%

Human Bones - 1.27%

Brahmin Skull - 1.27%


Deathclaw Hand - 0.05%

Human Bones - 0.07% to 0.09%

Brahmin Skull - 0.09%


Seasonal & Themed Events

Holiday Gifts - 4.17%

Autopsy Board Game.



Breach and Clear - 0.16%

Human Bones and Mole Miner Gauntlets.

Human Bones only spawn in the Priority Collection Container. You will need to have completed the Motherlode quest line and have the Hornwright Senior Executive ID in your inventory to unlock these containers.

The enemy Mole Miners and Mole Rats that spawn can drop Mole Miner Gauntlets and Mole Rat Teeth.

It's a Trap - 33.33%

Scorchbeast Bones.

Event complete reward.


Extractors, Deposits and Veins

Junk Piles

No extractor - gives junk

Human Bones - 0.15% to 0.37%

Deathclaw Hand - 0.20%

Brahmin Skull - 0.37%

Junk Piles

With extractor - gives scrap

A junk pile with an extractor on it does not give bone shards. Bone is not in the extractor loot pool.



Autopsy Board Game.

The smart machine is located in the lobby of Watoga High School in Watoga. The machine only accepts Halloween Candy as a currency.

Beaver Teeth.

Chance to drop if you lose.


Farming Locations

It is advised that you refresh your pick up history list before going on a bone run.

The easiest way to refresh your pick up history list is to pay a visit to the book house in Summersville. Pick up every single burnt book and text book on all three floors, plus the piles of books on the back table.

You only need to pick up 250 books/items to refresh your pick up history list. There should be a total of 289 books in the book house, but if you pick up everything not bolted down, on all three floors, then you don't need to worry too much if you miss a few burnt books.

There are other ways and places to collect 250 items but the book house is the easiest way because you don't need to keep track of how many items you have picked up.

While bone can be found all over the Wasteland, I'm only going to list locations that have 20 or more bone.

Toxic Valley

Black Bear Lodge - 46 bone shards

Human bones and animal skulls.

Mostly in the basement with an animal skull upstairs, on the side table.

South of the Crater Watch station - 45 bone shards

Human Bones.

The bones are scattered around on the ground, mostly near the roots of the tree log. There are some small bones in this area so do a double run through to not miss any.


Aaronholt Homestead - 28 bone shards


They are scattered through out the houses, in the barn and the shed that is out the back in the field. The dogs can also drop bone.

Hunter's Ridge - 37 bone shards

Antlers and a Brahmin Skull.

The antlers are scattered around the camp site including upstairs. The Brahmin Skull is at the end of the look out. The dogs can also drop bone.

Bolton Greens - 30 bone shards

Human Bones and Autopsy Board Game.

The boardgame is inside, upstairs in the bedroom. The human bones are outside, on top of the fridges, in the fridges, on the tables and in other scenes that are scattered around on the green and near the sand pits.

Savage Divide

Monongah Mine - 65 bone shards

Human Bones.

Downstairs in the waiting lobby, some bones are in the stew pot and on the bottom shelf in the trailer. A large pile of bones can be found in the right hand corner of the lobby, near the workbenches, in one of the open robot pods.

Only accessible during A Colossal Problem event.

Fort Atlas Substructure - 35 bone shards

Mole Miners.

Kill the Mole Miners in both sections of the cave and scrap the mole miner gauntlets for mole rat teeth and in turn bone.

Wendigo Cave - 72 bone shards

Human Bones and Bone Chimes.

Scattered throughout the cave.

Very good location for brain fungus but a jetpack may be required.

Skullbone Vantage - 56 bone shards

Brahmin Skulls on the tips of the poles and one capless skull on the table.

Note you will need a jetpack to access these.

Whitesprings Service Entrance - 45 bone shards

Human Bones

In and around the dumpsters. Some of the bones are small and or under the debris so walk around and click the ground.

Freak Show - 61 bone shards

Human Bones, Bone Chimes and Animal Skulls.

Lucky Hole Mine - 44 bone shards

Mostly Bone Chimes. Antlers and Skulls down the bottom on the alter. Don't forget to grab the bone chime hanging in the doorway near the spawn in location.

Door Code: 238 963

Lucky Hole Key: On the podum, on the alter, at the bottom of the mine.

The Mire

Freddy Fear's House of Scares (Unmarked Location) - 133 bone shards.

Same location as the collect a Bloatfly Gland for the Stings and Things daily.

Human Bones and Animal Skulls.

The bones and skulls are scattered around the area. Check in the water for them as well.

Braxson's Quality Medical Supplies - 177 bone shards

Human Bones

They are everywhere. Look in boxes and on shelves and on the tables. Don't forget to check the dog bowl upstairs.

Big Maw - 107 bone shards

Human Bones.

At the bottom and on the rock ledges. There is a few in the shallow pools of water.

Abandoned Waste Dump - 58 bone shards

Human Bones and Cracked Deathclaw Eggs.

Out the front of the entrance and inside. Don't forget to check the Deathclaw Nests.

Good place for farming brain fungus.


Credits and Thanks:



Fallout wiki




Data Mining Discord

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Will Reid
Will Reid
Dec 17, 2022

Crater has 10-20 bone items on the pool table inside. It's a small amount but it's worth mentioning b/c they're inside an instance and it's a free fast travel.

Also, for resetting the item counter, I prefer Silva/Billings corn and razorgrain or wood piles (Prickett's Fort, Sylvie & Sons, and/or Helvetia) since the books aren't always there in Summersville.

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