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How to open TNT Dome #7

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

Apart from the notes and terminal entries that come with each mini questline. There is a little bit of lore on the terminal in the main building at Black Mountain Ordnance Works.

Black Mountain Ordnance Works is based on a real location called West Virginia Ordnance Works.

Map of all TNT Dome locations


TNT Dome key # 7


Plan: T-51 power armour Nuka-Cola paint

Nula Cola Grape

Steps to find the key:

You will need:

  • Lock pick cards

  • Power armour and/or a jetpack

  • Marsupial mutation

to access this key.

Step 1) Fast travel to the Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant on the edge of the Forest and the Ash Heap.

From the fast travel point, follow the road North, across the bridge, and turn right at the Nuka Cola sign on the corner. Follow the road all the way to the end where the car park is. Blow up all the cars in the car park and then head towards the Nuka Cola bottles that are on the left-hand side of the car park. Walk between the bottles and enter the door on your left.

Once you are inside, face West and walk through the double doorway that is on the opposite end of the room. Walk forward a few more steps, past the set of stairs, and look for a level 0 locked door on your left.

Unlock the door and enter the bathroom. Open the toilet stall door, enter the stall, and close the door behind you. Pick up the "Paired Keycard 01" that is behind the stall door, on the ground, leaning against the left-hand side wall.

Step 2) Fast travel to Tanagra Town and climb to the top.

Due to the height, it is recommended that you wear power armour or have a jetpack to break your fall.

It looks confusing but the climb to the top of Tanagra Town is relatively easy. Use the photos below to work out the path to the top.

You don't actually need to jump to get over the vines or debris as you are climbing up. It looks like an obstruction but your character just walks through them with no problem.

Walk over the school bus and along the shipping containers.

Walk over the trailer bed and the shipping container and up the pipe to another school bus. You will need to enter the school bus to get to the next part.

At the end of the bus is a car connected to a tree log. You need to walk to the end of the car and then turn left and climb onto the log and follow it up.

Enter the house at the top here and jump up to the top floor.

From the doorway, walk forward, carefully jump over the gap in the flooring, and land on the other side.

Be cautious about how you land as you can accidentally knock the keycard off the building.

You should see a straw pillow, trifold American flag, and a deflated basketball.

Pick up the "Pairing Keycard 02" from under the trifold American flag.

Step 3) Fast travel to the Crashed Plane in The Mire.

From the fast travel point, walk forward until you are standing under the crashed plane.

When you are standing under the main part of the plane, you should be able to see a blue suitcase on top of some metal shelves. Walk over and stand on top of the blue suitcase. In front of you should be a brown suitcase and on your right, a white suitcase half hiding behind some orange tree roots.

Go over to the white suitcase and pick up the "Nuka Cola Marketing Access Code".

Step 4) Fast travel to Ingram Mansion.

Note: At the moment, this next part of the quest is a little buggy. For some reason, this part can only be done once per server so it is suggested that you use a private server to complete the rest of this mini-quest.

From the fast travel point, follow the road down to the mansion.

Once at the mansion, walk around the back and look for the terminal on the desk, next to the BBQ.

Once you are on the terminal, you will see this screen.

Click on "Generate One-Time Key". You will need to write this code down or take a photo of it with your phone.

Step 5) Fast travel to Overlook Cabin in the Forest.

From the fast travel point, run straight and enter the front door of the cabin.

This entire next part is all timer based so read ahead and get your location barings before swiping cards or pressing buttons.

From the front door, turn right and head towards the kitchen. On the left-hand side of the kitchen is a double doorway. Turn and walk through the double doorway and stop at the closest end of the pool table.

On your left is a doorway. Walk through that doorway, turn right, and walk down to the bottom of the stairs.

Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and stand in the middle of the room so you are facing a black tank with yellow signs on it.

On your right is a doorway and on your left is a brick wall. Make a note of that brick wall. Turn right and walk through the doorway.

Walk forward so you are standing in the middle of the room. In front of you should be a red trunk, on your left there should be a brick wall (make note of this brick wall as well) and on your right should be a pallet, a safe, and some wooden boxes.

Turn right and walk straight until you hit the wall. Look left and right and you will see 2 keycard readers. You need to swipe #1 first and then #2.

Once you have swiped the keycards, you have 3 seconds to move to the next part. If you don't get to the door within that time period, you need to server hop and collect the "Pairing Keycards" and code again.

Swipe the keycards, turn around, run over to the brick wall on the other side of the room, and enter the now-revealed side room.

Inside the room is a keypad. Enter the code that you wrote down from Ingram Mansion and get ready to run again.

The door would have already closed behind you so just press the big button next to the keypad to open the door again.

From the room above, walk out and back to the room that has the black tank in it. Directly in front of you should be a newly opened door. Again this is on a timer so run and stand inside the room. In front of you should be a set of keys on a pillar and a note on the ground next to it.

Pick up TNT dome key 7 and the note.

TNT Dome key 7 location:

Fast travel to Black Mountain Ordnance Works.

From the fast travel point, turn and face East. Walk forward through the bush until you run into a big pile of rocks. Turn left and follow the rocks around until you see a green door.


Reward spawn locations

The plan for the X-01 power armour Nuka-Cola Quantum paint is on the corner of the desk on the left-hand side of the room.

The Nuka Cola Grape is on the locker shelf next to the power armour station and a Nuka-Cola Quantum can spawn on the desk on the right side of the dome.

Plan: X-01 power armour Nuka-Cola Quantum paint


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Apr 16
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Did all this but the door says it's inaccessible even with the key. Shame. The Quantum paint is really nice

Replying to

Hello, I just checked and was able to open the door just now. I would suggest trying the door again and seeing if it opens now, otherwise double check the map and make sure that you are trying to open the right dome number, Black Mountain is a bit of a maze and I end up at the wrong domes all the time.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The step by step guide was Awesome. Thanks :)

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