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Where to find the keycards in Vault 51

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Co-written by Eli - The Thing

Vault 51 can be found in the top left-hand corner of the map. Previously only accessible via the Nuclear Winter mode, this vault was opened to the public on September the 8th 2021.

As with all Vaults in the Fallout universe, there is plenty of lore to be had.

You can follow the story of Vault 51 and its inhabitants via the holotapes and terminals found inside.

There are 15 holotapes in total. A map of all their locations can be found here.

If you are wanting a deeper dive into the lore then this link here should fit the bill.


How to open Vault 51

Follow the power cable running from the vault door to the truck trailer that is parked in the vault car park on the left.

Enter the trailer and push the button on the back wall.

It can take a few seconds to register but the vault door will open and you can enter.


Keycard Locations

In order to gain access to certain floors and rooms in Vault 51, you will need to locate 3 keycards.

Vault 51 Security keycard

Vault 51 Executive keycard

Vault 51 Overseer keycard

You will need lock-pick perk cards or the Legendary perk card Master Infiltrator to access some of the keycards.

Vault 51 Executive keycard

There are three Vault 51 Executive keycards that can be found in the vault. You only need to find one to unlock the next door.

Location #1

Enter the vault and go through screening, turn right under the Welcome to Vault 51 banner. Go past the front desk and walk into the Atrium. Go up the stairs on your right and turn right.

You will see a door marked "Laundry" on your right.

Open the Laundry door (note that it has a level 0 lock on the door).

and the Vault 51 Executive keycard can be found on top of the dryer at the far end of the room.

Location #2

From the Laundry, walk back out into the Atrium and turn left. Walk straight until you get to the large white door.

Open the door and continue to walk straight, towards the door at the back of the room.

Unlock the level 2 locked door.

Enter the room and the Vault 51 Executive keycard can be found on the bedside table in front of you.

Location #3

Walk back out into the Atrium and head down the stairs on your left. At the bottom of the stairs turn right and walk to the end of the room.

Turn left and you will be facing a white vault door. This door should be unlocked.

Enter through the door and walk to the stage. Turn around and jump or jetpack up to the platform above you.

The last Vault 51 Executive keycard can be found on the table in the middle.

Vault 51 Security keycard

There is only one Vault 51 Security keycard to locate.

On the ground floor, in the Eastern corner of the Atrium, enter through the door on your right.

Walk straight to the green wall in front of you, turn right, and follow the wall around. You should see a white vault door opposite the boxing ring.

Walk through the white vault door and turn right. Swipe your key card at the ID card reader and follow the corridor around.

The Vault 51 Security keycard can be found in the first room, on your right, on the desk next to a holotape.

Vault 51 Overseer keycard

There is only one Vault 51 Overseer keycard to locate.

Head back out to the Atrium through the gym. Walk straight towards the dead body and the white railing in front of you. Stop at the white railing and turn right. There should be a door with an ID card reader in front of you.

Use your key card to open the door and follow the corridor down to the end. Enter the room and stop under the stairs. Turn right and the Vault 51 Overseer keycard is on the corner of the desk in front of you.

Overseer's Office

Out to the Atrium again. Turn right and take the stairs up on your left. At the top of the stairs, turn right and take the second set of stairs up to the top.

Swipe your card at the ID card reader on the door marked Overseer.

Follow the stairs to the top and explore the rooms.


Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

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