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How to open TNT Dome #3

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Apart from the notes and terminal entries that come with each mini questline. There is a little bit of lore on the terminal in the main building at Black Mountain Ordnance Works.

Black Mountain Ordnance Works is based on a real location called West Virginia Ordnance Works.

Map of all TNT Dome locations


TNT Dome key # 3


Plan: T-51 power armour Nuka-Cola paint

Bottle and Cappy orange jacket & jeans

Bottle and Cappy red jacket & jeans

Cappy jacket & jeans

Nuka-World geyser jacket & jeans

Nuka-World jacket & jeans

Steps to find the key:

You will need lock pick cards to access this key.

Step 1) Fast travel to Pylon V-13 in the Cranberry Bog.

Note: there are enemies at the pylon and Super Mutants close by.

From the fast travel point, face North and walk straight until you reach a concrete pillar with stairs going up to the monorail. Go around the left side of the pillar and keep walking in a North direction. Once you get past the pillar, walk forward slowly and look at the ground. You will see a red coloured bush/scrub followed by a tree stump. Next to the tree stump is a note, a skeleton and a green duffle bag. Pick up the note off the tree stump and the "Toolbox Key" from out of the duffle bag.

Step 2) Fast travel to Watoga Shopping Plaza.

From the fast travel point, turn and face East. Walk straight down the road, past the truck and the ute, until you get to end of the yellow bus.

At the end of the yellow bus, turn and face North.

Walk forward until you are standing in the middle of the music stage.

Turn and face East and walk forward until you get to the edge of the rocks, just before the water. From there, turn and face South and you will see a red toolbox and a skeleton on the rocks in front of you.

Open the red toolbox and take the "Key to Clara's Box".

Step 3) Fast travel to the Overseer's House in Sutton.

From the fast travel point, don't move forward or back, just turn right. In front of you on the left should be a Blue House. Behind that should be a red/orange coloured house and to its right should be a white/green house. Walk forward until you are standing between the red/orange house and the white/green house.

On your right is a wire and wooden post fence. Follow the fence along until you see a red doghouse with a black roof.

Inside the doghouse is a yellow crate. Open the crate and take the "Nuka-Cola Locker Key" along with the note next to the crate.

Don't forget to check the baseball bat on the back of the truck/ute next to the doghouse.

Step 4) Fast travel to the Kanawha Nuka-Cola Plant on the edge of the Forest and the Ash Heap.

From the fast travel point, follow the road North, across the bridge, and turn right at the Nuka Cola sign on the corner. Follow the road all the way to the end where the car park is. Blow up all the cars in the car park and then head towards the Nuka Cola bottles that are on the left-hand side of the car park. Walk between the bottles and enter the door on your left.

Once you are inside, face West and walk through the double doorway that is on the opposite end of the room.

Walk forward a few more steps and take the first set of stairs up on your right. At the top of the stairs, turn and face North and walk through the door in front of you.

Face West and walk past the two terminals on your left (there is a level 3 safe on the floor next to the last terminal). On your right is a level 1 locked door. Don't forget to loot the sugar and honey in this room.

Unlock the door and enter the room. Once you are inside the room, turn left and walk forward until you get to the end of the room (there is a level 3 safe in here, next to the white lockers on the right side of the room). Loot the sugar in here as well.

Turn left through the doorway at the end, then turn right and follow the wall until you get to the end of the room. Turn left and you will see a white locker laying on the ground.

Open the locker and collect the TNT Dome key 3.

TNT Dome key 3 location:

Fast travel to Black Mountain Ordnance Works.

From the fast travel point, follow the road South, past the car, until you get to a T junction. Turn left and then follow the road East. You should walk past a Protectron robot on your way down the road.

Keep walking down the road until you see some Blood Eagles on your left. Walk past the Blood Eagles and keep walking straight but look to your left as you are walking. You will see a large grey rock pile on the very edge of the road on your left. Face North and walk straight and the dome door will be on your right.


Potential reward spawn locations

Plan: T-51 power armour Nuka-Cola paint

Bottle and Cappy Orange Jacket & Leans

Bottle and Cappy Red Jacket & Jeans

Cappy Jacket & Jeans

Nuka-World Geyser Jacket & Jeans

Nuka-World Jacket & Jeans

Nula Cola variants can be found in the orange carts.


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