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Where to find and how to farm for Squirrels and Squirrel Bits in Fallout 76


Used For:


  • Challenge - Kill Critters

  • Challenge - Take a Camera Photo of a Squirrel

  • Challenge Daily - Take a Camera Photo of a Squirrel

  • Challenge Weekly - Build a Taxidermy Squirrel in your camp or workshop

  • Tadpole Badge: Mammalogist - Take a camera photo of a Squirrel

Squirrel Bits

  • Crispy Squirrel Bits

  • Headhunter's Headcheese

  • Pothole Potpie

  • Squirrel on a Stick

  • Tasty Squirrel Stew


Squirrels can drop the following items


% Drop Chance

Squirrel Bits





Farming Tips and Tricks

The following perk cards, magazines, and/or backpack mods will increase your yields.


Vendors and Camp Allies

Squirrel Bits

Duchess - The Wayward - 22.97%

Whitesprings Train Station - 24.30%

Whitesprings Mall - Le Grand Gourmet - Marie - 75.56%

Atlantic City - Mobster Vendor - 15.97%

Atlantic City - Muni Vendor - 15.97%

Atlantic City - Showmen Vendor - 15.97%

Middle Mountain Pit Stop - Vera - 15.97%

Big Bend Tunnel East - Rudy - 20%

Big Bend Tunnel West - Carver - 20%

Camp Ally: Beckett - 15.97%

Camp Ally: Xerxo - 15.97%

Camp Visitor Vendor - Emerson - 15.97%

Camp Visitor Vendor - Athena - 15.97%

Travelling Merchant - 15.97%

Foundation - Sunny (Kitchen) - 15.97%

Crater - Molly - 15.97%

Random Encounter - Camp - Food Trader - 15.97%

Random Encounter - Travel - Grahm - 15.97%

Train Stations

Raider Faction - 15.97%

Responders Faction - 15.97%

Whitesprings Mall

Raider Faction - 15.97%

Responders Faction - 15.97%

Free States Faction - 15.97%

BOS Faction - 15.97%

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort - Resin - 15.97%

Flatwoods - Bob - 15.97%

Camden Park - Chad - 15.97%

Grafton - Greg - 15.97%

Charleston Fire Department - Mack - 15.97%

Watoga Shopping Plaza - Phoenix - 15.97%



Squirrel Bits

Refrigerator - 4.5%

Blue Cooler - 4.5%

World Spawn Locations (mixed pool) - 0.221%


Perk Cards



Meat Week/Grahm's Meat Cook

Fasnacht Day


Pip-Boy Dailys

Someone To Talk To

There is a chance that you will be required to use a Vox Dart on a Squirrel.


Fixed Spawn Locations

98 NAR Regional

3x Squirrels

From the fast travel point, turn NW and run forward, jumping over vehicles, until you reach the train tracks. Turn right (NE) and follow the train tracks up the hill. Keep looking left as you go up the hill and when the cliff face ends, turn North and walk forward. Follow the dirt up to the top of the cliff and face West. Use VATS to find the three Squirrel spawns.

The Whitesprings Bunker

5x Squirrels

From the spawn in location, turn East and jump up onto the building in front of you. Turn NE and walk forward until you get to the line of green trees. Use VATS to pick up the first Squirrel.

Face North and run forward, veer right, and keep running until you get to the carpark with the green buses parked in it. Blow up the cars, kill the mole rats, and keep walking forward NE to the end of the carpark.

Jump over the small white brick fence and walk forward, use VATS to pick up the two Squirrels.

Face North and walk forward, following the building around (West), and stop when you get to the road. There should be a red car on your right. Keep walking forward, go down the hill, and stop when you get to the path. Turn right and follow the path. Take the first path on your left and use VATS to find the Squirrel.

Face North and you will see a green bus to your right. Run forward, veer right, and jump on top of the bus. Face North and you will see a gap between the houses in front of you. Run over to the gap, jump over the rose bush, and turn left, and walk behind the back of the houses. Use VATS while walking along to find the Squirrel.


Chance to Spawn Locations


Squirrels are part of the Critter A and Critter B spawn pools.

A full guide can be found here or the video version can be found here.

Squirrel bits

There is a 50% chance that the below locations will spawn Squirrel Bits.

These are a per server, pick-up history list item.


1x Squirrel Bits

From the fast travel point, run forward and follow the road past the Church. Stop when you get to the carpark of the Flatwoods Tavern on your left. Turn Left (East), you should be facing two cooking stations, a possum, and some tables and chairs.

Walk forward, jump over the tent, and walk up the hill to the road. Turn left (North) and follow the road. Stop when you get to the white and blue trailer home on your left.

Enter the trailer home and head to the kitchen.

The Squirrel Bit is in the frying pan, on the stove, in the kitchen.


4x Squirrel Bits

From the spawn in location, turn West and run forward until you get to the road on the other side.

Stand next to the red truck and trailer and face SW. Walk forward and stop at the first house on your left.

The 4 squirrel bits are in the blue colander on the wooden crate on the front porch. One piece can glitch into the wooden crate and isn't accessible.

Don't forget to check the rare baseball bat spawn up the road.


1x Squirrel Bit

Run forward from the spawn in location and clear the enemies from the location. Once the enemies are cleared, face NW and you will see a two-story structure on the cliff's edge. Walk up the stairs to the top floor and the Squirrel Bits are in the frying pan, on the stove, on the floor.

Toxic Larrys Meet n Go

3x Squirrel Bits

From the spawn-in location, enter Toxic Larrys via the stairs on the building's left (West) side. You should be standing in the main kitchen area. Look for the stove on the West side of the room. There is a Squirrel Bit in the cooking pot on the stove.

Stay in the kitchen and turn North. The last two Squirrel Bits are on the top shelf in the fridge.

Sunnytop Train Station

1x Squirrel Bit

From the fast travel point, enter the Sunnytop Station. You can enter the building any way that you prefer. Once you are inside the Station, face South with the vendor at your back. Walk over to the toilet/bathroom and the Squirrel Bit is in the sink, under the Wolf Ribs.

Converted Munitions Factory

1x Squirrel Bit

Run from either Sacrament or Bailey Family Cabin to reach the Munitions Factory.

Stand in the front loading yard of the Factory, on top of the APC, and face North. Climb up to the top of the cliff in front of you. At the top of the cliff, keep running North until you see a large wooden lookout with Super Mutants.

Jump up onto the lookout and face West. Follow the path of the lookout around to the kitchen at the very end.

The Squirrel Bit is on the table on the Eastern side of the room.


Random Encounters



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