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Atlantic City: The Human Condition - Muni Supplies locations

Updated: Mar 29

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There are 12 possible spawn locations for the Muni Supplies, with only 3 spawning per expedition.

All 3 will spawn at the same time and they can be collected in any order, by both the Team Leader and Teammates.

The Muni Supplies are separated into three different sections of the Community Center. The Library, Swimming Pool, and the Collapsed Gymnasium.

Photo of Muni Supplies.


Map of Community Center

Downloadable copy here.



4x Possible Spawn Locations.

Location # 1

When you enter the Community Center, go up the stairs in front of you and turn left. Follow the stairs to the top and turn left again.

Face West and walk straight. Enter the second room and turn right. The Muni Supplies will be in the first arched room in front of you.

There is a rare baseball bat spawn in the first room, on your right, in the broken display case.

Location # 2

Face West and walk to the end. Turn left and take the first flight of stairs down. Walk straight and follow the path around. The Muni Supplies are in the second nook on your right.

Location # 3

On the ground floor of the Library. On the North wall, behind the counter, in the office on the left.

Location # 4

On the ground floor of the Library, on the Western wall, in the children's reading room, the Muni Supplies can be found in the corner.


Swimming Pool

4x Possible Spawn Locations.

Once you load into the Community Center, you will be facing a set of stairs. Stay on the ground level and follow the path on the right. You will see some doors to the bathroom on your right. Enter the door marked as Male Toilets. Follow the path around and you will enter the Swimming Pool section.

Location # 1

In the far SE corner of the room, between two red flowers.

Location # 2

On the North wall is a Sauna. The Muni Supplies will be inside the Sauna.

Location # 3

Stand on the edge of the pool and face North. There are two doors on the North wall. One leads to the Sauna and another is the path leading to the Collapsed Gymnasium.

Slowly walk along the path to the Gym and you will see the Muni Supplies on your right, against the wall.

Location # 4

Walk around the edge of the pool, until you see the slide. The Muni Supplies can be found in the Swimming Pool, under the slide.


Collapsed Gymnasium

4x Possible Spawn Locations.

Location # 1

Entering the Gym via the Swimming Pool path, walk straight and stop at the tent on your right. Turn and face East. You will see a door with an Exit sign on the Eastern wall. To the right of the door is the Muni Supplies.

Location # 2

In the NE corner of the gym, in front of the red seats.

Location # 3

In the NW corner of the gym, next to the cooking station.

Location # 4

Facing South, inside the white tent, behind the cloth screen.


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