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Atlantic City: The Human Condition - Medical Supplies locations

Updated: Mar 29

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There are 10 possible spawn locations for the Medical Supplies, with all 10 spawning per expedition.

They can be collected by the Team Leader and Teammates in any order.

The Medical Supplies can only be found in the Shopping District.

Photo of Medical Supplies.


Map of the Flooded City Center

A downloadable copy can be found here.


How to get to the Shopping District from City Hall.

Exit City Hall and face South. Run forward, jump up, and stand on the hedge in front of you.

Facing South, and run forward until you hit the white and blue building in front of you.

Turn right and walk forward until you are standing in the water.

Turn left, follow the road, and stop when you get to the large pipe going down into the water, on your right.

Turn left and jump onto the rusty car in front of you. Walk straight but walk as close to the building wall on your right as possible.

Stop when you get to the platform with the two blue barrels.

Location # 1

From the platform above, walk West, and follow the brick/paved path around.

Stop at the first green-painted building on your right. Enter the green building via the doorway, hidden behind the wooden wall.

On the countertop of the bar, as you first enter the building.

Location # 2

From the Medical Supplies above, walk between the bar (East) and enter the kitchen. The Medical Supplies can be found on your left, on the metal shelf.

Location # 3

On the right of the above Medical Supplies, is a hole in the wall. Enter the bathroom via the hole in the wall and the next Medical Supplies is under the sink.

Location # 4

Face West, walk out of the bathroom, and enter the tunnel on your right, via the hole in the wall. Follow the tunnel around, and the Medical Supplies will be on the ground, under the counter, in front of you.

Location # 5

Face South, jump over the counter, and the bookcases in front of you. The Medical Supplies will be on one of the bookcases, on your left, next to the display case.

Location # 6

Face West and walk straight until you hit the black marble wall. Turn North, walk forward and the Medical Supplies is under the bench in front of you.

Location # 7

Turn and face South. Walk straight, turn right, and follow the wall to the end. Turn left, walk past the wall, and stop at the bottom of the stairs on your right. Face West and the Medical Supplies are on the brick wall, next to the stairs.

Location # 8

Face East and walk forward. Stop when you get to the end of the wooden fence on your left. The Medical Supplies can be found on the ground, at the end of the wooden fence on your left.

Location # 9

Face South and you will see a small wooden hut to your left. The Medical Supplies are on the bench, inside the hut. The stairs to the hut are on the other side.


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