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Skyline Valley Quest: Steel Jack Statues

Updated: Jul 6

Please note this is an unmarked questline that has no reward or plan at the end. It is a quest designed to encourage players to explore the new region.

You will need to complete the quest in the below order.


Steel Jack Statue Location 1

Shenandoah Visitor Center

From the fast travel point, run straight into the car park and stop at the tree in the middle.

Turn East so you are facing the Visitor Center and walk over to the Steel Jack statue on the right.

Loot Location

Stand on top of the statue and turn in the direction that the statue is pointing.

The first note is in the First Aid box, on the wall, in the bathroom.


October 18th 2077

First day on the job and I'm left with the last guy's mess. The park is in such disrepair, I've really got my work cut out for me. It's gonna take me the whole year... NO... maybe longer to get everything up to standard, and don't get me started with the Steel Jack statues, they're first on my list of work. I wonder what they're always pointing at?

Whilst leaving my room this morning I noticed an interesting trail off to the side of the Slumber Mill to explore. I think I might have to sneak off tomorrow and see where it leads.


Steel Jack Statue Location 2

High Knob Lookout

From the spawn in location, turn North and run down the path (veer right) until you get to the main road.

Turn left and follow the road until you see the red rusty ute/pick-up truck on your right.

Turn right at the red rusty ute/pick-up truck and follow the path to the end. Walk up the stairs and follow it to the end.

Loot Location

Stand in front of the statue and turn in the direction that the statue is pointing.

The second note can be found in a Hollow Stump.

From the statue, follow the path back and down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs, face North and slowly walk forward. You will see the large tree stump on your left, half covered by some bushes and scrub.


October 19th 2077

During my little "break" today, I had a venture down the trail. I didn't have a lot of time before they noticed I had snuck off, really got an earful about that.

I came across a really cute tree stump with shrooms growing all over it. I had a little rest there before I got radioed back. I'll try and cover more ground tomorrow.


Steel Jack Statue Location 3

Naked Creek

From the spawn in location, turn East and follow the path to the road. Turn right and follow the road down until you get to the ute/pick-up and trailer.

Turn North and you will see a dirt path going up the hill.

Walk over to the path and start to follow it up the hill. Turn left when the path forks and continue allllllllll the way to the top. It's a long path and will take you a little bit to get to the top.

Loot Location

Stand on top of the statue and turn in the direction that the statue is pointing.

The third note is in the hollow stump, behind the corpse.


October 20th 2077

God damn I really got chewed out for disappearing yesterday, everyone's so stressed over the delivery of the new Steel Jack statue. I've told them a thousand times, the boardwalk is too heavy to hold a 3000 pound statue, especially in a swamp of all places.

I went back to my favorite trail to hide away from all the stress. I ventured a little further today. I followed the old wooden fencing until it reached a small rocky pass with a beautiful tree splitting the road. It was a peaceful place to have lunch. I'll try and go there again tomorrow.


Steel Jack Statue Location 4

Old Rag Lookout

From the fast travel point, turn SE and follow the path marked with wooden railings. When you get to the wood pile, the path will split. Take the path on the right and continue to follow it to the end.

Loot Location

Stand on top of the statue and turn in the direction that the statue is pointing.

The fourth note is in a hollow rock on the edge of the picnic area, past the picnic benches.


October 21st 2077

Chief Pilker has his stooges Hailey and Matthews keeping tabs on me. He said I should be spending all my time doing my job and that the park is too dangerous to be just disappearing without letting anyone know.

So I managed to lose the dopes. I continued along the path until I found a trail leading off to the right. I found an absolute gem, a rocky overview, I can even see the camp from here. With a little bit of fixing up I can spend all my lunches resting here.


Steel Jack Statue Location 5

Abandoned Convoy

From the spawn in location, turn NW and run forward. You should run into a small hiking sign in front of you.

Veer slightly right and follow the hiking path West.

Cross the first bridge and turn left when you get to the start of the second bridge. Walk forward to the end of the path.

Loot Location

Stand on top of the statue and turn in the direction that the statue is pointing.

The Fifth note is in the duffle bag, in the fork of the tree.

Walk in the direction that the statue is pointing. Jump over the bridge and keep walking straight, through the water, until you run into a large white tree. Climb the tree to find the duffle bag.


October 22nd 2077

The Steel Jack statue was installed today, what a disaster. How many times do I have to say a poorly built wooden walkway can only carry so much and then plop, straight into the swamp water.

I finished work early today, borrowed one of the ranger's utility cars to transport some bits to fix up the trail leading to the overview to make it more comfortable. I've hidden a small trinket cache in a stump next to the resting area, and marked it with an axe. I plan on hiding my past few diary entries around the park, maybe it will inspire more adventurers to explore this place.


Steel Jack Statue Location 6

South River Bridge

From the fast travel point, turn South and run forward. Cross the river (grab the three Firecaps growing on the opposite bank) and continue running South. When you get to the hiking path, follow it South for a while, up the hill.

At the top of the hill, there will be some enemies. Clear the enemies and grab the Sugar Bombs with Rads out of the picnic basket, next to the picnic table.

Loot Location

Stand on top of the second picnic table on your left and face South. Walk forward and stop at the Bear Proof trash can. You will see the hollow stump with the axe in it to your left, behind the rock.



You've found Captain Bee's treasure and this wonderful overlook. Claim your prize and always keep adventuring!


Location 7

From the previous location.

Loot Location

Stand with the hollow stump behind you and face East.

Walk forward until you get to the path. Stop and turn West.

The final note is on the ground, next to the skeleton.


The ground shook so hard knocking me over, and as if my luck could get any worse, the goddamn tree pinned my legs.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I should have listened to the Chief. I hope someone finds me soon, I'm so hungry and cold.


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