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Skyline Valley Quest: Pioneer Scout Treasure Hunt


Credit to Ipnoze on Youtube

Step 1

Fast Travel to Camp Liberty and clear out the camp of enemies.

Step 2

Locate and read the note "Pioneer Treasure Hunt Start"

Note Location:

From the fast travel point, face East and run forward.

Follow the path through the gates and stop at the Welcome to Summer Camp Totem Pole

Turn South and walk forward. Stop when you see the Tadpole and Possum Vending Machines on your left.

The Note can be found on the Poster Board on the other side of the Tadpole and Possum Vending Machines.


If you want to figure out the riddle on your own, do not scroll down any further.

Step 3

Solve the riddles and fast travel or run to the locations.

You do not have to do anything at these locations, you just have to visit them.

Riddle 1: Beyond vast falling waters and a lofty tower up high, lies a stream near a bog, which catches ones eye.

Answer: Stony Man Lookout

Riddle 2: Follow me down, past swampy trails I endorse, to the source's route, where liquid tales course.

Answer: Shining Creek Cavern

Riddle 3: Climb over my mouth and let your eyes see, three large rocks and an old husk of a tree.

Answer: Face North and follow the river from Shining Creek Cavern.

At the end of the river, climb up to the top of the rocks.

Line yourself between the Johnson's Acre and North Map Marker and slowly walk forward.

Look out for the Pioneer Scout Logo on a rock to your right.

Riddle 4: Explore within, where secrets disguise, to uncover the truth and your well-deserved prize.

Answer: Locate the Hollow Stump at the last location.

You will be attacked by critters when you go near the Hollow Stump so be prepared. There are no fast travel point nearby and it's a bit of a run to get back.

Loot the Hollow Stump.



Plan: Totem Pole Ornament


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Hi, I'm a new player and just stumbled on this site. May I know is this quest a limited time event?

Replying to

Hello, no this quest has been permanently added to the game :)

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