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Where to find and how to farm for Cranberries in Fallout 76

Updated: Apr 1

Dedicated to Scott and co-written by Jamie MachinegunGOGO.


Did you know that Cranberry Glades is a real place?! I thought it was a pretty cool thing to learn about. Looks exactly like the same location in-game...minus the Cultists of course ;)


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Farming Tips and Tricks

Cranberries are part of your pick-up history list.

 If you don't know what that means, please read over my How Spawns Work guide first.

If you are having trouble seeing the cranberry plants in the water, then use the tent trick to clear the area. Credit to Jamie MachinegunGOGO for sharing this tip.




Cranberry Farming Route

Aaronholt Homestead

10x Cranberry plants (20 with Green Thumb)

From the spawn in point, face South and run forward. Go past the picnic table and the cooking station and then jump off the cliff to land in the backfield. You will see the Cranberry plants on your right.

Dent & Sons Construction - Thomas Farm

4x Cranberry plants (8 with Green Thumb)

From the fast travel point, turn East and run up the road. When you get to the back of the green truck and trailer, stop and face East. You will see a tree in front of you and a red barn/building behind the tree. Run over to the red barn and stop at the windmill. The cranberry plants are in the farm rows in front of you.

Mac's Farm

14x Cranberry plants (28 with Green Thumb)

In the water in the lake out the back of the farm. Watch out for the Mirelurk Queen.

Loose Cranberries

In the shed on the edge of the lake.

5x cranberries (player cell activated)

In and around the boat in the middle of the lake.

13x cranberries (player cell activated)

Creekside Sundew Grove

22x Cranberry plants (44 with Green Thumb)

From the fast travel point, run forward and enter the grove. The cranberry plants are scattered throughout the grove in both the trenches and around the base of the trees.

Ranger District Office

2x Cranberry plants (4 with Green Thumb)

From the spawn-in point, turn NW and line up with the Ranger Lookout tower. Run over to the tower and stop under the stairs. Face West and walk over to the fence. Turn right and follow the fence around until you get to a hole in the fence on your left. On your right will be the 2 Cranberry plants.

Superior Sunset Farm

4x Cranberry plants (8 with Green Thumb)

From the fast travel point, run straight over to the ruined house in front of you. Follow the house around to the back and you will see the lake. Two of the Cranberry plants are on either side of the pier and the last two can be found by walking around the edge of the lake.

Veiled Sundew Grove

15x Cranberry plants (30 with Green Thumb)

This grove is a maze. The easiest way to find these is to jump up onto each ledge and look around. Most of the Cranberries can be found in the middle of the grove with the Floaters.

Sacramental Glade (formally Cranberry Glade)

9x Cranberry plants (18 with Green Thumb)

These can be difficult to find and I don't really recommend hitting this location to farm unless you really really need the cranberries. Use the survival tent trick to locate the plants more easily.

Overgrown Sundew Grove

15x Cranberry plants (30 with Green Thumb)

Most of the plants are in and around the ruined house in the middle of the grove.

Sunrise Field

19x Cranberry plants (38 with Green Thumb)

In the lake behind the main house.

8x Cranberry plants (16 with Green Thumb)

On the edge of the lake are 2 sheds with red roofs. Stand on top of the larger one (the yellow pump) and face South. You should see a group of trees in front of you. Run straight over to those trees and the first Cranberry plant will be next to the last tree.

From that Cranberry plant, face East and move until you are in line with the fissure site map icon. Walk forward and you will see a blue tent in the middle of a group of trees. There are 2 more Cranberry plants, one on the side of the tent and the other next to the cooking station.

Stand on top of the blue tent and face South. You will see a group of trees in front of you. The Cranberry plant is just before the first tree in the group.

From the Cranberry plant above, face West and run straight forward until you see some small broken wooden buildings. There is one Cranberry plant next to the NPC chopping wood, behind the red shed.

Stand on top of the red shed and face West. There is a group of trees to your right in the distance. Run over to the trees and keep them on your right. You will see another Cranberry plant on the edge of the trees just before a log laying on the ground.

From there face SW and run straight towards the group of trees. When you get closer to the trees you will see a red patch of "grass" in the semi-circle of the trees. Stop at the diseased cranberry plant in the middle of the semi-circle of trees and face South. Walk straight forward a few meters and you will walk through the next Cranberry plant.

From that plant, keep walking South until you get to the edge of the trench. Turn right and follow the trench straight slowly while looking to your right for the next Cranberry plant.

Sparse Sundew Grove

3x Cranberry plants (6 with Green Thumb)

Unless you also are looking for Pitcher Plants, there is no point in visiting this location to look for cranberries. They are hard to find and there are only 3 of them.

The downloadable version can be found here.


Fixed Spawn Locations

These are player cell activated spawns which means that they might not be there for you the first time you fast-travel to the location. Fast Travel between the location and your camp a few times until they spawn. If they do not spawn then either another player has already grabbed them or you need to re-set your pick-up history list.

Lady Janet's Soft Serve - Alice in Wonderland Tea Party

1x Cranberry

It's going to be easier if you fast-travel to Lady Janet's Soft Serve, mark the tea party on your map, and then run over. There is also a sugar, cream, and rum spawn here.

Point Pleasant

3x Cranberries

From the fast travel point, follow the road straight until you get to the broken Nuka Cola machine and the Bank on your right. Behind the Nuka Cola machine is a small building. You can either jump or jetpack to the top, or there are stairs around the back.

Once you are standing on top of the building, face East and walk across the wood log bridge to the Bank. At the Bank, turn North and walk across the wood log bridge.

The Cranberries can be found on the altars on either side of the Mothman Throne.


1x Cranberry

From the spawn-in point, follow the road South, past the yellow building, and then turn right. Walk down the road and enter the red building on your right. Inside the building, turn right and walk to the end. In the kitchen, in the blue fridge is the cranberry.

Don't forget to check the hotel, Freyja's Haus Restaurant, and The Honey Haus for salt, pepper, sugar, and spice spawns.

The Giant Teapot

1x Cranberry

While tempting, try to avoid blowing up the cars in the carpark until after you have looted everything.

From the fast travel point, face West and run over to the Giant Teapot. Inside the Teapot, in the fridge is the cranberry. Grab the sugar while you are here.


1x Cranberry

From the spawn in point, face North and run forward. Enter the compound and look for the Hot Dog sign in front of you/on your left. Stand at the sign and face East. The cranberry spawn is in the bar in front of you, on the back shelf, next to a sugar spawn.

Check both sets of buildings for Sugar Bombs w/rads, salt, pepper, spices, sugar, company tea, and canned coffee spawns.

The General's Steakhouse

3x Cranberries

From the fast travel point, cross the road and run over the steakhouse. Stop at the white picket fence and face North.

Follow the white picket fence to the end, cross the road, and keep walking until you get to the water.

There should be an island in front of you/to the left. Stand on the broken boat pier that is connected to the island and walk forward a few steps.

The cranberries are in a bowl to the right of the skeleton.

Check the steakhouse for salt, pepper, sugar, spices, and cooking oil while you are here.




  • Whitesprings Refuge - Restaurant - 36% chance

Cranberry Relish

Cranberry Meatball Grinder


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