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How to find Rad Ants and Ant Meat in Fallout 76

Updated: Jul 1

Dedicated to Gilpo, hopefully, now you will be able to fast travel to the closest train station.


Used For:


  • Take a Camera Picture of a Glowing Rad Ant

  • Possum Gardener badge - Kill Rad Ants

  • Tadpole Entomologist badge - Take a Camera Picture of a Rad Ant

  • Kill a Rad Ant

  • Score Daily - Kill Insects

  • Score Weekly - Kill Insects

  • Kill an Insect

  • Kill Insects and Bugs

  • Kill different kinds of Insects and Bugs

  • Score Daily - Kill Insects with an Energy Weapon

  • Score Weekly - Kill Insects with an Energy Weapon


  • Rad Ant Lager

  • Roasted Ant

Rad Ants can drop the following items:


% Drop Chance

Ant Meat



Rad Ant Lager

Rad Ant Lager is a carry-weight booster. Because it is classed as alcohol, it will stack on top of other carry-weight food buffs and on top of the atom shop carry-weight booster. It provides an additional 50 pounds carry weight for 1 minute.

There is no physical plan for Rad Ant Lager. You need to complete Biv's Daily quest "Wasted on Alcohol" until the recipe is unlocked on your character.

If you have completed all the daily and the plan is still not unlocking for you, try doing the daily on a private server.

Rad Ant Lager fixed spawn location:

A Rad Ant Lager fixed spawn is inside the Shelters Claim Center next to Vault 51. Pick-up history rules apply.

Don't forget to check the white lockers on the left for a Sugar Bomb spawn.


Farming Tips and Tricks

The following perk cards, magazines, and/or backpack mods will increase your Ant Meat yields.


Fixed Spawns

Watoga Underground - Internal Instanced Location

You can only access this location if you have started Beckett's questline Thicker Than Water.

As this is an Instanced location, you can leave and come back after a few minutes and they will keep respawning.

4x Rad Ants (2 separate spawns)

From the fast travel point, face South and enter the double doors in front of you.

2x Rad Ants

Once inside, open the double doors and go down the stairs.

Turn right and go down the next set of stairs. Turn left, follow the room, and open the white double doors.

In the dining room, turn left and walk towards the blue car at the end of the room.

Turn left at the Blue Car, open the double doors, and turn right.

Walk forward and either take the stairs down in front of you or jump down. Face East and walk to the end of the room.

Turn right, walk through the double doors, go down the stairs, and follow the platform to the end. Turn right and walk over to the terminal and consoles in the middle of the room.

If you wait long enough, the ants will come up to you at the terminal, otherwise face North, go down the stairs, turn left, walk forward a few steps, and face South and the Rad Ants will spawn in front of you.

2x Rad Ants

Stand at the terminal and consoles mentioned above and face East. Walk forward through the double doors, and keep walking over to the terminal and consoles in the middle of the room. Interact with the terminal and select "Garage Door Control" and then "Open Door".

Go to the orange track on your right and follow it North.

At the Red car, turn left and take the short tunnel to the tracks on the other side. Continue walking North and take the stairs down to the bottom.

Kill the Blood Eagles and robots, face North, and jump on the pipes. Take the stairs up on your right and open the blue double doors.

Kill the Blood Eagles and robots and head for the open garage door in the NW corner. Walk through the door and continue North until you literally hit a wall. Kill some more Blood Eagles and robots and head for the NW corner of the room.

Look for a door/opening and "Repair Bays M-R" painted on the wall. Walk through the door/opening and stop at the end of the Red ute/pickup truck.

Use the door on your right to walk around and stand in front of the Red ute/pickup truck.

Continue West and enter the Blue metal office on your right. Unlock the level 0 terminal and select "Remote Door Control" and then "Open Door".

Head over to the Blue metal office opposite you (South) and walk through the now open door behind the desk.

Follow the tunnel around, go up the stairs, and follow the shelves to the very end. Take the stairs on your left and the 2 Rad Ants will be at the top.

Gauley Mine (RobCo Auto-Cache)

This location is only available during The Elusive Crane questline.

3x Rad Ants (3 separate spawns)

Sugar Bomb and Nuka Cherry spawns and heaps of Molerats if you have completed the Crane and Wayward questlines.

Run all the way down to the bottom of the mine. There is only one way you can go. At the bottom of the mine turn down the tunnel on your right and follow it to the end. Head towards the middle of the room and drop down into the pit.

Once in the pit, if you face SE, you will see a locked metal cage and door with a keypad. If you look North, you will see a piece of paper pinned to a notice board and some Nuka Cherry, and a box of Sugar Bombs on the floor in front of it.

Finish looting and then go over to the keypad, the door keypad code is 071990.

Go through the three doors and then turn right (East). There should be a desk to your left and a caged room in front of you. Walk over to the caged room and follow it to the end. The first Rad Ant will spawn in your path.

Continue to follow the room around and walk through the hole in the wall. Follow the cart tracks West and then walk through the hole in the wall on your left (South). Enter the room and open the blue metal doors using the red button on the wall. Walk down the corridor and take the grey metal door on your right. It is only a few steps away and blends into the wall a bit. Open the door and enter the room. The second Rad Ant will spawn between you and the vault door.

Stand in the yellow circle and wait for the vault door to open. Enter the vault and follow the path to the end (West). Turn left and the third Rad Ant will be on the stairs on your right.

Transmission Station 1AT-U03 (Enclave Research Facility)

1x Scorched Rad Ant

You will need to have completed the original Enclave questline to be able to enter this location. Hacker and Lock Pick perk cards or Master Infiltrator will help a lot here as well.

From the main lobby, face NE and use either the terminal or lock pick to unlock the white door on the left. Follow the corridor around until you get to a room with a green poisonous cloud. You can either jump into Power Armour, a Chinese Stealth Suit or just YOLO it through the cloud. Keep following the path around until you get to a room with a Scorched Mothman in it.

Kill the Mothman and then jump back up onto the second level. Head over to the door marked "Exit" in the SE corner. Walk through that door and follow the path around until you get to another lab. Jump down to the ground level and kill the Wendigo and other critters that spawn.

Head over to the white door on the ground floor on the NE side of the room. Open it, walk through the lab, and open the white door on the other side of the room. It will spit you out into Lab B and the Rad Ant will run over to greet you.

Skyline Valley

South River Bridge

4x Rad Ants

From the spawn-in location, turn West and follow the road until you get to the car park with the green porta-potties on your right. Turn right into the car park and there will be two Rad Ants.

Face North and follow the hiking trail up the hill. Three more Rad Ants will spawn at the base of the Steel Jack Statue.


Chance to Spawn locations

There are other locations that can also spawn Rad Ant but they have a lower chance to spawn vs the locations listed below.

You might need to sneak when you first get to these locations or use a Tesla or Molotov Cocktail to get a tag off as the other creatures will kill the Rad Ants pretty quickly.

Ash Heap

Monongah Power Substation MZ-03

4x Rad Ants

Savage Divide

Lucky Hole Mine

5x Rad Ants

Unless you are here to farm the lead veins, I wouldn't bother coming here for Ant Meat. There are only 5 possible spawns and they are alllllllll the way at the bottom of the mine.

Door Code: 238 963

Lucky Hole Key: On the podium, on the altar, at the bottom of the mine.

We are going to assume that you have not yet collected the "Lucky Hole Mine Key".

Enter the mine and follow the cart tracks down the tunnel. You will get to the T junction at the end.

Turn right, follow it to the end, and then turn left. Follow the tunnel down to the end and turn left again. Follow the tunnel down until you see an orange double door. Turn right and follow the tunnel down and around.

When you get to the small room with the small pool of water, take the first tunnel on your left. A Rad Ant can spawn in here.

Keep following the tunnel East, past the metal stairs. You will see a podium and some bench seats in front of you. Grab the keys from under the podium and then turn around and stand at the bottom of the metal stairs.

Turn and face North and enter the tunnel on your right. Follow the narrow tunnel until you see a metal door and keypad on your left. Enter the code that is noted above. The Rad Ants will spawn in that room.

Map of Lucky Hole Mine with Lead and Crystal veins marked.

Kerwood Mine

5x Rad Ants

There are 57 Brain Fungus spawns in this location.

There are three cabins out the front of the mine. There is a chance for a Rad Ant to spawn in the Cabin on the left and the Cabin on the far right.

Enter the mine and follow the cart tracks down to the edge of the large room. On your right will be a sign saying "Danger Abandoned Mine, Keep Out".

Turn left and follow the left-hand side wall around and take the first tunnel on your left.

Follow the tunnel to the end and then turn left. Follow the cart tracks around until you get to the water. The Rad Ants will spawn in the two tunnels that you just walked through.

Sunnytop Ski Lanes

5x Rad Ants

The Ants can spawn inside and outside of all the buildings here. Can be worth popping a Berry Mentats to make sure that you don't miss any.

The Mire

Dolly Sods Wilderness

5x Rad Ants

If you find Rad Rats in the front cabin, then you will find Rad Ants in the back cabin. Make sure to check all the rooms of the back cabin so you don't miss a spawn.

Crevasse Dam

2x Rad Ants

Behind the buildings, on the concrete walkway above the dam. The glowing Rad Rat may kill them before you can get to them.

Haven Church

2x Rad Ants

Thunder Mountain Substation TM-01

1x Rad Ant

Cranberry Bog

Thunder Mountain Substation TM-02

4x Rad Ants

Fort Defiance

6x Rad Ants

You can only access this location if you have completed the BOS questline Defiance has Fallen or another player who has finished the questline can open the door for you.

Enter the Asylum and open the metal double doors on your left. Walk to the end and turn right. Rad Ants can spawn in the dining area in front of you and in the kitchen to your left.

Face North and walk forward (stay on the ground floor). There is a room with bathtubs on your right before the metal double doors. Enter that room, face North, and jump through the hole in the wall. A Rad Ant can spawn either in one of the rooms or in this corridor.

Turn around and go all the way back to the metal double doors at the beginning. Face North and look up. You will see an Orange BOS flag and then the edge of the second floor. Use the fence on your right to jump up to the second floor. Walk forward and turn right just before the stairs. A Rad Ant can spawn in the lounge or in the room on the corner.

Go back to the stairs mentioned above and head up to the next floor. Turn left and head towards the cages. A Rad Ant can spawn in the caged area or down the Northern Corridor.

Head back to the stairs and face South. Follow the corridor to the 2 sets of metal double doors. Rad Ants can sometimes spawn near the elevator or near the workbenches.

Make sure to check the Asylum Dress spawns while you are here.

Watoga High School

6x Rad Ants

Mostly in the rooms on the second floor. Also, check the theater and cafeteria.



Camp Fire Tales

Collect the Wet Kindling to spawn Rad Ants.


The Rad Ants will spawn in Habitat A. You could just start the event and farm for Rad Ants during the collect the feed stage without having to complete the entire event.

Ghouls and Rad Ants - Blue Wave

Scorched Earth

Cranberry Bog


Vendors/Camp Allies/NPC's/Containers

Ant Meat

  • Betty NWOT Vendor - 100%

  • Raider Vendors - 0.44%

  • Responder Vendors - 2.96%


Random Encounter Spawn Locations

There is a chance to find these encounters at specific random encounter locations.

Assault Encounters

Assault Random Encounter location guide here.

Ants vs Deathclaw

All Regions

Ants vs Settlers

All Regions

Skyline Valley

Scene Encounters

Scene Random Encounter location guide here.

Ants at Picnic

Skyline Valley Region only


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Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

I believe that all knowledge and information should be free, which is why my guides will never be locked behind a paywall. However, running a website and photo and video editing software does not come cheaply.


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