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Where to find Lesser Devils in Fallout 76

Updated: Apr 28


Used For:

  • Burning Love: Kill a Lesser Devil while on a Team using the Hot Rod Pink Flamer

  • Score Challenge Weekly: Kill 30 Lesser Devils

  • Score Challenge Daily: Kill 5 Lesser Devils


Fixed Spawn Locations

Casino Quarter

2x Spawns

Tax Evasion Expedition

From the Veribird, turn and face South. Jump off the edge of the platform to the ground level.

Face South and follow the road to the end. Stop when you get to the bus and jump on top of it. Face South and you should see a set of stairs in front of you.

Walk over and follow the stairs to the top. At the top of the stairs, face East and use the Nuka Cola sign to get over to the next platform. Face South and walk behind the circular structure and the Lesser Devils will spawn.

Flooded City Center

2x Spawns

The Human Condition Expedition

From the Veribird, face West and jump off the roof to the ground.

Continue West along the path, towards City Hall.

At the front of City Hall, keep walking West and stop at the bus on your left.

Turn right (North) and follow the road/water until you get to the top of the pile of dirt. An Overgrown Thorn will spawn on your left and right, just before the pile of dirt.

Turn left (West) and enter the middle of the Derelict Plaza. The Lesser Devils will spawn.


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