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Where to find and how to farm for Radscorpions and Radscorpion eggs in Fallout 76

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

Radscorpions are used for:

  • Epic Challenge - Consume Radscorpion Meat

  • Take a Camera Picture of a Legendary Radscorpion

  • Kill a Radscorpion

  • Take a Camera Picture of a Glowing Radscorpion

  • Kill Arthropods

  • Take a Camera Picture of a Radscorpion

  • Tadpole Badge - Take a Camera Picture of a Radscorpion

  • Fried Scorpion on a Stick

  • Radscorpion Egg Omelette

  • Radscorpion Fillet

  • Radscorpion Kebab

  • Radscorpion Steak

  • Tasty Radscorpion Egg Omelette

Radscorpions can drop the following items:


% Drop Chance

Radscorpion Meat


Radscorpion Stinger


Radscorpion Egg


.38 Rounds


.45 Rounds


.308 Rounds


Fusion Cell


Shotgun Shell


Plasma Cartridge




Syringer Ammo


Alien Blaster



Farming Tips and Tricks

The following perk cards, magazines, and/or backpack mods will increase your yields.

Butcher's Bounty will work on Radscorpion eggs that are looted from Radscorpions.

Radscorpion Eggs are pick-up history based so you will need to reset your spawn at the bookhouse in Summersville before server hopping to collect them again.


Fixed Spawns

Radscorpions and Radscorpion Eggs

Carleton Mine

5 Radscorpions

You can only access this location if you have completed the Cheating Death quest from Wastelanders.

Enter the mine and follow it all the way down until you get to the room with a Fog Crawler in it. In the room with the Fog Crawler, there is a terminal attached to a door on your left. Use the terminal to open the door and follow the tunnel around until you get to a door set in a wood and metal wall. Press the red button to open the door and then drop down through the hole in the floor.

Head West and keep walking until you get to the end of the tunnel. The Radscorpions will spawn as you walk along.

11-15 Radscorpion Eggs

Egg Group #1

1-2 Radscorpion Eggs

Face SW and take the path on your left. Stick to the wall and follow it around the corner to the first spawn location in the corner.

Egg Group #2

2-4 Radscorpion Eggs

Face North and follow the wall on the left-hand side of the room. You will see an archway on your right with the next set of eggs.

Egg Group #3

2x Radscorpion Eggs

Walk through the archway and drop down to the ground level. Walk straight over to the wall in front of you and turn left. Follow the path down for another egg spawn.

Egg Group #4

3-6 Radscorpion Eggs

Turn North and walk straight over to the wall on the left-hand side of the room. Turn right for another egg spawn location.

There are two more nests in this mine but they are out of bounds and not accessible.


Random Spawns

Some of these locations are shared with other Arthropods, so depending on the region, you might find Radscorpions, Bloatflies, Cave Crickets, Fog Crawlers, Hermit Crabs, Radroaches, or Mirelurks.

I have only listed spawn locations that are close to fast travel points. For a full map of locations, please click here.

Toxic Valley

Smith Farm

From the fast travel point, turn West and run over to the house in front of you. One Radscorpion can spawn here.

Jump on top of the roof of the house and face South. There is a wooden shed to the left, on the other side of the creek. Another 3 Radscopions can spawn here.

Toxic Lake Bed

From the spawn-in location, run straight down the road until you get to the white brick building on your right. Two Radscorpions can spawn between the front of the building and the island in the middle of the lake.

Kiddie Corner Cabins

Radscorpions can spawn at all 4 cabins on your left.

Grainger Farm

Radscorpions can spawn in the field behind the house.

From the fast travel point, turn NE and walk forward. You should be able to see the crashed space station in the distance. Keep running forward until you get to a ruined house and shed.

Knife Edge

Radscorpions will spawn in and around the camp.

Crater Watchstation

From the fast travel point, turn NE and run forward until you reach the top of the hill. At the top of hill, face East and slowly walk down the hill. You will see the camp and spawn location on your right.

Savage Divide

The Whitesprings Golf Club

Chance for Radscorpions to spawn.

From the fast travel point, turn and face East. Walk forward until you get to the pedestrian crossing marked on the road. Turn around and throw a grenade at the green bus that is parked in the car park and then turn back around again.

Turn left and follow the path toward the memorial dome.

If the Radscorpions do spawn, then they will spawn near the memorial dome, in the car park next to the dome, or in the garden that is directly in front of the dome.

The Freak Show

Radscorpions will spawn on the road inside Freak Show.

The Mire


From the spawn in location, turn and face West. You should see a red and white large metal power pylon in the distance. Run over to the power pylon and stand beneath it. Turn South and follow the power lines to the next pylon. As you go past the Phosphate Deposit pit, veer right so you are running on the top ledge of the cliff face in front of you. Keep running South/following the power lines until you get to the Red Dump Truck. Radscopions, bloatflies, and Rad ants have a chance to spawn here.



Radscorpion Horde Event

Camp Fire Tales

There is a chance that Radscorpions will spawn as the end boss.

Safe and Sound

Middle Mountain Pitstop

Multiple Radscorpions spawn during this event.

Primal Cuts (Meat Week)

Ash Heap Region

Scorched Earth

Cranberry Bog

There is a chance for Radscorpions to spawn during the Scorched Earth event.


Pip-Boy Dailys

Big Game Hunter

Black Bear Lodge

Toxic Valley

There is a chance that the Hunt Master will ask you to kill a Radscorpion.

2-3 will spawn at one of the three locations given by the Hunt Master.


Vendors/Camp Allies/NPC's/Containers

Radscorpion Meat

  • Grahm - 14.79%

  • Meatbags and Gorebags - 1.50%

  • Scorchbeast Guano piles - 1.53%

  • Bearproof Trash Can - 1.00%

Radscorpion Eggs

  • Whitesprings Train Station - 19.73%

  • Marie (Whitesprings Resort La Grand Gourmet) - 15.65%

  • Duchess (The Wayward) - 5.99%

  • Beckett (Camp Ally) - 4.08%

  • Sunny (Foundation) - 4.08%

  • Molly (Crater) - 4.08%

  • Traveling Camp Merchant - 4.08%

  • Raiders Train Stations - 4.08%

  • Responders Train Stations - 4.08%

  • Neutral (no faction) Train Station - 4.08%

  • Random Encounter Food Vendor - 4.08%

  • Grahm - 4.08%

  • Blue Cooler - 1.41%

  • Refrigerator - 0.29%


Random Encounter Spawn Locations

There is a chance to find these encounters at specific random encounter locations.

Assault Encounters

Assault spawn map

Radscorpions vs Super Mutants

Only in the Toxic Valley and Savage Divide, in a nuked zone.

Radscorpion vs Raiders

Only in the Ash Heap, Toxic Valley, and Savage Divide.


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