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Where to find and how to farm for Mothman Eggs in Fallout 76

Updated: Feb 15


Used for:

Perfect Mothman Eggs

  • Can not be used in cooking.

  • Deposit these into the Cradle of the Pretenders during the Mothman Equinox event and the Vengeful Mothman spawns will be replaced with Mothman Hatchlings.

Mothman Eggs

  • Brain Bombs

  • Mothman Egg Omelette


Farming Tips and Tricks

Mothman Eggs are part of your pick-up history list.

If you don't know what a pick-up history list is, then you can find the guide about it here.

There are no perk cards or magazines that affect the yield of Mothman Eggs. It is unfortunately a one-for-one farm.


Fixed Spawn Locations

A video version of this route can be found here.

The Rose Room

6x Mothman Eggs

Note: As of the 5th of December 2023, you will not be able to access the eggs inside Ingram Mansion as this location will be changing into an Atlantic City nightclub.


5x Mothman Eggs

Clancy Manor

10x Mothman Eggs

Transmission Station 1AT-U03 (Enclave Research Facility)

5x Mothman Eggs

You will need to have completed the original Enclave questline to be able to enter this location. Hacker and Lock Pick perk cards or Master Infiltrator will help a lot here as well.

Point Pleasant

28x Mothman Eggs

Kanawha County Cemetery

3x Mothman Eggs


6x Mothman Eggs

Sacramental Glade (Formally Cranberry Glade)

3x Mothman Eggs


Spawn location infographic



Mothman Equinox

Cultist High Priest Pack

There is a second event that runs alongside the Mothman Equinox. It is similar to the Treasure Hunter Mole Miners, but you can not purchase these packs from vendors. They only drop from the Cultist High Priests.


Mothman Eggs - 100%

Perfect Mothman Eggs - 5%


Vendors/Camp Allies/NPC's/Containers

The Mothman Nest was a reward for the Halloween Challenges in October 2023.

There is no information if it will be added to the atom shop or gold bullion vendors in the future.


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