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Where to find and how to farm for Bloodbugs and Bloodbug meat in Fallout 76

Updated: Feb 17


Used For:


  • Weekly Challenge - Build a Taxidermy Bloodbug

  • Take a Camera Picture of a Bloodbug

  • Possum Badge: Gardener - Kill Bloodbugs

  • Take a Camera Picture of a Glowing Bloodbug

  • Tadpole Badge: Entomologist - Take a Camera Picture of a Bloodbug

  • Daily Challenge - Kill Insects

  • Weekly Challenge - Kill Insects

Bloodbug Meat

  • Bloodbug Steak

  • Bloodbug Pepper Steak


Bloodbugs drop the following items:


% Drop Chance

Bloodbug Meat


Bloodbug Proboscis



Farming Tips and Tricks

The following perk cards, magazines, and/or backpack mods will increase your yields.


Fixed Spawn Locations

Bloodbug Meat

If you find Bloodbug meat in locations not listed below, then you have found a raw food spawn location. These spawn locations use the raw food loot pool. So while you could get a piece of Bloodbug meat there today, it could be a piece of mole rat meat there tomorrow.

Point Pleasant


1x Bloodbug meat

From the fast travel point, run straight over the bridge.

Follow the road, keeping to the left and running past the hardware store.

Once you get to the back of the hardware store, turn right and walk straight until you hit a building. On your right will be a bridge covered in tree trunks and branches.

The Bloodbug meat is inside the bridge room, in the blood trough on the left.


Fixed Spawn Locations


Aaronholt Homestead


3x Bloodbugs (mixed insect spawn)

Head towards the backfield, behind the Homestead.

New River Gorge Bridge - East


7x Bloodbugs

Run across the top level of the bridge from East to West.

Bastion Park


1x Bloodbug (mixed insect spawn)

From the fast travel point, head towards the playground and there are insect spawns on both sides of the play equipment.

Dent & Sons Construction


1x Bloodbug

At the spawn in location.

Spruce Knob Campground


1x Bloodbug (mixed insect spawn)

From the spawn-in point, turn SW and run forward. Keep going forward until you get to a path with some ticks. Kill the ticks and then take the path on the right (South) and keep walking down. Take the path on the right and at the end, at the campsite, will be a Bloodbug.

Ransacked Bunker


4x Bloodbugs

From the fast travel point, turn SW and run down towards the water. Jump over the sandbags and the boat and keep walking straight. You will see a dead Brahmin on your left or the bloodbugs will attack you first.

Haven Church


4x Bloodbugs

From the spawn-in point, turn and face SW. Run straight, through the water and to the other side. The Bloodbugs will be within the circle of trees in front of you.

Crevasse Dam


3x Bloodbugs

From the fast travel point, face NE and run over to the back of the Dam buildings. At the back of the buildings is a bridge over the top of the damn. Stand on the bridge and face East. Jump off the bridge and follow the river bank on the right-hand side. Keep following the river bank until you see a dead Brahmin or dead Yao Guai. The bloodbugs can be found on the river, around the corpse.

Excelsior Model Home


4x Bloodbugs

From the fast travel point, turn and face East. Run straight until you see a broken bridge and a truck filling the gap made by the broken bridge. The 3 Bloodbugs will spawn near the Brahmin Corpse just before and to the left of the bridge.

Southhampton Estate


4x Bloodbugs

Bloodbugs spawn both inside the house and in the shed.


Chance to spawn locations

Camden Park

At the playground, at the back of the park.

Sunnytop Ski Lanes

In the building on the far left, downstairs, next to the lockers.

Dolly Sods Wilderness

In the building at the back of the area. Don't forget to check the mirror for the Healing Salve Mire recipe.

Crevasse Dam

Not to be mistaken for the above Crevasse Dam spawn location. This spawn location is directly behind the damn building, on the concrete path, on the right-hand side of the pond.

Haven Church

Not to be mistaken for the above Haven Church spawn location. This spawn location is out the front of the church, near the front door.

Thunder Mountain Substation

Inside the fence.

Dabney Homestead

Towards the back of the workshop, on the left-hand side of the outhouse and red wooden barn.

Watoga High School

In the canteen/cafeteria

Fort Defiance

Upstairs, on the second floor, as you are going up the stairs to check for Asylum Dresses.


Events and Pip-Boy Dailys

Big Game Hunter

Campfire Tales

Tea Time

Free Range

Spin the Wheel - Nuka World on Tour

Scorched Earth


Vendors/Camp Allies/NPC's/Containers

Higher chance to have Bloodbug meat in their inventory

  • Marie - Whitesprings Resort La Grand Gourmet (48.66% chance)

  • Grahm - random spawn locations (27.51% chance)

  • Whitesprings Train Station (19.73% chance)

  • Rudy Fernandez - Blue Ridge Caravan faction vendor. Generally found on the Ash Heap end of the Big Bend Tunnel (12.5% chance)

  • Responder faction vendor bots (7.04% chance)

  • Duchess - Wayward (5.99% chance)

Lower chance to have Bloodbug meat in their inventory

All 4.08% chance

  • Sunny (food vendor) in Foundation

  • Molly in The Crater

  • Emerson

  • Athena

  • Raider faction vendor bots (Sunnytop Station, Pleasant Valley Station, Pleasant Valley Ski Resort, inside The Whitesprings Resort, Sutton Station and R&G Station)

  • Neutral Train Station vendor bots (WS resort & Watoga)

  • Traveling merchant that visits your camp

  • Random spawn food merchant (server hop at Lost Home or at the tent behind Camden Park)



He has a 12.50% chance for Bloodbug meat to be found in his inventory.


Bloodbug meat among other types of meat and insect bits, can be found in various containers around the map.

There are no perks, perk cards, or magazines that can better your chances of finding meat in the below containers.

External - a location that does not require a load screen to enter.

Internal - a location or instance that requires a load screen to enter.

Super Mutant Meat Bags (1.54% chance)

Scorchbeast Guano Piles (1.54% chance)

The below containers receive an honorary mention but there are far too many of them to list.

It is worth noting that "Can Do" works on bear-proof trash cans, coolers, lunch pails, and fridges. So if you use canned coffee in your build, make sure to equip the "Can Do" perk card under luck for a better chance to find coffee.

Bear-proof trash cans (1.54% chance)

Coolers and Lunch Pails (1.41% chance)

Refrigerator's (0.29% chance)


Random Encounter Spawn Locations


Bug Swarm


Love food buffs?

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I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

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