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Where to find and how to farm for Brahmin and Brahmin Milk in Fallout 76

Updated: Feb 21


Used for:


  • Atom/Score challenge - Kill a critter/s

  • Atom challenge - Kill a Brahmin

  • Atom challenge - Kill different kinds of critters

  • Tadpole badge Mammalogist - Take a camera photo of a Brahmin

Brahmin Hide

  • Possum badge Leatherworker - Scrap 5 Brahmin Hide

Brahmin Milk

  • Tadpole badge Cook - Cook s'mores

  • Tadpole badge Mammalogist - Milk 10 Brahmin successfully

  • Possum badge Backpacker - Consume 3 S'mores

  • Recipe: White Russian

  • Recipe: S'mores

  • Recipe: Fasnacht Donut

  • Recipe: Tato salad

  • Recipe: Pepperoni roll

  • Brahmin milk: Rad-away alternative (heals 5 rads)

  • Spoiled Brahmin milk: Glowing blood and Toxic goo alternative (+30 rads)

Brahmin Meat

  • Recipe: Appalachili

  • Recipe: Ribeye Steak


Brahmin drop the following items:


% Drop Chance

Brahmin Meat


Brahmin Hide


Brahmin Milk


*Brahmin can be milked by one person, every 30 mins, per server. Alternatively, you can server hop and hope that no one else has already milked the brahmin on that server.


Farming Tips and Tricks

The following perk cards, magazines, and/or backpack mods will increase your yields.

*Note: These will only affect the yields for Brahmin Meat.


Fixed Spawn Locations

Anchor Farm

2x Brahmin

In their pen on the right-hand side of the house.

Blue Ridge Bunkhouse

1x Brahmin

Inside the Bunkhouse, on the right.


3x Brahmin

Note: Bessie can not be milked

In their pen on the right-hand side of the Wayward Pub.

Green Country Lodge

3x Brahmin

From the fast travel point, turn West and run forward until you get to the river. Run along the river bank, behind the houses, and under the bridge. Just past the bridge, you will run into three brahmin.

3x Brahmin

Turn South and run forward until you get to the road. Follow the road down, past the Church, and stop at the first house on your right. Turn West and walk forward until you are behind the house. Stop at the Silt Bean planter and turn South. Walk forward and you will see 3 more Brahmin.

Note: These brahmin might be dead when you arrive due to the family of ghouls living up the road.

Lewis & Son's Farming Supply

1x Brahmin

From the fast travel point, run straight until you see the main entrance on your right. Turn right, the greenhouse should be on your left. Walk straight and you will see the brahmin pen on your right.

Big Bend Tunnel West

2x Brahmin

From the fast travel point, walk straight, inside the compound and the Brahmin pen is behind the building on your left. You might need to enter the pen to find the second brahmin.


1x Brahmin

From the fast travel point, run straight until you get the to cart filled with barrels on your right. Turn left, follow the path past the swing, and keep walking North off the cliff. At the corner of the fence and the monorail, turn right and the Brahmin will be on the corner.

Note: This brahmin might be dead when you arrive as there is an assault random spawn location nearby.

Big Bend Tunnel East

3x Brahmin

From the fast travel point, right in front of you.

Middle Mountain Pitstop

4x Brahmin

From the spawn-in point, run towards the middle of the cabins and there will be 4 Brahmin in their pen.

Pleasant Valley Station

3x Brahmin

From the fast travel point at Pleasant Valley Station, turn and face SE.

Keep walking forward, across the road, until you get to the edge of the water, then turn and face East.

Keep walking East until you see a second body of water on your right. The Brahmin will be on the closest edge of that lake.

The Rose Room

1x Brahmin

On the right-hand side of the mansion.



Riding Shotgun:

This event can be started by speaking to Vinny at Big Bend Tunnel East in the Cranberry Bog.

Free Range:

This event is part of the public event rotation.

The Forest - Groves Family Cabin

Savage Divide - Big Fred's BBQ Shack

The Mire - Southern Belle Motel


Vendors/Camp Allies/NPC's/Containers


Blue Ridge Vendor

Middle Mountain Pitstop

Brahmin milk x5 - 100%

Brahmin Milk Machine



Minos, the brahmin that follows Minerva to Crater, Fort Atlas, and Foundation, can also be milked.

Note: Chally can be milked but he drops "Chally's Milk" which is a stand-alone strength food buff and can not be used in other recipes.


Love food buffs?

Join us at Buffs n Brew, a group dedicated to food buffs and food buff farming.

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Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

I believe that all knowledge and information should be free, which is why my guides will never be locked behind a paywall. However, running a website and photo and video editing software does not come cheaply.


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