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What is Verdant Season and how does it work in Fallout 76

Updated: Apr 1

Image Credit: Lyndsey O'Brien from Wasteland Architects


What is Verdant Season?

Verdant Season is a region-based "event."

When you are farming plants, such as Silt Beans, Ash Rose, or Pitcher Plants, in a region where Verdant Season is active, there is a 1 out of 3 (33%) chance that you will receive double the number of plants.

Verdant Season will not be active for players under level 3.

The start of Verdant Season in a region is completely by chance and only influenced by whether the region is in a cooldown phase.


How Verdant Season works with other farming buffs

The game will check the farming buffs active on the player and apply their effects accordingly.

If you have farmed in the area recently, you may need to refresh your pick-up history list first.

The Backwoodsman 4 magazine has a 50% chance to activate, while Verdant Season, if active in that region, only has a 33% chance to activate.

The examples below are based on Backwoodsman 4 and Verdant Season activating at the same time.

Example one:

Base = 1

Total possible harvest from one plant = 1

Example two:

Base = 1

Green Thumb x2

Total possible harvest from one plant = 2

Example three:

Base = 1

Backwoodsman 4 +1

Green Thumb x2

Total possible harvest from one plant = 4

Example four:

Base = 1

Backwoodsman 4 +1

Total possible harvest from one plant = 2

Example five:

Base = 1

Backwoodsman 4 +1

Verdant Season +1

Total possible harvest from one plant = 3

Example six:

Base = 1

Backwoodsman 4 +1

Verdant Season +1

Green Thumb x2

Total possible harvest from one plant = 6

Example seven:

Base = 1

Backwoodsman 4 +1

Verdant Season +1

Green Thumb x2

Sam Camp Ally Harvest Buff x2

Total possible harvest from one plant = 12

As of 17/03/2024, Verdant Season does not affect the following plants, due to a bug.


Glowing Resin

Lure Weed


Some locations with crops such as Tatos and Corn, are also not affected by Verdant Season due to the same bug.


How Verdant Season Works

Verdant Season uses a "Harvest Counter" system to track how long the event lasts.

This system keeps track of how many plants you pick, not how many items you get from each plant. So, if you pick one plant and get six flowers from it, it still counts as just one pick.

When you start collecting plants in an area with Verdant Season, you begin with a Harvest Count of zero.

Every time you pick a plant, your Harvest Count goes up by one. Your Harvest Count continues to go up until you have reached 75 plants. Reaching 75 plants will trigger a warning message in the top left of your screen, letting you know that you are nearly at the 100-plant limit.

While your Harvest Counter goes up with each plant you pick, the game also decreases it by 3 for every in-game hour. This decrease doesn't affect the plants you've harvested, only the number on your Harvest Counter. This balancing act helps to extend the Verdant Season event for players.

The Harvest Counter will keep increasing and decreasing until it reaches 100. Once it hits this limit, the event will end. However, if the player hasn't reached 100 plants but the event's 25 in-game hour timer expires, there's a chance the game will extend Verdant Season. This gives players more time to harvest until they reach the 100-plant limit.

The Harvest Counter tracks the total number of plants picked by all players in the region. For instance, if three players are harvesting plants in the region, and one player picks 25 plants, another picks 55, and a third picks 20, the Harvest Counter will reach its limit of 100 plants, causing Verdant Season in that region to end.


1 in-game day = 1 hour and 12 minutes in real life.

2 in-game days = 2 hours and 24 minutes in real life.

5 in-game days = 6 hours in real life.

25 in-game hours = 1 hour and 15 minutes in real life.


Verdant Season Messages

It's a verdant season in (region name here)! Enjoy the abundance!

When you enter a region with Verdant Season active, a message will appear on the top left of your screen. However, there are cases when this message may not show up, and you'll only realise Verdant Season is active when you start to farm.

The Verdant Season in (region name here) is almost over. Enjoy the abundance while it lasts!

Verdant Season lasts for 25 in-game hours, and you're nearing the end of that timeframe.

It's important to note that the 25 in-game hours don't start when you first fast-travel into the region. Just like any other event, you could load in halfway through.

Good news! (region name here) has rejuvenated and the Verdant Season will continue.

If a player hasn't harvested 100 plants yet but the event's 25 in-game hour timer runs out, there's a possibility that the game will prolong the Verdant Season. This extension grants players additional time to continue harvesting until they reach the 100-plant limit.

The Verdant Season in (region name here) is in danger of ending early due to overharvesting!

This message appears after you've harvested from 75 plants during the Verdant Season in the region.

You're approaching the harvest limit of 100 plants (indicating you've gathered from 100 plants). Reaching this limit will end the Verdant Season event early, due to overharvesting.

The Verdant Season in (region name here) has ended.

If Verdant Season naturally ends after 25 in-game hours, the region will enter a cooldown period for 2 in-game days.

However, if the event ends due to overharvesting, the region will face a longer cooldown period of 5 in-game days.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Verdant Season work on plants that are in instances or internal locations?


Does Verdant Season work on plants in workshops or camps?


Can you force spawn Verdant Season?


Is the Harvest Count per player or per region?

The Harvest Count is per region.


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