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How to change your pet variant in Fallout 76

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Image credit: @FalloutInspired on Twitter

With thanks to the amazing but always sleeping Garust.


You can change the variant of your pet using your character level and the region your camp is in.

For example: If you tame a Deathclaw when your character is between level 71 and 80 and your camp is in the Savage Divide, Mire, or Cranberry Bog region, it will turn into a Chameleon Deathclaw.

How the process works:

When your camp loads into the server and sees that you have a pet attached to your camp, it will do a player check. It will read the level of the closest player to your camp (Ideally your character) and then it will do a region check. The game uses the numbers from these checks and then changes your pet variance accordingly.

Things to remember:

You can only change your pet copy, you can not change your original pet. It doesn't matter what region your camp is in or what level you are, the original pet you tamed will not change variant.

If another player is in the same cell as your camp when it loads in, then it will do the player check on them which can change the variant of your pet again.

Regions have level caps which can affect the variant types your pet can change into. For example, if you are level 200 and your camp is in the forest, then your pet will stay at the lowest variance because there is a region cap of level 10 in the forest.

If your pet does not turn into the variant you want immediately (but it fits the variant criteria and is a pet copy), do not panic. Make sure you are in your camp and then server-hop a few times and it will change. You must always be at your camp when you load your pet copy in or it will not change.

If you move your camp to a different region or you level up your character to be higher than the level brackets below, your pet will change to the next variant.

Once your camp and pet have spawned in, your pet variant will not change, regardless of what level players are in and around your camp. Your pet can only potentially change every time you reload into a server.

How to use this guide:

  • Pick the pet and variant you want and look for the player level next to it.

  • Use that level range to check against the region list to determine what region you will need to move or build your camp in.

  • Level up your character until it is in the bracket of the player-level range.

  • Find and tame the pet that you want. I have written a pet-taming guide that might help.

  • Once your pet has successfully arrived at your camp, make a copy of your pet using the Pet Taming guide mentioned above and I have also included a quick run down below.

  • Make sure that your character is standing next to where your camp module box will spawn, leave the server, and then come back.

  • Congratulations, you now have the pet variant of your choosing.

Here is a brief rundown of how to make a pet copy but I highly suggest taking the time to go over to my pet-taming guide and having a read through it for a more detailed explanation.

How to make a pet copy:

You will need two or more camp slots. You can not have any other pets assigned to those camp slots.

  • Place camp #2 in the region that fits the pet variant criteria and then switch to camp #1.

  • Go and find a pet and sent it to camp #1.

  • Once your pet arrives at camp #1, switch to camp #2.

  • Fast travel to camp #2 and then leave the server.

  • Reload back into a server and the game will have made a copy of your pet in camp #2.


Player Level and Regions List

Pets that can not be changed:

  • Beaver

  • Brahmin

  • Chicken

  • Opossum

  • Rabbit

  • Cats (Cats will change between a House Cat, Black Cat, and Tabby Cat but like real cats, they do this how and when they want and it can not be forced).

Region List


Level Range


Level 1-10

Toxic Valley

Level 10-25

Savage Divide

Level 15-99

Ash Heap

Level 25-35

The Mire

Level 30-99

Cranberry Bog

Level 35-99

Pet Variant List

Attack Dog


Player Level

Attack Dog 01

Level 1-6

Attack Dog 02

Level 7-13

Attack Dog 03

Level 14-20

Attack Dog 04

Level 21+

Image credit: Lady Emma

Mirelurk Crab

Image credit: @FalloutInspired on Twitter


Player Level

Softshell Mirelurk

Level 5-11


Level 12-17

Mirelurk Razorclaw

Level 18-25

Mirelurk Killclaw

Level 26-33

Bloodrage Mirelurk

Level 34-41

Stoutshell Mirelurk

Level 42-49

Glowing Mirelurk

Level 50-57

Venomous Mirelurk

Level 58-65

Hardshell Mirelurk

Level 66-79

Mirelurk Vorpalclaw

Level 80-94

Steelshell Mirelurk

Level 95-99+



Player Level


Level 1-6

Rabid Molerat

Level 7-13

Molerat Brood Mother

Level 14-20

Glowing Molerat

Level 21-27

Mutated Molerat

Level 28-34

Raging Molerat

Level 35-41

Putrid Molerat

Level 42-49

Frenzied Molerat

Level 50-64

Molerat Tunneler

Level 65-79

Poisonous Molerat

Level 80-94

Deadly Molerat

Level 95+

Mongrel Dog


Player Level

Wild Mongrel

Level 3-11

Vicious Mongrel

Level 12-19

Feral Mongrel

Level 20-29

Albino Mongrel

Level 30-39

Rabid Mongrel

Level 40-49

Glowing Mongrel

Level 50+



Player Level

Radrat Pup

Level 1

Mangy Radrat Pup

Level 4-7


Level 8-11

Infected Radrat Pup

Level 12-15

Mangy Radrat

Level 16-19

Infected Radrat

Level 20-24

Glowing Plagued Radrat

Level 25+



Player Level

Radstag Doe

Level 4-9


Level 10-11

Erratic Radstag Doe

Level 12-15

Albino Radstag

Level 16-20

Erratic Radstag

Level 21-23

Rabid Radstag

Level 24-25

Devolved Radstag Doe

Level 26-31

Devolved Radstag

Level 32-39

Glowing Radstag

Level 40+



Player Level

Vicious Wolf

Level 10-19

Feral Wolf

Level 20-29

Grey Wolf

Level 30-39

Rabid Wolf

Level 40-49

Glowing Wolf

Level 50-64

Black Wolf

Level 65-79

Savage Wolf

Level 80-94

Frenzied Wolf

Level 95-99+

Mirelurk Hunter

Image credit: @FalloutInspired on Twitter


Player Level

Mirelurk Hunter

Level 24-33

Albino Mirelurk Hunter

Level 34-45

Glowing Mirelurk Hunter

Level 46-57

Grim Mirelurk Hunter

Level 58-69

Relentless Mirelurk Hunter

Level 70-84

Bloodthirsty Mirelurk Hunter

Level 85-99+

Mirelurk King

Image credit: @FalloutInspired on Twitter


Player Level

Mirelurk King

Level 30-39

Mirelurk Deep King

Level 40-49

Glowing Mirelurk King

Level 50-64

Savage Mirelurk King

Level 65-79

Mirelurk High King

Level 80-99+


Image credit: Lady Emma


Player Level


Level 5-17

Parasitic Radtoad

Level 18-27

Albino Radtoad

Level 28-39

Glowing Radtoad

Level 40-49

Hideous Radtoad

Level 50-64

Fetid Radtoad

Level 65-79

Vile Radtoad

Level 80-94

Poisonous Radtoad

Level 95-99+


Image credit: Lady Emma


Player Level

Nascent Snallygaster

Level 14-21


Level 22-29

Fetid Snallygaster

Level 30-37

Bloody Snallygaster

Level 38-45

Glowing Snallygaster

Level 46+

Yao Guai

Image credit: @FalloutInspired on Twitter


Player Level

Stunded Yao Guai

Level 1-25

Yao Guai

Level 26-30

Yao Guai Ghoul

Level 31-35

Shaggy Yao Guai

Level 36-40

Irradiated Yao Guai

Level 41-45

Albino Yao Guai

Level 46-55

Rabid Yao Guai

Level 56-65

Dusky Yao Guai

Level 66-75

Glowing Yao Guai

Level 76-85

Savage Yao Guai

Level 86-99+


Image credit: @FalloutInspired on Twitter


Player Level


Level 21-30

Alpha Deathclaw

Level 31-40

Deathclaw Matriarch

Level 41-50

Savage Deathclaw

Level 51-60

Albino Deathclaw

Level 61-70

Chameleon Deathclaw

Level 71-80

Mythic Deathclaw

Level 81-90

Glowing Deathclaw

Level 91+


Image credit: @FalloutInspired on Twitter


Player Level

Sluggish Mega Sloth

Level 20-29

Mega Sloth

Level 30-34

Lumbering Mega Sloth

Level 35-39

Hulking Mega Sloth

Level 40+


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