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Where to find and how to farm for Mega Sloths and Mega Sloth meat in Fallout 76

Updated: Apr 24

Image credit: Eli - The Thing


Dedicated to A Heroic Llama, the creator of Mappalachia. Sorry, there are no Llama's in the game but I thought that the wise and majestic Mega Sloth was a suitable replacement.

Thank you for your endless work, time, and energy. You and Mappalachia are truly a gift to the Wasteland.


Used for:

  • Take a Camera Picture of a Glowing Megasloth

  • Kill a Megasloth

  • Take a Camera Picture of a Megasloth

  • Megasloth Tenderloin

  • Roast Megasloth

  • Megasloth Mushroom Soup

Mega Sloths can drop the following items:


% Drop Chance

Megasloth Meat


Megasloth Mushroom


Megasloth Pelt


Megasloth Claw



% Drop Chance



Non-Legendary Armour


Non-Legendary Weapon


Fragmentation Mine


Molotov Cocktail


Baseball Grenade


Fragmentation Grenade





% Drop Chance

Plan: Cryo Grenade


Plan: Pulse Grenade


Plan: Cryo Mine


Plan: Nuke Mine


Plan: Pulse Mine


Plan: Nuka-Cola Grenade


Plan: Nuka Quantum Grenade


Plan: MIRV Frag Grenade



% Drop Chance

Waste Acid


Excess Adhesive


Aluminum Scrap


Copper Scrap


Glass Shards


Loose Screws


Loose Spring


Fiberglass Spool


Silver Scrap



Farming Tips and Tricks

Mega Sloths spawn as peaceful and non-hostile which can make seeing them a little harder, more so because they do not show up on your HUD at the bottom of the screen.

Use Berry Mentats or walk around the area to try and locate them. Mega Sloths make noises that you can also use to narrow their spawn point down.

The following perk cards, magazines, and/or backpack mods will increase your yields.


Fixed spawns


From the spawn in location, turn SW and run forward. You should go through some trees, a clearing with a few parts of wooden building debris, and then some more trees.

If a mega sloth does spawn, then he will spawn near a blue rusty car that has a first aid kit, an orange crate, and a green and white chair next to it.

Tanagra Town

You can find a Mega Sloth wandering around the base of the tree.


Chance to spawn

You will have better luck farming these locations on a private server.

Southern Belle Motel

From the fast travel point, turn West and run over to the large metal power pylon. Face South West and run over to the patch of trees directly in front of you. The Mega Sloth will either be wandering around the edge of the trees or hanging from one of the trees on the right.

Southern Belle Motel

From the above location, run back over to the front of the motel. Follow the road down SW until you get to the second concrete barrier in the middle of the road. Turn South, walk forward, and jump off the bridge. The Mega Sloth will either be wandering around the edge of the trees or hanging from one of the trees towards the back of the patch of trees.

Sunday Brothers' Cabin

It is worth swinging past the Cabin and grabbing the salt and pepper from the bar and then heading down to the basement for the cream, spices, cooking oil, canned coffee and sugar bombs. Don't forget to check the mirror for a chance to find the Healing Salve: Mire plan.

From the spawn in location, face South. You should see a large white metal power pylon in the distance. Run straight toward the power pylon and stop at the base. The Mega Sloth will either be wandering around the bottom of the pylon or hanging from the large tree with vines on the right.



From the fast travel point, face East and walk straight forward. Stay directly East and run through the first pond/river. Stop when you get to the second body of water and line up with the KMAX Transmission map icon. Slow walk forward and look to your left for the Mega Sloth spawn. If you hit a dirt road then you have gone too far and need to turn around and slowly walk back.

KMAX Transmission

There are two spawn locations here, both only a few meters apart from each other. The chances of them both spawning are pretty rare but I suggest having a quick run through the area to see if the second one has spawned.

From the spawn in location, run over to the transmission station and stand on the roof. Face West and run forward. As you enter the trees, you will see a clearing to your left. Head over to the clearing and follow the tree line around on your right. The Mega Sloth with either be wandering around in the clearing on your left or hanging from the 5th tree on your right.


Events and Pip-Boy dailys

Scorched Earth

Queen of the Hunt

1/6 chances to spawn at one of the Investigate sites.

This daily can first be started by visiting the Hunter's Shack in The Mire. After completing the daily the first time, it will trigger by fast traveling into the region. Pip-Boy daily cool-down periods apply.

Fasnacht Day

Spawns as the boss at the end of the parade.


Vendors/Camp Allies/NPC's/Containers

  • Marie - Whitesprings Resort La Grand Gourmet (25% chance)

  • Maul - Camp Ally (25% chance)

  • Grahm - random spawn locations (25% chance)


Random encounters

Image credits: Eli - The Thing, Mette, and Sanne.

Assault Encounters

Assault Encounter map

Scorched Mega Sloth vs Super Mutants

Wolves vs Megasloth

Scene Encounters

Scene Encounter map

Mama's Rage

Nuked: Megasloth

All regions but only after a nuke.


Love food buffs?

Join us at Buffs n Brew, a group dedicated to food buffs and food buff farming.

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Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

I believe that all knowledge and information should be free, which is why my guides will never be locked behind a paywall. However, running a website and photo and video editing software does not come cheaply.


So, If you found my guides helpful, please consider buying me a ko-fi (coffee) using the link below.


All monies go towards the tools for writing my guides and maybe for an actual cup of coffee or 3 ;)

Alternatively, share my guides with your fellow vault dwellers and help them to survive the wasteland.

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