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Where to find and how to farm for Ash Rose in Fallout 76

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

My second favourite plant in this game, only followed by Starlight Berries.

Ash Rose are used in the following recipes:


Farming Tips and Tricks

As with all farming, it is recommended that you run the following perk cards:

  • Green Thumb perk card under Perception

  • Good with Salt perk card under Luck or the Refrigerated Backpack (available from Camp Adams vendor machines)

Keep an eye out for "Verdant Season". Verdant Season adds a 33% chance for a double yield from any plant within the region where Verdant Season is active. In layman's terms, while this event is active, you have a 33% chance of getting an extra 2 ingredients from every plant that you harvest. This also stacks with the Green Thumb perk card under Perception.

This unmarked event is a food buff farmer's favourite, because it makes farming for rare or difficult ingredients a lot more productive. However, the game doesn't always tell you when it is Verdant Season in a particular area. Sometimes you will see a notification on the top left hand side of your screen saying one of the following:

  • It's a verdant season in (region name here)! Enjoy the abundance!

  • The verdant season has been extended in the (region name here)

  • The verdant season in (region name here) has ended.

Other times you will just see that you are collecting four ingredients from a plant instead of two.

It is advised that you refresh your pick-up history list before going on a Ash Rose run.

The easiest way to refresh your pick-up history list is to visit the book house in Summersville. Pick up every single burnt book and textbook on all three floors, plus the piles of books on the back table.

You only need to pick up 250 books/items to refresh your pick-up history list. There should be a total of 289 books in the book house, but if you pick up everything not bolted down, on all three floors, you don't need to worry too much if you miss a few burnt books.

There are other ways and places to collect 250 items but the book house is the easiest way because you don't need to keep track of how many items you have picked up.


Ash Rose Farming Route:

NOTE: To make it easier to see the Ash Rose in the videos, I have used the Nuked Flora & Creatures setting in custom worlds. An accurate photo of an Ash Rose can be found in the cover banner of this guide.

Route #1 video here - 39 Ash Rose plants (78 with Green Thumb)

Route #2 video here - 46 Ash Rose plants (92 with Green Thumb)

Route #3 video here - 30 Ash Rose plants (60 with Green Thumb)

Route #4 video here - X Ash Rose plants (X with Green Thumb) - WIP


Fixed spawn locations

These are player cell activated spawns with a 50% chance of them spawning for you on the first fast travel. You may need to fast travel back and forth a few times to get these to spawn.

Point Pleasant

2x Ash Rose flowers

From the fast travel point, follow the road straight until you get to the broken Nuka Cola machine and the Bank on your right. Behind the Nuka Cola machine is a small building. You can either jump or jetpack to the top, or there are stairs around the back.

Once you are standing on top of the building, face East and walk across the wood log bridge to the Bank. At the Bank, turn North and walk across the wood log bridge.

The Ash Rose flowers can be found on the altars on either side of the Mothman Throne.

Sunnytop Station

1x Ash Rose flower

From the spawn-in location, walk down the train track toward Sunnytop Station. As you get closer to the station, you will see a guard post on your right on the edge of the platform. Jump over the guard post onto the platform and you will see the Ash Rose on the pillow, on the bed, in front of you.


Love food buffs?

Join us at Buffs n Brew, a group dedicated to food buffs and food buff farming.


Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76 and Starfield.

I believe that all knowledge and information should be free, which is why my guides will never be locked behind a paywall. However, running a website and photo and video editing software does not come cheaply.


So, If you found my guides helpful, please consider buying me a ko-fi (coffee) using the link below.


All monies go towards the tools for writing my guides and maybe for an actual cup of coffee or 3 ;)

Alternatively, share my guides with your fellow vault and space dwellers and help them to survive the spaceland.

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