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Where to find all The New Atlantian Magazines in Starfield

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Magazine checklist can be found here.


The New Atlantian 01


The Deep recipe


Restores 20 Health

System Location

Tau Ceti System/Tau Ceti 2/Tau Gourmet Production Facility

Magazine Location

From your ship's landing point, head straight into the building in front of you. Walk through the door on your right and then turn right. You will see a desk on the far wall opposite you. Walk over to the desk and you will see the magazine.


The New Atlantian 2


Panache recipe


Restores 10 Health

+10% O2 Recovery for 5 minutes

System Location

Alpha Centauri/Voss/Starstation RE-939

Magazine Location

Dock and enter the Starstation.

Walk straight, turn left, follow the corridor around, and then stop at the doorway on your right.

Turn right and enter the room. Head for the far left corner of the room and enter the orange door marked "Entrance".

Follow the path around and walk through the double doorway. Turn right and walk up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, follow the railing around and keep walking straight, (you should pass a row of blue chairs on your right).

At the end of the hallway, you will see an orange door in front of you and to your right, marked "Living". Walk over and open the door. Follow the stairs to the top and open the next orange door.

Walk over to the next orange door on the opposite corner of the room. Walk through the door and enter the first door on your right.

The magazine is on the desk.


The New Atlantian 3


Astral Sliders recipe


Restores 15 Health

System Location

Alpha Centauri/Jemison/New Atlantis/Residential District/Dawn's Roost

Magazine Location

From the spawn in location, turn to your right and keep turning until you see the Chunks store in front of you. Run over to the Chunks store and stop at the front.

Turn right and follow the path until you see "Pioneer Tower" on your left.

Turn and walk through the front door of Pioneer Tower and stop in the lobby.

In the lobby, veer right and you will see a bar on your left. Walk straight, past the bar, through the doors, and outside to the outdoor seating.

The magazine is on the second table in front of you.


The New Atlantian 4


Beer Brat Platter recipe


Restores 15 Health

+14 O2 for 10 minutes

System Location

Ixyll/Lxyll 2/The Eleos Retreat

Magazine Location

Enter the main building, walk straight, and stop when you get to the purple crystal in the middle of the room.

Turn right and follow the corridor to the end. Stop at the room marked "WC" and turn left.

Walk to the end of the corridor and turn left. Follow the corridor down and stop at the last door on your right.

Enter the room and the magazine is on the nightstand, next to the bed.


The New Atlantian 5


Shepherd's Pie recipe


+2% XP gain for 60 mintues

System Location

Alpha Centauri/Jemison/New Atlantis/MAST District/MAST Station/The Well

Magazine Location

Take the elevator on your left down to The Well. Exit the elevator and walk forward, past Med Bay.

Walk through the tunnel and at the end turn left. You will see Kay's House to your right.

Enter Kay's House and walk all the way to the back and into the kitchen. Turn right, walk through the door, turn right, and take the stairs to the top. Turn right again and on the desk on your right is the magazine spawn.


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