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Where to find and turn in Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Pleasant Valley Claim Tickets can be found on Ghouls or Scorched once your character has completed the questline "Key to the Past", given by Rose at the Top of the World.

Claim tickets are tradable and can be purchased from Player Vendors or traded in bulk.

They can be turned into the Bellhop, downstairs, at the Pleasant Valley Ski Resort.


Dirty tan suit - 11.11%

Ushanka Hat - 11.11%

Patched suit - 11.11%

Red dress - 11.11%

Suspenders & slacks - 11.11%

Skiing navy & orange outfit - 11.11%

Skiing outfit hat clean - 11.11%

Western outfit - 11.11%

Western Outfit & Chaps - 11.11%

Fancy Pump Action Shotgun - 3%

Ski sword (non legendary)

Fancy Single Action Revolver - 3%

Available Prefixes for the Fancy Single Action Revolver

  • Anti - Armour

  • Aristocrat's

  • Assassin's

  • Berserker's

  • Bloodied

  • Executioner's

  • Exterminator's

  • Furious

  • Ghoul Slayer's

  • Gourmand's

  • Hunter's

  • Instigating

  • Juggernaut's

  • Junkie's

  • Medic's

  • Mutant's

  • Mutant Slayer's

  • Nocturnal

  • Quad

  • Stalker's

  • Suppressor's

  • Troubleshooter's

  • Two Shot

  • Vampire's

  • Zealot's

  • Fancy hairbrush

  • Gold plated flip lighter

  • Gold pocket watch

  • Pre-War money

  • Silver fork

  • Silver locket

  • Silver pocket watch

  • Silver table knife

  • Silver table spoon

  • Gold pocket watch


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