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Nuka World on Tour: Tunnel of Love Event Guide

Updated: Jul 1, 2023


With thanks to Garust, Vicyorus, SugarBombs.Rads and Coffee888.

This guide is broken up into the following sections:

  • The event

  • Heart lamp spawn locations

  • Rewards

Tunnel of Love is part of the Nuka World on Tour DLC that drops in December 2022.

This event will be permanently added to the Public Event list.

A notification will appear in the top left hand corner of your screen and in the World Activity tab in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

No particular items or equipment are required for this event, but the following are recommended to make the event a little bit easier:

  • Glow Sight perk card under Perception

  • Turn off all unrelated event and quest map markers in your pip boy

This event can be soloed very easily.

The Tunnel of Love can be accessed outside of the event and has a decent amount of Glowing Fungus spawns along each side of the tracks.

Map of event can be found here.


The Event

Speak to Mr. Lovely to start the event.

You can read the terminal behind Mr. Lovely for a little bit of lore.

Once you have spoken to Mr. Lovely, walk over and stand near the doors. There is a 30 second timer until the doors open.

After the doors have opened, follow the map markers on your HUD.

Run down the tunnel following the cart tracks and appreciate the time and effort the devs have put into designing this event.

You will need to complete all 4 tasks in the order given.

Task # 1

Find and place heart lamps 6/6

8 heart lamps spawn per player, per event. This means that a single player can collect up to 6 heart lamps (the total number required to complete this task). (A list of heart lamp spawn points is at the bottom of the page.)

The heart lamps look like this:

There are no map markers for the heart lamps, only an "inside objective area" search on your HUD. All heart lamp spawn locations are documented in the next section.

Pick up heart lamps, follow the map markers, and interact with the light pole to complete this task.

There is a 15 second wait while you listen to the next set of instructions.

Task # 2

Repair the tracks 10/10

There are 20 possible spawn points for broken tracks, with 10 active per event.

The easiest way to complete this task is to just follow the tracks around, starting at the area search map marker (area search map marker shown below).

To repair the tracks, walk up and interact with them by holding down A.

Note: Enemies can knock you away while you are holding down A.

Keep following the tracks until you get to the room with the yellow machine. Stick to the left and follow the tracks around in a circle. Some broken tracks will be hidden away at the back.

Once all the tracks have been repaired, there is a 15 second wait while you listen to the next set of instructions.

Stay in the room, next to the yellow machine, for the next task.

Task #3

Find parts and build Miss Lovely 3/3

There are three fixed spawn locations for the bucket of parts. These locations do not change. There are map markers for each one. Note that 2 legendary Deathclaws spawn while you are doing this task.

The first spawn location is in the tunnel, on the right-hand side of the yellow machine mentioned in task #2.

Follow the tunnel down a few steps and the bucket is on your right.

Collect the bucket and then go back and stand next to the yellow machine.

On the left-hand side of the yellow machine is a break in the fence. Jump over or run down the ramp to get to the ground floor.

The next bucket of robot parts will be right in front of you.

The last bucket of robot parts can be found close by.

Look for the tracks near the "wedding chapel" and follow them north, to the end.

Once you have collected all 3 buckets of parts, head back to the "wedding chapel" and build Miss Lovely.

Once you have built Miss Lovely, you have 30 seconds to move over to the "wedding chapel" and prepare for the wedding.

Task #4

Eat, drink and emote to enjoy the wedding 20/20

The easiest way to complete this part is to carry around 20 of the same type of food and just spam eat it when you get to this part. This is a good way to use up all the pre-war food that it sitting on your mule.

Note: Dirty water, spoiled meat/veggies/fruit and purified water count towards the 20.

Speak to Mr. Lovely after the event for additional dialogue.


Where to find the Heart Lamps (Task #1)

There are 15 possible spawn locations, with 8 heart lamps spawning per player, per event. 6 heart lamps total must be collected and placed on poles.

Map of Heart Lamp spawn locations.

As you enter the main event area, on your right.

1x spawn location

Workshop Area

3x spawn locations

Near the fence, opposite the Workshop Area.

2x spawn locations


1x spawn location

Storage area and track

3x spawn locations

Wedding Chapel

1x spawn location

At the end of the track, near the Wedding chapel, inside the mine cart.

1x spawn location

Ramp upstairs

2x spawn locations


1x spawn location


Tunnel of Love Rewards

Tunnel of Love event rewards

  • Treasury notes x3

  • Legendary cores 1-3

  • Nuka Cola variety (Nuka Cola, Nuka Cherry or Nuka Bottle)

  • Aid (stimpak, rad-away, rad-x etc)

  • Ammo (random)

  • Nuka Cola Twist

  • Nuka food item (full list and buffs here)

  • Caps (base 50c)

  • XP (base 200xp)

  • Nuka-Cade points (5000 points)

  • Plan

  • One of two event reward weapons

The Tunnel of Love event also pulls from the Nuka World on Tour generic loot pool.

Imgur link.

A full breakdown of the generic loot pool and photos can be found here.

Weapon: Burning Love (Compound Bow)

  • Assassin's

  • +50% VATS hit chance

  • +50 damage resistance while aiming

  • Arrows deal fire damage


Weapon: Love Tap (.45 Submachine Gun)

  • Vampire's

  • 25% faster fire rate

  • Breaks 50% slower

  • Increase damage by 20%


Plan: Cupid Cappy Signs


Plan: Tunnel of Love Poster


Plan: Tunnel of Love Snowglobe


For details and information about the food recipes, please refer to my Nuka World on Tour: New Food and Drink guide here.

All Nuka World on Tour rewards list


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