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Invaders from Beyond Event Guide: Limited Time Random Encounters

Updated: Apr 25

With the hourly Invaders from Beyond event, comes alien-themed random encounters and a new TNT dome to unlock.

Public Events

Campfire Tales

*Third ending and new camper items to find have been permanently added.

Free Range

Line in the Sand


Random Encounters

There is a 20% chance for these to spawn at random encounter locations, only while the Invaders from Beyond seasonal event is running.


There is 1 Zetan Assault Encounter.

Assault Random Encounter location guide here.

Zetan's Vs Appalachia



There are 3 Zetan Camp Encounters.

Camp Random Encounter location guide here.

Zetan Ambushed Camp

Zetan Party Crashers

Make sure to interact with the Settler nearby.

Zetan Sandbox Camp



There are 3 Zetan Object Encounters.

Object Random Encounter location guide here.

Zetan's Inspecting Corpse

Dead mysterious man

Part of the TNT dome key #8 unmarked side quest.

Monkey mind probing



There are 3 Zetan Scene Encounters.

Scene Random Encounter location guide here.

Man in Black (The Emissary)

Part of the TNT dome key #8 unmarked side quest.

Distant Thereminl

You can hear a Thereminl in the distance but there is nothing to see or interact with.

Zetan Sandbox Scene

A regular Scene encounter but with added Aliens.



There are 4 Zetan Travel Encounters.

Travel Random Encounter location guide here.

Flatwoods Monster Patrol

Flaming Brahmin

Zetan vs Super Mutant

Image Credit: Cassi

Conspiracy Theorist Chase


TNT Dome Key #8

You can only obtain this key during the time that the Invaders from Beyond event is active in the game.

Refer to my TNT dome key #8 location guide for full details and a walk-through.


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I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

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