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How to set up a food storage mule in Fallout 76

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Dedicated to my beloved Buffs n Brew team. You test my sanity on the daily but I couldn't ask for a better family.


There are multiple reasons for taking the time to level up your food storage mule to level 55:

  • Legendary perk card slot unlocks at level 50

  • You can use the extra level-ups and perk cards to rank up your legendary perk cards

  • Easier to find Food, Drink & Chem weight reduction armour

  • Standard backpack carry weight is tiered, and the 60 pounds only unlocks at level 50

  • Many perk cards don't unlock until the high 40s

  • Max carry weight is approx 1907-1924 pounds

You can run any build, perk cards, mutations etc. while you are leveling up your mule. Once your mule has reached level 50, then clear their mutations and use the punchcard machine to move your perk points around as recommended below.

Avoid eating or using chems on your mule that increase strength. If your carry weight gets to [Max] then RIP. You will need to drop items until you get to below [Max], and items dropped at [Max] are destroyed by the game. You will need space to boost your strength or carry weight more with food or chems to get out of [Max] without dropping things. Eat a strength booster or pop some chems to get out of [Max] so that you can safely move items off the mule and get back down below max weight.

Remember, higher strength = more carry weight. A character's base carry weight is 150 pounds, and for each point in strength you gain +5 pounds carry weight.


Perk cards & SPECIALs

Full food storage mule perk card loadout can be found here.

In your SPECIAL loadout:

  • Make sure you have max Strength.

  • Use cards that reduce the weight of food, drinks, junk, and chems.

  • Use perk cards that give your character more carry weight.

  • Equip Good with Salt rank 3 under Luck to make your food last longer.


Legendary perk cards

At level 50 you are only going to have one legendary slot unlocked, so pick Legendary Strength. Rank this card up when possible to max it out.



If you have the patience, then Secret Service Shielded underarmour is the best, because it gives more strength. However, it is difficult for a lower-level character to get, because the plan is purchased with bullion rather than dropped from an event. The Enclave Shielded underarmour is the next best thing.



The ideal armour would be a full set of Unyielding with +1 Strength and Food Drink Chem (FDC) weight reduction on each piece.

Unyielding (full set) - for the +15 boost to Strength

+1 Strength (full set) - for the +5 boost to Strength

FDC weight reduction - as a backup in case your perk cards unequip themselves.

Realistically, a set of 1 star Unyielding armour will work just fine.

Note: FDC reduction caps at 90%, so if you have all of the perk cards listed in the perk card loadout equipped, adding a full set of FDC reduction armour will not change your carry weight. However, we do suggest running a set of FDC reduction armour as a backup in case your perk cards unequip themselves.



Avoid any mutations that reduce strength, as they will affect your mule's carry weight.

We recommend:

  • Speed Demon

  • Herd Mentality

  • Marsupial

  • Scaly Skin

  • Carnivore

  • Healing Factor



Complete The Order of the Tadpole questline to unlock the standard backpack.

We recommend doing these three badges as they are the easiest and the quickest to complete:

Pioneer Scout Badge Exam answers.

The standard backpack scales with your toon's level, so to unlock the max 60 pounds that a standard backpack provides, your toon will need to be level 50.

Personally, we run the high-capacity backpack on all our mules for the extra carry weight (plus it's easier to get the mod plans).

Note that the Grocery and Chem backpack mods from the Settlers and Raiders do not stack with weight reduction perk cards or Food, Drink, and Chem weight reduction armour.



Avoid keeping junk on your mule. Always store junk in your scrap box or in your stash box. If your mule is AFK and they die, you could lose the junk.

If you need alcohol to ferment faster or meat to spoil, don't keep it on you or your mule; put it in your/your main toon's stash box. Items will only spoil or ferment when that character is logged in.

Once your mule has leveled up and is ready to be filled, move them to a train station that has some high-level enemies nearby. If for some reason you need to move your mule, you can use the enemies to kill you. You can then respawn on a teammate ("death travel").


Bonus Tip

As of Jan 2023, Strangler Blooms are bugged and will only spawn if a character on that server has the An Organic Solution quest open in their pip boy.

Take the time to start An Organic Solution quest line while your mule can move, so you can force spawn Strangler Blooms as you need them.

Strangler Blooms are used to make:

  • Radshield (+300 Rad Resis for 15 mins)

  • Steeped Strangler Bloom Tea ( +20/40/50/75 Rad Resis for 60 mins)

  • Disease Cure The Mire (removes one disease)

When you harvest a Strangler Bloom, there is a 50% chance that they will also drop a Swamp Plant.

Swamp Plants are used to make:

  • Swamp Tofu (+0.075% HP Regen for 30 mins)

  • Swamp Tofu Soup (+0.25% HP Regen for 60 mins)

To start the quest, head to Ella Ames' bunker in The Mire.

The quest will pop up on your screen and show in your pip boy.

Follow the quest prompts until you get to Dryer Chemical.

Complete the tasks at Dryer Chemical and deposit the items you have collected.

The chemicals go into the Chemical Insertion

and the bone meal goes into the Catalyst Insertion.

Jump onto the terminal and select "Confirm" and then "Flush".

Once you see the task "Collect a Strangler Bloom" on your screen, then stop, open your pip boy and turn off the quest.

Do not ever collect Strangler Blooms on that character. If you do, you will need to repeat this whole process on another character.

To force spawn the Strangler Blooms, log into either a public or private server with the above character. I suggest a public server so that other members of the community can also benefit.

Once that character has loaded into the world, count to 30 and then leave the world again. Switch over to a character that has already completed the quest and can make radshield (make sure you are loading back into the same server) and fast-travel over to Dryer Chemicals. The Strangler Blooms will have spawned and will be ready to harvest. Don't forget to equip Green Thumb under Perception for double the yield.

Map of spawn locations can be found here. Credit to Thanng for the image.

A few things to note about Strangler Blooms:

  • There are only 13 possible spawn locations, with only 5 or 6 spawning at one time.

  • They use pick-up history list rules, so you may need to reset your spawn.

There is a way to collect more blooms without refreshing your pick-up history list.

Simply server hop at the river until you find a server with spawned Strangler Blooms. There is a chance that the blooms will spawn in one of the 6 to 7 locations that you previously have not harvested before.


Love food buffs?

Join us at Buffs n Brew, a group dedicated to food buffs and food buff farming.


Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

I believe that all knowledge and information should be free, which is why my guides will never be locked behind a paywall. However, running a website and photo and video editing software does not come cheaply.


So, If you found my guides helpful, please consider buying me a ko-fi (coffee) using the link below.


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This is a great beginner guide, thank you for putting the time in to write and share

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