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Fallout 76 Seasonal Event Guide: Holiday Santa Scorched

Updated: Mar 29

Image Credit: IceEmpress66


Ho Ho Ho, a slaughtering we will go!

Holiday gift boxes are back and with it brings new camp items, plans, skins, and apparel to collect.

There are three ways to get your hands on these shiny, slightly misshaped boxes of joy:

  • Purchase the wrapping paper to craft them.

  • Set up the Santa Collectron to find them.

  • Find them in the wild on Holiday Santa Scorched.


Boring information:

  • Holiday gift boxes and wrapping paper are character locked and non-tradeable

  • Holiday gift boxes and wrapping paper can not be used in display cases

  • Chemist and Super Duper does not affect crafting and will not give you any extra gifts.

  • Ultracite veins near fissure sites can no longer be used to farm scorched.

  • There will be daily and weekly challenges that you will require you to participate in hunting down holiday Santa scorched.


Purchasing Holiday Gift Boxes (wrapping paper)

The most efficient way to obtain the plans and apparel is to purchase the mid-tier Wrapping Paper.

The following Vendors will sell Wrapping Paper while the event is running:

  • All Train Station Vendors

  • Atlantic City Vendor - Mobster (2024)

  • Atlantic City Vendor - Muni (2024)

  • Atlantic City Vendor - Showmen (2024)

  • Camden Park - Chad Responders Vendor

  • Charleston Fire Department - Mack Responders Vendor

  • Flatwoods - Bob Responders Vendor

  • Gilman Lumber Mill - June Responders

  • Grafton - Greg Responders Vendor

  • Grahm

  • Lite Ally - Sam

  • Lite Ally - Xerxo

  • Middle Mountain Pit Stop - Vera Blue Ridge

  • Watoga - Phoenix BOS Vendor

  • Whitesprings Resort Mall - BOS Vendor

  • Whitesprings Resort Mall - Free States Vendor

  • Whitesprings Resort Mall - Raiders Vendor

  • Whitesprings Resort Mall - Responders Vendor

Crafted gift boxes have better drop rates and they do not require too many materials to make.

Table of cost and reward drop rates for the holiday gift boxes:

How to boost your Charisma to 25

Note, **some of these do not stack.

If you are purchasing multiple gift boxes on the same server at the same time then the following route will save you time and fast travel fees.

Remember to check the Raider vendor bots for a very small chance of finding a rare coloured baseball bat in their inventory.


  • Train Station

  • Responder bot inside Grafton Town opposite Protest March event

Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

  • Train Station

  • Raider bot inside the Ski Resort


  • Train Station (sells x2 of each wrapping paper)

  • 5 Faction bots in the Whitesprings Resort


  • Train Station

  • BOS Vendor in Super Duper Mart

Server hop and repeat.

Resource/Junk Farming Guide if you are running low on materials to craft the pails


Santa Collectron

The Santa collectron is free for all players in the atom shop every Christmas and can be placed at camps and workshops.

During the Holiday Santa Scorched Christmas event, this collectron will find the three different size holiday gift boxes along with irradiated sugar bombs, sweets, coal, and general junk.

When the Holiday Santa Scorched Christmas event is over, the Santa collectron will continue to collect irradiated sugar bombs, sweets, and general junk.

If you wish to choose a different skinned collectron such as the raider or communist bot, simply use the terminal attached to the collectron base and select "Xmas Gifts!" for the Santa loot pool.

Note: If you are using the FETCH skin collectron, his loot pool is diluted with his default settings so he will always have circuitry as well as whatever collectron function you have chosen.

When the Christmas event is running; I will load into a private server, claim as many workshops as I can, and place Santa collectrons in all of them.

There is a limit of 1 collectron per workshop.

Once I claim the workshop and place down the Santa bot, I will hang around and finish the first defend the workshop event. I will then not go back to the workshop until I get the next defend event notification. It takes about an hour for the Santa bot to fill his loot container so the timings work well together.

I will then complete events and visit scorched spawn locations while waiting for the next workshop defend event.


Holiday Santa Scorched Farming

Holiday Santa Scorched will drop a 1, 2, or 3 star weapon or armour piece and a small (60% chance), medium (30% chance) or large (10% chance) holiday gift box upon death.

You will hear a jingle bell ring type music when you get close enough to them and they will always appear in a Mr Claus, Mrs Claus or Winter themed pants suit outfit as pictured above.

Sometimes you will see a legendary scorched that is playing the jingle bell ring music but isn't wearing an outfit. If you kill them when they aren't wearing a costume, there is a high chance that the treat bag and candy won't spawn in their inventory.

This is a minor bug that has occurred in the past. To fix this, move away from the scorched until they are no longer in your line of sight. Wait about 30 seconds and then come back. They should now be wearing a costume.

Note, Holiday Santa Scorched will not spawn inside buildings and instances that require a load screen to enter them.


The more enjoyable way to farm holiday Santa scorched is to complete events that have waves of scorched.

As of patch 32, a Public Event can no longer appear twice in a row in the same world, and events such as Grahm's Meat Cook and the Mothman Equinox will override any other public event.

Non-public events can be triggered for the most part by entering the area unless they are on their cooldown period. Non-public events have a 1 hour and 14 min cooldown.

Workshop defend events are classed as a non-public event. They will not trigger if a player is in the area but will still pop up every 1 hour and 14 mins.

Recommended events:

  • A Real Blast at Seneca Rocks Visitor Center

  • Always Vigilant at Relay tower DP-B5-21 & Relay tower EL-B1-02

  • Bots on Parade at Berkeley Springs Station (can sometimes spawn super mutants instead)

  • Collision Course (check the supply drop afterwards for a potential coloured baseball bat)

  • Distant Thunder (any location)

  • It's a Trap (any location)

  • Protest March

  • Surface to Air

  • Census Violence at Big Bend Tunnel East, Drop site V9 & Ranger District Office

  • Distinguished Guests (can sometimes spawn super mutants instead)

  • Line in the Sand

  • Scorched Earth

Farming method

This method will work on public and private servers

Step 1) Pick 10 to 12 locations from the list below. It is recommended that you pick one region on the map and only hunt in that region.

Step 2) FT to the first location and murder anything that moves.

Step 3) Loot ALL the bodies (very very important, even if they aren’t Holiday Santa Scorched). You can dump all the crap afterwards but you need those meat piles to disappear for this guide to work.

Step 4) FT to the second location and repeat Step 2 and Step 3

Step 5) Keep Fast Traveling around until you have visited all the locations, repeating Step 2 and Step 3. Take a 10 min break, FT back to the first location and more Holiday Santa Scorched will spawn.

Make sure to keep murdering anything that moves in each location and loot ALL the bodies.

For me personally, if there were no Holiday Santa Scorched there on my first run, then on my second or third run, I would get 1 to 3+ spawn there.

The sweet spot time is 10 to 12 locations. If you pick 9 or less locations then you need to wait about 20 to 25 mins before going back to the first location.


Ash Heap

  • AVR Medical Center (outside)

  • Camden Park

  • Monongah Power Substation MZ-03

  • Fissure Sites


  • Groves Family Cabin

  • Tyler County Fairgrounds

  • Wilson Brother's Auto Repair

  • Morgantown Airport

  • Morgantown Train Yard

  • Portside Pub

  • Gauley Mine

  • Morgantown High School

  • Bolton Greens

  • Greg's Mining Supply

  • Helvetia

  • White Powder Winter Sports

  • Sutton

  • Wixon Homestead

  • Relay Tower EM-B1-27

  • Poseidon Power Substation PX-01

  • Poseidon Power Plant (outside only)

  • Charleston

  • Charleston Capital Building

  • Summersville Dam

  • Summersville Docks

  • Overlook Cabin

  • Riverside Manor

  • Relay Tower DP-B5-21

Toxic Valley

  • Wavy Willards

  • Black Bear Lodge

  • Poseidon Power Substation PX-03

Savage Divide

  • Bailey Family Cabin

  • Palace of the Winding Path

  • Monongah Power Substation MZ-01

  • Seneca Rocks Visitor Center

  • Pleasant Valley Cabins

  • Pleasant Valley Ski Resort

  • National Radio Astronomy Research Center

  • South Mountain Lookout

  • Fort Defiance

  • Relay Tower EL-B1-02

  • Fissure Sites

Cranberry Bog

  • Firebase LT

  • Bootlegger’s Shack

  • Ranger District Office

  • The Thorn

  • Firebase Hancock

  • Drop site V9

  • Glass Caverns (outside only)

  • Fissure Sites

The Mire

  • Thunder Mountain Power Plant

  • Moss Town

  • Crashed Plane

  • Berkeley Springs

  • Berkeley Springs West

  • Harper's Ferry (can sometimes spawn Super Mutants or Ghouls instead)

  • Valley Galleria (outside only)

  • Camp Venture

  • Fissure Sites


  • Fissure Sites (unmarked & named). While the option to pick the ultracite veins is no longer available, there are still plenty of scorched that spawn here.

Watch your rads and your feet while playing around fissure sites. If you aren't paying attention, it's highly likely you will fall in and die.

Map of Holiday Santa Scorched spawn locations.

Credit to Nuka Knights for the map

Imgur version here



The holiday gift boxes can be under "Aid" in your pip boy. Select it and press A to open it.

Before opening the gifts, check:

  • Your cap limit

  • Your scrip limit

  • You have the right weapon equipped for the contextual ammo

The holiday gift boxes have a chance to drop the following;

The drop rates vary depending on what holiday gift box size you open.

  • Aid

  • Alcohol

  • Contextual ammo

  • Currency (caps or scrip)

  • Grenades

  • Junk (mostly toy related)

  • Sweets (including irradiated sugar bombs)

  • Taxidermy (mounted head) plans or Holiday rewards

Downloadable copy here.


Jaguar Pant Suit

Release Date: 2020

Tulip Sky Blue Pant Suit

Release Date: 2020

Communist Commander Outfit

Release Date: 2020

Communist Commander Hat

Release Date: 2020

Plan: Vault 51 Jumpsuit

Release Date: 2021

If you unlocked this plan in the Nuclear Winter game mode, then this plan will not drop for you. This trade is character locked and untradeable.

Plan: Blue Camo Power Armour Paints

Skins for: Excavator, T-45, T51b, T-60, Ultracite and X-01

Release Date: 2021

If you unlocked this plan in the Nuclear Winter game mode, then this plan will not drop for you. This plan is character locked and untradeable.

Camp Items

Plan: Plastiform Candle

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Plastiform Gingerbread

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Plastiform Nutcracker

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Plastiform Santa

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Plastiform Santa Sleigh

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Star Light

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Straw Goat

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Honeycomb Paper - Holiday Tree A

(All green with gold star)

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Honeycomb Paper - Holiday Tree B

(Green and Red)

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Honeycomb Paper - Ribbon Bell

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Honeycomb Paper - Standing Santa

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Honeycomb Paper - Icy Snowflake

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Honeycomb Paper - Jolly Target

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Honeycomb Paper - Snowman

Release Date: 2023

Plan: Nuka Girl Area Rug

Release Date: 2021

Plan: Tattered Curtains

Release Date: 2021

This includes all three sizes.

Plan: Wall Mounted Fan

Release Date: 2021

Plan: Barbed Wire Fences

Release Date: 2021

Plan: Red Rocket Gas Station Lamp

Release Date: 2021

Plan: Red Rocket Gas Pump Wall Light

Release Date: 2021

Plan: Behemoth Boss Plushie

Release Date: 2021

Plan: Vintage Water Cooler

Release Date: 2021

Plan: Musket Stack Monument

Release Date: 2020

Plan: Molerat Wind Chime

Release Date: 2020

Plan: Condemned Notification Sign

Release Date: 2020

Plan: Princess Castle Pink Sleeping Bag

Release Date: 2020

Plan: Red Truck Ceiling Light

Release Date: 2020

Plan: Brahmin Plushie

Release Date: 2020

Plan: Santa Crash

Release Date: 2019

Plan: Winter Icicle Lights

Release Date: 2019

Weapons and Weapon Skins

Plan: .44 Blue Camo Paint

Release Date: 2021

Mounted Heads and Taxidermy Plans

Plan: Deer Skull

Plan: Mounted Antlers

Plan: Mounted Beaver

Plan: Mounted Brahmin Heads

Plan: Mounted Cat Head

Plan: Mounted Deathclaw Head

Plan: Mounted Deer Head

Plan: Mounted Dog Head

Plan: Mounted Feral Ghoul Head

Plan: Mounted Fox

Plan: Mounted Frog

Plan: Mounted Glowing One Head

Plan: Mounted Gorilla Head

Plan: Mounted Honey Beast

Plan: Mounted Mega Sloth

Plan: Mounted Mirelurk Claw

Plan: Mounted Mirelurk Hunter Head

Plan: Mounted Mirelurk King Head

Plan: Mounted Molerat Head

Plan: Mounted Mongrel Head

Plan: Mounted Mothman

Plan: Mounted Mutant Hound Head

Plan: Mounted Opossum

Plan: Mounted Radscorpion

Plan: Mounted Radtoad

Plan: Mounted Scorchbeast Head (2020)

Plan: Mounted Snallygaster

Plan: Mounted Squirrel


Hi, I'm Kat or Duchess

I'm an Australian data miner who writes farming, event, and food buff guides for Fallout 76.

I believe that all knowledge and information should be free which is why my guides will never be locked behind a paywall. However, running a website and photo and video editing software does not come cheaply.


So, If you found my guides useful, please consider buying me a ko-fi (coffee) using the link below.


All monies go towards the tools for writing my guides and maybe for an actual cup of coffee or 3 ;)

Alternatively, share my guides with your fellow vault dwellers and help them to survive the wasteland.

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