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Test your metal, Moonshine Jamboree and Eviction Notice new events guide

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

**Subject to change when porting to live servers**

Hi everyone,

I have chosen to not write full guides for the three new events mostly because they are super easy to run and are permanent events. Instead, I have written a brief rundown of each event and any helpful tips or tricks.

These events, while easy, are very chaotic and can fail very quickly. Keep calm and keep an eye on the health bars of the NPCs and the Stills.

Attached is a checklist of all the rewards.

Test your metal

Location: Metal Dome in the Savage Divide

Enemy type: Robots (assaultrons & sentry bots)

Hazards: Radiation

Rewards: See attached checklist.


  • Keep all three BOS NPC’s alive

  • Kill the robots.

  • Kill the Golden Eyebot for bonus cap rewards.

If the BOS NPC’s are downed, you can revive them however it is not a stimpak revive. You will need to stand next to them and press A while the bar fills (similar to uplink radios).

If you get knocked away then you will need to go back and re hold down A.

You can heal the NPC’s with friendly fire however you can only heal them between the waves of robots. You can not heal them during combat.

Note: The NPC’s will run through the flame traps and down themselves.

Moonshine Jamboree

Location: Sunday Brothers Cabin in The Mire

Enemy type: Gulpers, Anglers, Fog Crawlers and Ghouls.

Hazards: Trying to kill something so cute and adorable.

Rewards: See attached checklist + 250 raider reputation if event is successful.


  • Don’t let the three stills break or the event fails

  • Loot 30 venom from the gulpers and put it in the bathtub inside the building.

  • Turn in 60 venom from the gulpers for better reward odds.

Note: The gulpers are bullet sponges and move quickly and the ghouls can do a lot of damage very quickly.

Eviction Notice

Location: Foundation Outpost, in the crater below Huntersville in the Savage Divide.

Enemy type: Super Mutants

Hazards: Radiation

Rewards: See attached checklist + 250 settler reputation if event is successful.


  • Keep the generator in the middle of the area repaired or the rads will get higher and spread further.

  • Kill the super mutants.

  • Destroy the 6 meat bags in the area.

Meat Bag locations:


Event rewards list:

Settler and Raider rep:


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